Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag with a Tile-Tracker Function is on its Way

Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag with a Tile-Tracker Function is on its Way

This is a technological world, and we rely on these technological devices so much that losing them creates a huge problem, preventing us from mapping our way back home or messaging our friends. To rediscover these lost gadgets, there is tech that finds our tech. One such new device is on its way—Galaxy Smart Tag.

The South Korean company is preparing a new device, called Galaxy Smart Tag, with the model number EI-T5300. According to a well-known insider Mukul Sharma, Galaxy Smart Tag has been seen on the Indonesian telecommunications certification website. The list does not share any information about the device other than its name.

Moreover, Galaxy’s smart tag is meant to offer tile tracker-like functionality with small tags that can be placed anywhere or attached to things, always to know where that particular item is. They can also make a sound or beep to help the user locate the device if it is nearby. The Tile tracker can be connected with your keys, remote controls, or other devices that could get lost.

Back in October, Samsung announced the SmartThings Find service that can quickly and easily locate Galaxy devices. It runs on Android 8 or later devices and uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wideband (UWB). Helps locate devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, or each earbud. It works even if the device is offline. The way it works, if you report that your device was lost via SmartThings Find, the nearby Galaxy smartphone or tablet that you have chosen to help can alert the Samsung server to your location, and you will receive a notification.

Samsung is likely to use this SmartThings Find feature for this upcoming tracker. But it is not clear if the tracker uses Bluetooth or some other connectivity such as LTE, Ultra-Wideband, or GPS.

Samsung, in 2018, also launched an LTE-enable tracker under the SmartThings brand. So, this newer version could be using LTE, as well. We suspect that Samsung is attempting to focus on such a device, and Apple is working on a Tile-Like tracker, too. We’ve been rounding up the rumors on that device here. It was expected to debut at one of Apple’s many autumn events in 2020, but alas, that never happened.

So far, Samsung hasn’t shared any information about the rumored Galaxy Smart Tag. Let’s wait and watch! Team

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