WhatsApp Communities Could Manage Event Planning More Easier

WhatsApp is going to launch a scheduling feature for users to create events for community groups to invite community members to hold online events.

WABetaInfo informed its users that WhatsApp will permit users to create a new event within the community. Generally, the community contains tens to thousands of members. However, managing the event for a large number of people will be difficult. So, this feature will help manage and organize the event.

The option for creating the event will be located in the WhatsApp attachment panel within the community chat. Here, you can enter the event name, time, and date, and if location is necessary, an event planner can also add this.

Here, users will get the WhatsApp call link where they will be informed by community members whether this event will be held via video or voice call.

After creating the event and scheduling it, this schedule will be shared with the community members automatically as they get the notification. They can then read and accept the invitation. If the event creator needs to make changes in the event it can easily be changed.

Community members who accepted this event invitation will again get the edited notification. This will make it easy for the community members to get updates on all events.

WhatsApp will send you reminders on time when the event time comes closer.

This feature will be present in regular group chats, as it is reported that regular Whatsapp groups might also get this event scheduling within an app which could be a valuable feature. However, the execution of this feature in regular groups is still not planned.

But for now, this feature is only available for testing for some WhatsApp beta users that are running the

Since October 2023, WhatsApp has been developing a feature for scheduling events. A recent report in March explained how it will function and the enhancements Meta has made to event scheduling. It seems WhatsApp is now testing the feature with some beta testers on the latest WhatsApp beta for Android.

Moreover, this release is limited to a few groups. Many people might not get this feature for now, even if they have the same version installed on their Android.

But we hope that this feature will be present for all users in the upcoming weeks. Team

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