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How Much Is a 3D Pen in 2023

Want to give your article a new style? Are you tired of using your boring black and blue pen? Have you heard about 3D pens? Do you have any idea what magic you can do with your 3D pen? Want to give your project a new look? 

If you are searching for the answers to these questions then you are at the right door. This article will give you the best guide about the 3D pen. What is a 3D pen? What you can do with a 3D pen? How to use a 3D pen? How much does a 3D pen costs? You will get all the answers in this article. 

The 3D pen will give your art a new design. You don’t have to do much. Just use the pen normally and draw or write whatever you want. It’s an easy, inexpensive way of experiencing 3D printing. A 3D pen is a portable device that you can carry with you to any place. Previously you have to use a 3D printer for creating a 3D model but now new inventions made our life very easy just like this 3D pen is created because it gives you the effect of 3D printing. 

 What is a 3D Pen?

A 3D  pen is a pen that gives off heated or warm plastic from its nozzle. You don’t need any software or anything to do master in, no transfer of files nothing else just use it how you use a simple pen. For a 3D pen, it states that 

      ‘’Whatever you imagine you can draw. It goes right from your brain to your hand’’

it’s basically a pen that writes in 3 dimensions. If you are a little bit confused about the 3D pen then don’t worry because this pen is quite new in the market and not everyone has it yet. Just take it as a glue gun with a colored glue stick, but instead of gluing things together, the colored plastic that releases from the pen’s nozzle is used to draw figures and artwork.

The only difference is that you don’t have to use paper to print your drawing on them but instead just let the diagram stand up on its own. the effect of a 3D pen is like creating a sculpture with a simple pen. 3D pen is an easily portable way of creating 3D pictures or figures. The unique ability of a 3D pen is that it draws in mid-air, allowing you to instantly 3D structure right in front of you. These objects are those which you can touch or hold in your hand. 

Uses of 3D PEN

The 3D  pen can be used in several ways:

  • Repairing something using a 3D pen
  • You can also just have fun with the 3D pen
  • For educational purposes, a 3D pen is also used
  • Making art using a 3D pen
  • Prototype objects are made using a 3D pen

Repairing something using 3D PEN:

You can also use this 3D pen for repairing purposes. You can repair 3D objects or any other object with the help of a 3D pen. Aside from creating 3D objects from scratch, a 3D pen is also suitable for repairing purposes. 

Just have fun using 3D PEN:

To use a 3D pen you don’t have to be an expert. You can just buy it or start using it just for fun. You can also make it your hobby. A person can just sit and explore his inner talent using a 3D pen. Just sit, lose yourself and have fun. 

For Educational purposes:

Not only an adult can use a 3D pen but also children can use a 3D pen in school or college. This pen gives you a great chance to enhance your inner creativity. Children can use 3D pens just for creating basic shapes like rounds, and triangles it will give their art new colors or it will also generate more interest in it. 

Making art using a 3D PEN:

3D pen is used to create a unique piece of art whether it’s a simple architectural drawing, sculpture, or any hanging art. You can draw any 3D object which you like. 

Prototype Objects Are Made Using A 3D PEN:

In the market, the creation of products like jewelry, stationary, or anything is made much easier with the help of a 3D pen. These new inventions made our life very easy and also very creative. 

Types Of 3D PEN

There are basically two types of 3D pens:

  • Hot 3D pen
  • Cold 3D pen


Hot 3D pen is just like 3D printing it uses plastic filament just like in 3D printing. In the pen, the filament is inserted and then heated to its melting point on which it releases from the nozzle of the pen but it cooled down immediately as melted filament exists in the extruder’s tip. 


This cold pen transforms liquid into solid, in this way it is similar to an SLA 3D printer (stereolithography). a hard cold 3D pen uses UV light for drawing. It is just possible because of resin, the filament which is used in cold 3D pens is a resin that is highly sensitive to light. It solidifies using a UV light until it leaves the tip of the 3D pen. 

How does a 3D PEN Work?

Its principle is very simple, basically, heat is used to melt the plastic, and the plastic filament is passed through the heating chamber where it melts. The temperature of the heating chamber depends upon the material used to make a filament. The melted filament was then moved to the extruder nozzle. The melted filament cools down and solidifies quickly once it’s outside the pen, making the figures or drawing permanent. 

The plastics which is used in 3D pens should melt quickly and also solidifies quickly. These qualities are found in some plastics like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), polylactic acid (PLA), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), glass-filled polyamide, and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

The most popular ones are ABS and  PLA plastics.

How much does a 3D PEN Cost?

With so much hype going on about the 3D pen, one must also think about the cost of a 3D pen. There is a number of simple ordinary pens which use colorful plastic filament instead of simple ink. The plastic which is used most frequently is ABS and PLA. It is also regarded as the smaller version of a 3D printer. 

If you want to show your creative or artistic side, then a 3D pen is best for you to use. 

3D pen cost ranges from $30 to $300 and mostly it depends upon the pen type. The ones who are pro artists have to spend at least $100 for buying a 3D pen for their better work. 

The average cost of 3D PEN

If we see the average cost of a 3D pen then it ranges from $50- $120. There are different varieties of 3D pens used by adults, professionals, and children. For children, they have low-cost 3D pens with basic features. As features increase the price of the pen also increases. The cost of a 3D pen depends upon:

  • User’s type
  • Features of pen
  • Pen’s ergonomics
  • Pen’s brand value
  • Purpose of using a 3D pen

You can buy a pen at the cost of $30 or low or you can also buy a 3D pen at the cost of $300. 

If you are buying a new 3D pen or just trying a new model you have to be careful about the prices. You can compare the prices of different brands, it’s important to make sure that you get your money’s worth. Different brands have different prices for the same pen with the same features so you should go with a brand that is offering a low price but doesn’t compromise on features. 

The one who is an expert in purchasing 3D pens will not go just for the brand name because he knows that some no-name 3D pens also work excellently better than branded ones. 

The following are the  most popular 3D pens:

3 Doodler 3D PEN:

Price range $50- $250

This 3D pen has different models just like in mobiles, each one with different features. The cheapest 3doodler 3D pen cost $50 and is specifically designed for kids or amateurs. This 3D pen must have simple basic features in it as its designed for kids. Users who are pros in using a 3D pen or are professionals can go for a 3doodler 3D pen which cost $100 or even costlier $250. these two will have the most features and will be easy to use at a professional level. 

7Tech3D PEN

Price range $50

7tech brands make a 3D pen that is good in use and also cost-friendly which can be purchased by anyone. It’s cheap it doesn’t mean it has no features. No, it’s not like this 7tech 3D pen also has advanced features while being easy to use. If you want a sturdy pen that is also user-friendly and has amazing features then this pen is best for you.  7tech 3D pen comes with temperature control and adjustable speed that will make it easy for you to select custom settings for designing work.  It’s lightweight and with ergonomic design. 

MYNT3D Priniting Pens

Price $70

There are some 3D pens that are specifically designed for artists and are usually the most expensive ones if you are thinking this then you should encounter the MYNT3D pen which is the cheapest and specifically designed for artists. It’s the lowest-priced artist pen in the surroundings. You can have advanced features in this cost-friendly 3D pen.


Price $140 

This 3D one is the smallest one of all. But unfortunately, it comes with a higher price tag which will scare the buyer sometimes. This 3D pen is the only pen on the market which looks like a normal pen. 

Atmosflare 3D

Price $29.76

Most 3D pens are made of plastic filament but this pen is rare as it is a resin-based pen, its plastic is made of resin. This pen uses a blue LED light and a special link which makes it easy to draw objects. The battery timing of this pen is also very good and is placed at the back of the pen. It’s a perfect pen used by kids. 

Using atmosphere, drawing vertically is as easy as squeezing the pen. 

Soyan 3D PEN 

The price is $69. 95

This pen has the most advanced features which can bring your thoughts to reality. It’s a fully equipped 3D pen that can create magic. This pen uses different colored ABS and PVC plastic filaments for 3D printing. This 3D pen doesn’t have any temperature control system. It’s a lightweight pen with a slim body. This pen is also very user-friendly not unlike most of the others which are very difficult to understand.  

Myriwell 3D PEN DIY

Price $ 69

This is a smart 3D pen that comes with an adapter or free filament. This pen is good for both beginners and for experts. Its filament can be changed easily by just pressing a single button. To indicate the temperature this pen has LED indicators that show the temperature of the pen. This is the pen that has the most advanced features at the cheapest price. The pen has a silent radiator that doesn’t let any noise be produced.

Scribbel DUO

Price 80

This 3D pen comes with a 3D creator that can be equipped with 2 nozzles. It’s specifically designed to remember the imaginations of children and adults. It’s a super Sonic 3D pen as it has a duo feed technology. Because of its 2 nozzles, less time is consumed as compared to using a single nozzle. This pen also has an oversized LED display with which users can control the operating temperature. Your skills are going to be polished while using this 3D pen. 

LESHP Professional 3D PEN 

Price not available 

It’s a professional-grade 3D pen. It offers 8 different feed settings, temperature control, a loading button, and an LED that indicates when the pen is ready for use.  This amazing pen will give you access to create anything you want simple to complex anything. It’s lightweight and easy to load or easy to hold. It comes with 3 packs of PLA/ABS plastic filaments and with instructions on how to use it.

Homecube Professional 3D PEN 

Price $40

At this cheap price, you will get most of the features of this single pen. Speed control, temperature control system, free filament whatever you ask will get it in this small cheapest pen. Its duplicates are also available in the market which is, even more, cheaper than this, but a duplicate is a duplicate that can’t get the position of the original.


This article will get you an idea about the 3D pen how to use it and how much a 3D costs you and specifically what is a 3D pen. So before buying any 3D pen make sure to compare the prices of the different brands so your money won’t be wasted. Using a 3D pen will make the life of an artist much easier and also very colorful. Also a layman can use this 3D pen it’s not specifically for artists you can also use it just for fun. This pen’s cost ranges from $30 -$300 you can buy whatever model you want but for beginners, low-cost ones are beaten because they are very easy to use. I hope this article will help you in finding your desired 3D pen. Team

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