Apple Unveils Eight Small AI Language Models

Apple has released the different AI models that are specifically designed to be run on the devices without the use of the cloud server. It is an indication that we might see iOS 18 with the latest AI feature very soon.

Just like other technology giant companies, AI is also seriously considering AI, they are working on AI servers that can run on the user as well as their devices. It was rumored that Apple wanted to make its chip for AI servers. Now they disclosed that the new AI model will work on the user devices.

Apple has made eight different AI intelligence models that will be open source and anyone can use them. You can find these AI models on the website called Hugging Face Hub where AI developers and fans hang out.
Apple also writes in its paper and explains these new AI models. Four out of eight will be trained on the big library of data called Core Net. While the other four will be tuned by Apple to respond to certain questions and commands.

Usually, Apple remains secretive about tier software and does not share it with anyone. But now they stated that they want to help other people to research AI. So, they’re sharing these Open ELMs with everyone in the AI community.

LLMs are just like the big set of data that AI apps use. The bigger the LLM, the more information it contains. Usually, these sets of data are stored in the cloud server and users get access online. But now developers are trying to make smaller LLMs that can fit on a phone or tablet.

It means developers need to find an innovative way of developing the software with hardware that can process the data faster. Companies like Qualcomm, Samsung, and MediaTek make chips for Android devices that are good at handling AI tasks. Apple is likely to do something similar with their next A-series chips. This would let iPhones do more AI work directly on the phone instead of using the internet.

When data is running on user devices, their data will not go online or get copied by someone else to be used. As in the era of Artificial Intelligence, people are more worried about AI and privacy, this will be a big selling point for companies.

Apple is probably hoping that by sharing these new AI models, developers will find and fix any problems, making the software better. This could be important if Apple wants to use similar AI tools in future versions of iOS and macOS.

It’s important to remember that most Apple devices already have AI abilities. For example, the Apple Neural Engine in their chips helps in certain things like Face ID and Animoji. The new M4 chip for Macs also has more AI abilities. This is becoming really important as software, even professional ones like Adobe Photoshop, start implementing machine learning tools more. Team

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