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How To Gift An Audible Book To Friends: Where To Find Them

How To Gift An Audible Book

When we are giving a gift to our friend we always prefer to give them the material or anything which they would like. Like girls prefer to give cosmetics or jewelry to their friends as a gift, girls like these things. On the other hand, boys prefer to give some kind of gaming material or any wardrobe things which their male friends like.

So when we are giving gifts we always keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the person whom we are giving a gift. In the 21st century, many people like to read books, or they are totally a book people for those persons we have an amazing thing which you can gift them or they will absolutely love it.

When you are thinking of something to gift to a book lover, the first thing which comes to your mind is an audiobook. Because nowadays people prefer audiobooks and if you are a book reader then you should probably know what is an audible or audiobook.

Giving someone an audible book is the easiest and also the quickest way. A problem arises when you are not a book reader or book lover and you never heard about the audible book but your friend is the person who can not imagine even a day without reading a book, and now you are thinking to gift him something which we would like so the perfect gift for your friend will be an audible book. But for that, you have to know what is an audible book and how you can gift him this audible book. In this article, we are going to tell you about the details of an audible book and how you can gift someone an audible book.

Audible Book – A Convenient Way

audible book is basically the voice version of the whole book. You might be thinking that it can be the summary or short form of the whole but it is not like that. Although it’s a voice recording of a book it is an exact word-to-word recording that can be listened to instead of read. Audible is the website or also app from where Amazon produces and sells audiobooks for its users. If you are worried that you have subscribed to it or anything like that then don’t worry because you can also purchase the book without any subscription but if you just want to borrow it so that you can read it and then return it in this condition you have to buy some subscription.

If you want a book in the audible version then my friend you have to buy a subscription, only in this way you can get the audible version of your desired book. And also each book has a different price, prices can vary for different titles let’s take the example of the Sherlock Holmes collection by Stephen Fry cost a staggering $82.77.

How Can You Listen To Your Audible Audiobooks

when you know how to use the app, it will be very easy for you to know how you can listen to your respective audible books. You can listen to them anywhere regardless of what you are doing or in what circumstances you are. You just need an internet connection. Its totally up to you as to how you are going to listen to your audible books, either you can make it in a simple easy way or you can make it more complex for yourself.

If you have a Kindle library, then you just have to open up your Kindle library and click on the cover of the book which you want to listen, to clicking it will start downloading your book and after the completion of the download, it will start your book in audible version straight away. And if you are using your audible on your mobile phone then you have to do the same process for listening to your audible book.

If you want to use it through its web page or browser then simply you have to open up the website of Audible and log in to your account, after logging in at the top you will see the Library option open up that option. It will bring you the whole list of titles of which you can get access of. And then you can select from the list which book you want to hear and after selecting click on the option which says Listen Now, in this way, it will be played straight away.

If you want to download the respective book, you can just click on the download button with the respective book. But keep in mind that downloading option is not available for titles that you have borrowed for listening.

How To Gift An Audible Book

If you have a friend or any person in your friend circle who is a bookworm or loves to read books then the best thing you can gift him is the audible book. Nowadays audible books are so much in trend that people have left the way of reading books physically now everyone prefers audible books which is also a very convenient way for book readers. In this advanced era, people don’t like to carry books everywhere, if you see around even in schools college students now have their books in digital form which they can read easily and can store on their respective mobile phones.

Amazon Audible is one of the most popular leading audiobook providers. This is the platform that gives you thousands of different books of different genres.

Now let us see how you can gift an Audible book to your friend. As you can see it’s an audible book so it cannot be gifted in physical form. The process of gifting an audible book to your friend is not very complicated it’s just a straightforward process. Let’s see how it works

1. Gifting An Audiobook:

  • In the start if you are not a member of Audible, then you have to create an account first to do further process
  • if you don’t want to create an account you can just sign in through your Amazon account
  • Go to the website of Audible which is or if you have downloaded the app from the Google play store then simply launch the app
  • It will ask you to enter your credentials to sign in to your account. If you are new to Audible then simply create your account or just log in through your Amazon account credentials
  • after entering the respective website of Audible, bow you have to browse the service’s audible book catalog. When you see the title of your choice immediately choose it, tap the thumbnail to view the whole details of that book or product. If it ticks all of your boxes then press the option saying “Give as a Gift”.
  • keep in mind that in some books you won’t directly get the option of “Give as a Gift”, you have to find the option which says “more options” In that tab you will see the “Give as a Gift”
  • After you have selected the title of your choice which you can gift your friend, the audible site will redirect you to the new page. Where you will get two options, either you can send your gift using an auto-generated email or you can print a gift voucher. The choice is totally yours.
  • If your friend or person to whom you are sending the gift, lives too far from you then an email option is more convenient for both.
  • After selecting the book or choosing how you want it to be sent, navigate to the bottom of the page and you will see the form beneath the gifting option, fill that form completely or correctly. Type the whole information that they are asking like the recipient’s name address or everything
  • If you have provided it correctly, and press “Continue” to move to your final step
  • you will see the new page or new tab, and review the whole information which you have given. If everything is correct then jump to the payment section
  • Choose your preferred payment method and then select ” Confirm Purchase”
  • After Confirming the purchase, the Audible site will take you to the “thank you” page. It will provide you with all the details of your order and with this, you will get the confirmation email in your email which you have provided.

Things To Remember

You cannot purchase any gift on the following audible credits

  • Book return credit
  • Promotional and bonus credit
  • Credit received through gift membership

2. Gifting An Audible Membership

If your friend loves to read different books and also knows about the audible but unfortunately they don’t have access to the Audible account. Then there is only one way to show them your love is gifting them an audible membership. If you give the whole membership, they will be able to explore the audible plus catalog and can get access to hundreds of titles, podcasts, audible originals, and free audiobooks. For sending the audible membership as a gift to your friend follow up these steps

When you open up the Gift Center page, they will give you different options for the subscription. Mainly they have four subscription options

  • 12 months
  • 6 months
  • 3 months
  • 1 month

It’s totally up to you which subscription you want to choose as a gift for your friend.

  • After choosing it, select “Select Gift” next to your respective subscription
  • The site will give you the next page for the Gift details
  • On this page, you can choose how you want to send your gift to your friend either through an auto-generated email or print it as a gift voucher
  • After choosing the delivery way, complete the form which they will give you at the bottom of your page. Provide them with all the information recipient’s name, address, your name, and many more things related to the delivery.
  • You can also send the card with your gift to put a smile on your friend’s face. If you further want to customize your gift then  tap the drop-down box to view the whole themes
  • If you have picked the card for your friend and also reviewed your whole information correctly then move on
  • Tap on the button “Buy Now” and choose the payment how you want to pay for the gift
  • Press the button saying “Confirm Purchase” and head to the “Thank you” page
  • After doing all the process you will get the email confirmation.

Requirements For Gifting An Audible Audiobook

this is a simple way of sending the audible book as a gift to your friend through the “Send this book” feature on Audible. But don’t forget that there are some requirements which are necessary to use this feature.

  1. The recipient should be living in the same country as a sender
  2. The recipient should be a member of Audible
  3. You cannot gift a book that you have already borrowed or purchased through audible
  4. The person who is sending the gift should have some authentic payment method

When you gift someone the Audible book, along with the book the recipient also gets the credit to their audible account, which can easily use to purchase any title. But they don’t get any download link of the title also a physical copy of the book. Credit will remain in their account until they used it to purchase some book or until the subscription expires itself


audible books are an easy and convenient method for book lovers to read different books through voice recording. Audible book is available in an app so you won’t have to hold the weight of the book. This app or website comes with different features, one of them is gifting an audible book to your friend so that he can enjoy listening to it.

You can gift any audible book to your book’s reader friend so that he can listen to that particular book on audible on your purchase. Or you can either send them a whole subscription so that they can enjoy all the books without any delay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I buy someone the Audible book which they already have?

Ans: If you have sent the order or confirmed it then you learn that your friend already have that audible book then don’t worry audible will send them a coupon or credits matching the Gift’s value

Is there any way that we can gift the audible book but hide its title?

Ans: We can just hide the title of the book until they redeem their gift ok audible after that we can’t hide the title from the recipient. Before redeeming, it will remain a surprise for them that what is the title of the book

How do I sign up for Audible?

Ans: For signing up for your audible account follow these steps:

  • Go to the website of Audible
  • click on the “Sign in” in the top right corner of your screen.
  • enter your Amazon account credentials or you can also create a new account
  • choose the audible subscription plan which suits you
  • enter your payment information and click “Start your free trial”

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