WhatsApp Introduces Notes Pinning, and Recent Contacts List Feature

Recently Whatsapp has been rolling out amazing features like launching Meta AI assistant on all its social platforms, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. Now, it is available for business customers to attach important notes for their contacts.

With this note-pinning feature, users can add a particular message with additional details.

The latest WhatsApp beta version for Android ( now has a feature where you can add notes for contacts directly from the web interface.

The Meta’s own platform’s contact pages have been introduced with a new text box where users can add personalized comments for each contact that make it easier for users to recognize the contact immediately, right after reading the note.

This feature is accessible to the user of the WhatsApp account. It is not clear yet how many lines you can write in the pin, but it is believed that it would be sufficient to add the critical user data.

It seems like the contact notes feature might first be rolled out for business users, not personal ones. This is hinted at by the “This is a business account” label and the note field prompt saying “Add notes about your customer” in the test account’s description.

This feature may first be launched in a business account rather than a personal one as indicated by the hint that WhatsApp gives a “this is the business account” label that gives the feature of a note field that says that add notes about your customers in the description of the test account.

A few days ago, WhatsApp rolled out a new update that helps in listing recent online contacts. That helps users in getting the recommendations from their address book, especially from people they haven’t talked to yet. It’s meant to make it easier to connect with new people.

In this list, you will not get the list of all contacts. But this feature will let you see the selected contacts that are frequently in contact with you. This way, you know who is active and available for a call.
This feature reduces the checking of the activity of the contact list one by one and timely communication with contacts, instead, it will help you to contact those who are active.
But those people who have set the privacy on their last seen will remain hidden in this list ensuring that Whatsapp is respecting the user’s privacy. Team

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