Apple’s Ios 18 To Integrate Ai Features From Openai And Google

It is reported that Apple is going to collaborate with big technology companies as it wants to integrate AI into the iPhone.

According to the report, Apple is in discussion with Open AI CEO Sam Altman to bring the AI features into iPhones.

Apple is negotiating with several big tech AI companies to collaborate with them to get chatbot technology from Chat GPT and Gemini within their devices.

Apple is not only negotiating with Open AI, the other tech-based company Cupertino is also engaged with Google to license Gemini for iOS 18.

According to the report, Apple might finalize the agreement with Google and OpenAI.

Apple is working on creating its small language model for iOS 18.

Generally, Apple is quite mysterious in sharing its AI efforts. At an Apple company meeting in February, the chief CEO of Apple stated that they are excited to share the details of ongoing work later this year.

Recently they have not reached a final agreement, but it seems that Apple might decide to partner with other AI companies to incorporate chatbot features within their devices. Moreover, Apple is also in talks with Google to bring the AI luggage model Gemini to the iPhone.

As rumors are giving the hint, the negotiation between Apple and Open AU has become so intense that we might end up seeing Open AI tools in New Apple products.

The partnership of Apple with AI tech giants Google and Open AI shows that AI is the future that shapes the future of technology.

As these tech giants are constantly investing in generative AI which manifests that in the future we are going to see major changes in the AI field.

It is not confirmed yet, but Apple remains quiet about its future AI plan.

Apple is also working on upgrading the AI in Siri. Apple researchers are developing a new technology that aims to improve how well a device understands what’s happening on its screen and in the background. This means the device will be able to grasp the context of what’s going on more accurately than what Chat GPT, or similar models, can currently do. Essentially, it’s about enhancing the device’s ability to interpret and respond to what’s happening on its display and behind the scenes Team

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