iPhone 12 – an Entire Family of Four New iPhones is set to Launch!

iPhone 12 – an Entire Family of Four New iPhones is set to Launch!!!

The pandemic has already shifted Apple’s spring release plans. The reports have confirmed that Apple will be launching iPhone 12, an entire family of four new iPhones across a range of prices, soon.

No doubt, Apple is considered one of the Big Tech technology companies, alongside Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. It has revolutionized personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. You can discover Apple’s innovative world and shop everything iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV etc. Some of the most exciting new iPhones we’ve seen from Apple in years, but are they enough to take your eyes away from Android? So, Let’s have a look on these new releases.

The phones are meant to tempt users new and advanced with features such as fresh colors, 5G, photography, gaming, and more. Rumors point to an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and a smaller iPhone 12 mini.

5G is the most exciting step yet:

All the phones offer 5G as their tagline for the event is “Hi, Speed,” which is as clear an indication that these phones will support 5G. It will be available from more than 100 carriers across 30 regions.  Both Apple and Verizon claim some iPhones will reach between 3.5 and 4Gbps download speeds and 200Mbps upload speeds. “5G is the most exciting step yet,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.


The iPhone 12 will reportedly come in five colors, the usual black, white and red, and new blue and green hues. The Pro version  will pick up a new Midnight Blue color and graphite to replace Space Gray to go along with silver and gold.


Weibo leaker Kang, who has been accurate in the past, predicts that the iPhone mini will start at $699. Like the current iPhone 11, the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will jump to $799 as well.  Then the Pros will reportedly retain their $999 and $1099 price tags. Some suggested the iPhone mini could start as low as $649.

Charger and Earbuds:

If there’s one thing we can count on with a new iPhone, it’s that it will include a pair of Lightning Ear Pods and a charger in the box. That likely won’t be the case with this one. They might offer discounts on Air Pods or cut the price of its existing chargers but whatever the case, it looks like you’ll be paying extra if you want one.

Camera features:

The iPhone 12 Mini’s rear camera consists of two lenses. Apple’s existing Ultra-wide lens and a new 12MP wide lens allows more light for better low-light photography.

The rear camera array of the iPhone 12 Pro consists of three lenses; the Ultra Wide, Wide lenses plus a Telephoto lens.

Apple assures us that the iPhone 12 Pro Max takes the pro camera experience even further, however. The f/1.6 aperture Wide camera boasts a 47 percent larger sensor. It has also 1.7μm pixels, boasting 87 percent improvement in low-light conditions.

 Release and Pre-orders:

  • iPhone 12 Pro pre‑orders started at 5:00 am PST (8 am EST, 1 pm BST) on 16th October, for availability on 23rd October.
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max pre‑orders start at 5:00 is PST on 6th November, for 13th November.

I would say iPhone 11 was more a case of ‘evolution’ rather than ‘revolution.’ The iPhone 12 contains plenty of ground-breaking techs. Many people say that Apple sucks because it suddenly values a much-needed accessory, and you have to buy it.

Still, the truth is people are obsessive about iPhones as they are very stable, secure, and long lasting phones. You won’t find any glitch or performance issue while using the phone. iPhone is also a style statement. As it never compromises its quality and improves its hardware with every new release.

So, are you excited about these new releases? Buckle up yourself to enjoy the latest features of the iPhone!!!

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