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15+ Best Gaming Keyboards 2024: According To Gamers

Do You Want a Fast Gaming Experience?

The greatest gaming keyboards improve gameplay and performance in ways that a standard keyboard cannot. Gaming keyboards are created primarily for precise gaming features. Additionally, it is more reliable and robust than a standard keyboard. The finest gaming keyboard can have a significant impact on both your daily throughput and how well you attack your opponents online. Even though they are pricey, they have features like mechanical keys, software that allows you to customize keys, and RGB lights for a touch of glitz.

Naturally, your budget, desk space availability, and gaming preferences will all influence which gaming keyboard is best for your computer. Compact keyboards and tenkeyless boards are also excellent options.

In this guide, I’ve included a fantastic selection of gaming keyboards in a wide range of pricing points and suggested setups. Here is the top recommendation whether you’re looking for the best RGB gaming keyboard, the best wireless gaming keyboard, or the best gaming keyboard on a tight budget.

Best Gaming Keyboards 2024:

Here is the list of Best Gaming Laptops that you can buy in 2023 and 2024:

  1. CORSAIR -CH-9127014-NA – Best Gaming Keyboard.
  2. Corsair K70 Mk.2-CH-9109014-NA – Best Full-Size Gaming Keyboard.
  3. SteelSeries Apex Pro-64626 – Best Customized Gaming Keyboard.
  4. Razer Huntsman Elite-RZ03-01870200-R3U1 – The Fastest Gaming Keyboard.
  5. Razer BlackWidow Lite – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard.
  6. Asus ROG Strix Scope (Cherry MX Red) – Ideal Gaming Keyboard For FPS Enthusiasts.
  7. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo – Great All-Round Gaming Keyboard.
  8. Patriot Viper V765 – Best DIP LED Box Switch Gaming Keyboard.
  9. HyperX Alloy Origins-HyperX Aqua Switch – Best Mini Gaming Keyboard.
  10. Dell Alienware- 4HJXC – Best Wrist Rest Gaming Keyboard.
  11. MSI Vigor GK50 Low Power – Slim and Lightweight Gaming Keyboard.
  12. Redragon K551 – Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.
  13. Keychron K2 – Best Wireless Mechanical Aluminum Gaming Keyboard.
  14. Logitech G Prodigy- 920-008083 – Best RGB Gaming Keyboard.
  15. Wooting Two Analogues (Linear55 or Clicky55) – Best Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

1. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum – The #1 Gaming Keyboard:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum- CH-9127014-NA

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When it comes to mechanical keyboards, few can compete with Corsair K95. This keyboard has marvelous programmable RGB backlit and edge lighting, along with six dedicated macro keys, volume and media controls, a USB port, and a smart wrist rest. This high-performance gaming keyboard.

It features an extensive series of switches, such as MX Speed options, along with Cherry switches. These keys are very responsive and take just a light press to actuate, i.e., 1.2mm of movement with 45g of force.
The keyboard with an aluminum chassis and PBT keycaps brings outstanding durability along with 8 MBs of onboard storage. RGB lighting has been upgraded significantly with a new 19-zone light bar with 16.8 million color options running along the top of the bordering frame.

An adjustable magnetic rubber pad gives a smooth micro-finish on one side and a rougher feel on the keyboard’s other side. Unfortunately, the wrist rest of k95 easily catches dust, crumbs, and oils so, it needs almost persistent cleaning.

2. Corsair K70 Mk.2 – Best Full-Size Gaming Keyboard:

Corsair K70 Mk.2-CH-9109014-NA

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Good-looking, handy, and advanced, the K70 RGB Mk.2 keyboard will be a deal-breaker for some gamers. You can take all your storage settings along with you as this gaming keyboard has 8MB onboard storage and playback hardware. Its chassis is built with the utmost quality of mechanical switches, and the aluminum frame is added up in its durability and reliability. Its sleek design and lightweight, together with Cherry MX Speed switches, ensure a flawless typing experience.

Powerful iCUE software allows classy macro programming, bright, energetic multicolor lighting, and full-system lighting organization. You can even set up customized profiles for favorite games, along with choosing a lighting pattern to go along with it.

It is also equipped with a USB port and a few keys to control Game Mode button locks, brightness, and profiles. It has three integral profiles if you want to take the keyboard with you, or you can program as much as you want and store them on a computer or laptop.

3. SteelSeries Apex Pro – Best Customized Gaming Keyboard:

SteelSeries Apex Pro- 64626

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This amazing innovative gaming keyboard priced at $199.99 comes with a combined OLED smart display and onboard memory. It has an aluminum frame, large enough to fit in any place, which enhances its durability.
Magnetic sensors deliver faster response times than old mechanical switches and adjust minimum actuation, i.e., 0.4mm, attaining the world’s fastest actuation.

The floating keycaps are raised overhead the keyboard deck, and they are made of plastic that feels hard and premium. Its OLED display will permit you to enhance the customization of images, such as GIFs, without needing any software to be run in the background.

This software-free customization enables you to save up to 5 unique profiles on the keyboard, from game to game, plus actuation distance, per-key RGB lighting, and more.
One of the prime benefits of magnetic switches is that they are quiet, and don’t produce harsh noise competitive with other high-performance gaming keyboards. It enables you to do gaming late at night without awakening the rest of the pupils around.

Apex Pro has a metal roller, and media keys let you adjust volume and settings like changing brightness, reverse, skip, and pause, all with a single click adding much easiness to your gaming experience much.

4. Razer Huntsman Elite – The Fastest Gaming Keyboard:

Razer Huntsman Elite- RZ03-01870200-R3U1

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Huntsman Elite is the new addition to Razer’s keyboard listing to generate the utmost performance with a brand new optomechanical switch gaming keyboard.
This optomechanical switch conjugates both optical and mechanical switches. Precious metal contacts eradicate switch debounce and significantly increase the switch’s durability by up to 100 million keystrokes.

This optomechanical keyboard avoids traditional metal contacts and triggers an instant activation up to 30% shorter than other mechanical switches by a ray of light through the switch when the key is depressed.
Elite is well-designed with a cozy removable magnetic wrist rest, fully dedicated media controls, and a programmable digital dial for rapid functions such as adjusting volume and color from 16.8 million RGB lighting options.

It also features convenient onboard memory and cloud storage, enabling you to save profiles that will be portable with you to other computers. You can game late at night without disturbing anybody around you with Cherry stabilizers, possibly evading accumulating more noise on top of the switches. The Razer Synapse software is used to customize Razer’s devices.

The deficiency of passthrough is disappointing since the keyboard can keep two USB ports. You only need one plugged in for the keyboard to function; another port is used to power the light rings present on the bottom of the chassis and wrist rest.

5. Razer BlackWidow Lite – Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard:

Razer BlackWidow Lite- RZ03-02640200-R3U1

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The Razer BlackWidow Lite is undoubtedly the niftiest gaming keyboard on the list. It has an innovative design with multipurpose functionality. It’s avoided just about anything that would make a gaming keyboard look out of place, such as RGB lighting or extra macro keys.
The Lite’s small size does, not the separate media keys, which is a big benefit for office users who need to have music accessible at the touch of a button.

The BlackWidow Lite has orange switches along with keycaps and 90- mini O-rings in their upgraded gaming keyboards, making keys less stiff, tactile, and comparatively quieter, with more responsive and comfier than before. It has inbuilt Synapse 3 software to set up profiles, adjust the backlighting, and reprogram every key, allocate macros, set shortcuts. It’s good to have the option, especially since reprogramming keys can help make up for the tenkeyless design.

The Lite has a removable cord, which is an enormously good idea for easy carriage. But it doesn’t have a carrying case, so you will have to buy your own. Moreover, keys are noisy before you fix rubber O-rings in them, but their installation is a time-consuming, meticulous process.

6. Asus ROG Strix Scope – Ideal Gaming Keyboard For FPS Enthusiasts:

Asus ROG Strix Scope (Cherry MX Red)

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Asus is ongoing to generate top PC gaming keyboards, and the ROG Strix Scope is among those milestones, bringing not just excellent gaming but one that also offers some specifications headed towards First shooter (FPS) games. This innovative and super-fast gaming keyboard.
This mechanical gaming keyboard gives full custom macro keys, with easy and fast button presses due to reduced stretch time. It has been designed to give you wider mouse space, with German Cherry MX Brown switches improving gaming performance with quicker, more responsive keystrokes.

This gaming keyboard is made with the best quality aluminum making it look classy and enhancing its durability, whereas its RGB LED technology makes it light up just how you want it to be a breeze. The stealth key, which is the F12 key, once pressed rapidly hides all apps on the screen and mutes all audio, and again press of this key lets you reverse all the ongoing actions.

This frameless wired keyboard fits easily into a bag and comes with a Type-C removable cord that functions as a charging cord for mobiles while on the go.
ROG Strix Scope is equipped with complete anti-ghosting with the fastest response, onboard memory storage, macro keyboard recordings, and Windows lock key to enjoy gaming continuously.

7. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo – Great All Round Gaming Keyboard:

Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo- ROC-12-442-BN

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Roccat publicizes the Vulcan 120 Aimo as one of the most featureful gaming keyboards in the market. As for its building is a concern. This gaming keyboard is made of premium aluminum plate lifetime of a bit. It has a bizarre bright Aimo lighting system giving up the utmost attractive visuality to the keyboard.

Each switch has an individual arrangement. Durable LED can display 16.8 million colors in a diversity of distinct effects. The transparent switch permits the multicolor lighting to shine strikingly and spread evenly from each key.
Vulcan 120 Aimo has a 32-bit ARM Cortex processor, a sleek removable wrist rest, and a 1.8-meter long plaited cord. The switches are designed for the gamer’s desire, a rapid and accurate keystroke while still being tactile and giving up silently 1.8mm actuation point with a 3.6mm travel distance. The switches feature a mechanical cover to decrease vibration while being pressed.

It has a removable palm and low-profile keyboard wrist rest to increase comfortable, long gaming sessions. Keycaps are specially designed for easy maintenance and quiet operation.

8. Patriot Viper V765 – Best DIP LED Box Switch Gaming Keyboard:

Patriot Viper V765- PV765MBWUXMGM

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If you’re looking for a silent and flat gaming keyboard, then no need to look elsewhere, making it the top gaming keyboard for most.
It is featured with a Kailh Box White switch, which actuates quicker as compared to regular Blue or Green switches cheers to a little run time of 3.6mm, respectively. The key responses are much faster and even make a more pleasant click sound that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

This full-size keyboard has a premium aluminum top surface with pointed ends and vivacious RGB lightning-making keys to brighten with a variety of light combinations, and you can also customize color patterns according to your choice. It has 1.8 meters of a detachable interlaced USB cord to connect the keyboard to a PC and a tiny 4.5 x 1.3 cm high wrist rest, which attaches via magnet feels you soft-touch surface but found it too narrow and low to the desk to provide the kind of support which you may need.

The keyboard’s biggest design drawback is its relatively stubby, retractable bottom.
Meanwhile, all the customized RGB profiles are stored in the keyboard’s memory. You perhaps don’t need to transfer a profile to save your settings if you move to another computer.

9. HyperX Alloy Origins-HyperX Aqua Switch – Best Mini Gaming Keyboard:

HyperX Alloy Origins-HyperX Aqua Switch-HX-KB6AQX-US

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The HyperX Alloy Origins is the incomparable and most efficiently designed mechanical keyboard for gaming. Giving all layout.
This keyboard offers an Fn option that does no extra keys for macros, media controls, and these operations. It has aluminum built, both on top and bottom of the keyboard giving it ironic durability.
It has short-throw mechanical switches. Both Red and Aqua switches have a comparatively low actuation force of 45 grams, so it all comes down to whether you prefer the extra tactile feedback of the Aqua switch to the smooth linear action of the Red.

The HyperX Aqua contains a Cherry MX Brown switch making the keyboard faster and more consistent. The keyboard connects to PCs through a detachable USB-C cable.
HyperX designed the switches with LED lights mounted straight on the top portion of the switch case. This permits the LEDs to shine unhindered over the keycap and aids it to spread its luminosity more thoroughly across the keyboard.

RGB lighting effects or even the light colors cannot control which are directed on the keyboard except brightness. The NGenuity app is required to run in the background, enable customization settings, design your favorite lighting effects, and generate macros and rebind keys.

10. Dell Alienware – Best Wrist Rest Gaming Keyboard:

Dell Alienware- 4HJXC

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Alienware keyboard has an angular, ultra-modern design with RGB lighting. Its more impressive feature is its Cherry MX Brown switches, giving a 1-millisecond polling rate and enthusiastic macro keys.
It matches all these great features that might make it one of the best gaming keyboards on the market with high-quality features. This keyboard’s keys are rated up to 50 million keystrokes, which will take an incredibly long time to reach.

It has an aluminum chassis with a full plastic body. The RGB lighting in this keyboard is equally deceiving and cannot be customized on a per-key basis, giving you a six-zone bar, each representing a set of keys or ambient lights.

There are six macro keys on the left of the keyboard, which can be removed while gaming to avoid the keys’ wrong hitting. Alienware AW768 is a very competent keyboard with a comfortable gaming experience via using Cherry MX Brown switches, but it lacks media keys.
Gaming and productivity work done with equal potential without producing disturbing noise enables you to use it at night without disturbing the rest of the house.

11. MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile US – Slim and Lightweight Gaming Keyboard:

MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile US

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MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile is one of the top gaming keyboards for those who prefer typing. Its Kailh Choc switches and floating keycaps bring speedy operation noiselessly. The most budget-oriented gaming keyboard.
If you’re very competitive, Vigor GK50 is built for gaming, actuating at 1.5mm, the mechanical switches handle the hasty pushing of keys with 3mm total travel before bottoming out. Furthermore, the Cherry Low Profile Red and Speed switches activate at 1.2mm and 1mm, correspondingly.

The Vigor GK50 super-fast switches and elegant keycaps appeared to amplify typing speed. On the 10fastfingers typing assessment, the Vigor GK50 hits up to 124 words per minute with 98.4% accuracy.
With Vigor GK50, you get media control, and RGB lighting control, and its graphics card overclocking software can be controlled by holding down the dragon.

When RGB is activated, the keyboard’s floating keycap magnifies the lightning effect by generating a glow on the keyboard frame. The lighting effects evenly transfer over the pointer, making it all look attractive.

12. Redragon K551 – Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

Redragon K551-CA

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It is among the most famous budget-oriented mechanical keyboards available, grateful to their low price, elegant design, and elective red backlighting.
This gaming keyboard is made up of metal alloy and ABS with mechanical keys and switches, which ensures the product’s enhanced durability to withstand tough gaming conditions, respectively.

Redragon K551 is a mechanical gaming keyboard with 104 Keys plus dustproof mechanical switches. Kailh made switches like Cherry MX Red equally lined switches that ensure silent click, fast action with nominal resistance avoiding tactile bump feel, and perfectly designed keystroke with a run time of 2.0mm.
It has multicolor RGB lightning, a mechanical USB gaming keyboard, and 19 different lighting effects that illuminate different rays of colors for each key like a rainbow.

13. Keychron K2 – Best Wireless Mechanical Aluminum Gaming Keyboard:

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical keyboard -version 2

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If you are looking for the best compact, wireless gaming keyboard, then Keychron K2 should be your preference. It is an 84-key mechanical keyboard with both macOS and Windows keycaps, which are otherwise not found in the other competitors in the list.
This gaming keyboard has a 75% layout without Numpad along with RGB lighting. Still, this ultimate tenkeyless keyboard holds shortcut and arrow keys that significantly save much more space than an ordinary keyboard design.

Its aluminum chassis makes it look classy and extends its life a bit more. Keychain K2 is equipped with a full RGB backlit, containing a collection of different coloring effects.
As a wireless gaming keyboard operated with a 4000 mAh big battery that can last a maximum of 72 hours, it is connected to various devices via Bluetooth such as Bluetooth 5.1, Broadcom Bluetooth chipset, connecting with a smartphone, laptop, and iPad.

Keychain K2 comes with an exclusive Mac layout, with all essential Mac function keys, though well-matched with Windows, whereas extra keycaps are supplemented for Windows and Mac operating systems.
Keychain K2, with its robust Gateron mechanical switch, can cover 50 million keystroke life, generating an unbeatable tactile response on the linear red switch.

14. Logitech G Prodigy – Best RGB Gaming Keyboard:

Logitech G Prodigy-920-008083

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Logitech G is an innovative gaming-grade performance keyboard 4 times faster than ordinary keyboards, grateful to keys that bring together the best tactile feel and gaming-grade performance. This gaming laptop will cost you $ 47.59, the most budget-friendly option.

This gaming keyboard has a spectrum of RGB lighting, enabling you to easily customize a maximum of 5 lighting zones from more than 16.8 million color options, which add to your gaming excitement.
RGB backlight can be personalized by 12 function keys with custom commands by Logitech gaming software running behind. It offers a dedicated media control lease you to rapidly play, pause, skip, and adjust the volume of music or skip to the subsequent song with a touch of a button.

This keyboard has an anti-ghosting mechanism adjusted for optimum gaming performance, keeping you in control when you press multiple gaming keys instantaneously.

15. Wooting Two (Linear55 or Clicky55) Best Optical Mechanical Gaming Keyboard:

Wooting Two Analogue Gaming Keyboard (Linear55 or Clicky55)

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Wooting Two is the first corresponding mechanical keyboard with an exciting view for gaming. These are compact keyboards even if you use them digitally, with a sparkling floating key in design, and programmable RGB backlit.
A small ultraviolet beam helps to press keys fast enough without hitting the wrong keys, which may have a minimal effect on your in-game ability.

Each key on the Wooting Two keyboard supports Analog input, producing exceptional analog features and steadily adding up control in games. Everything in the Wooting gaming keyboard is completely customizable without any software to be run in the background.

It can set up different actuation points for different profiles, enable you to use analog inputs in games, and configure all that through the Wooting keyboard.

Final Verdict:

I’ve listed the top gaming keyboards and described each feature that makes a keyboard a valuable addition to a gaming experience. You will undoubtedly find the greatest gaming keyboard to suit your preferences, regardless of the price, responsiveness, RGB backlighting, keystrokes, durability, or key or switch configuration. Happy Shopping. Team

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