Google Photos Is Going To Add A “Show Less” Option For Faces.

Google Photos is in the process of developing a feature that enables users to reduce the visibility of specific people to show in their memories in Google Photos.

Google has advanced facial recognition technology for photos. But sometimes you want to hide some of your photos and should not keep that particular face popping up in your Google Photos memories.

Now, your old memories that you don’t want to see more often will not haunt you anymore.

Google Photos has the reputation of resurfacing old memories by recognizing its features. Sometimes it brings back Memories that the user doesn’t want to see anymore and may not necessarily appreciate. So they usually go back to Google Photos and try to delete them manually, which could be a time-consuming task.

Now you don’t need to worry, Google is working on it. Google Photos keeps the particular faces hidden that you do not want to see anymore.

According to the report, the upcoming version of Google Photos is going to give you the Show Less Option for a particular face.

The latest version of Google 6.80 is going to have a feature that has a dedicated button called “Hide Face from Memories” that will provide great control over the photos.

This is a slight difference to the Block face option. As in the Block face, you can remove the particular face from Memories and group shots entirely.
Google Photos allows users to manually hide specific faces from appearing in their photo memories and other features within the app.

This feature will soon appear in your Google Photos in your People & Pets area as a new section labeled “Hide face From Memories.”

With the help of these steps you can hide the face by going through Settings> Preference > Memories > Hide People & Pets within Google Photos. This will make that particular person hide in your Google Photos library, and won’t pop up in your memories, creations, or on the search page but their photos will still be present in the main library.

This feature is not available publicly for now. As Google is currently working on it. Once it is launched it might be the most welcomed feature that users can make their memories more personalized.

Google Photos has made significant improvements in its features in recent years. One of the most well-known is the integration of AI called Magic Editor. With this Magic feature users can enhance, edit, or adjust their photos. Initially, this feature was solely present in the Pixel 8 but now this feature is available across all Google platforms. Team

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