Google Begins Testing Ads in AI Search Overviews

Google is testing its AI feature and plans to place the ads in its AI-generated search results. Last week, Google launched the AI Overview in Search, which will deliver AI-generated results to search queries. Now, it is revealed that ads will start to run on AI Overview.

In the marketing event of Google, it is announced that advertisers can get the benefits of their AI as they will integrate the marketing tactics into it.

For now, the company has not disclosed when this feature will start rolling out. It is anticipated that we will see the ads in AI Overview very soon. Google also declares that this feature will be helpful for users.

These are placed on the top of the search results just like traditional search engine work, as the sponsored ad is shown at the top of the search engine result pages. Just like before, AI ads will be shown that will present you with ads related to your queries.

The company stated that people find the ads above and below AI-generated summaries useful. They will start testing the Search and Shopping ads in the AI Overviews for US users. These ads will be marked as Sponsored and appear in the AI Overview if these are relevant to the search query and the AI-provided information.

These are the automatically generated ads and these ads are generated based on the idea from the existing ad.
So, any kind of ads that usually appear in the search will now be placed in the Google AI Overview.

The downside of these AI ads will be that users will see the human-generated content websites after scrolling down the pages. Starting positions will be secured by AI ads.

Google is also going to roll out the latest AI feature for Shopkeepers and retailers. These AI tools will help shopkeepers to generate images and videos of the product. According to the vice president and general manager of Merchant Shopping at Google, Matt Madrigal, shoppers have several choices and he can choose a new method to improve the relationship between shoppers and merchants. Their main aim is to provide detailed and compelling content.

The company further mentioned that they are introducing visual brand profiles on Google search and these profiles will display the information through Google Merchant Centre. This information includes product images, brand visuals and videos, customer reviews, and details about the deal and promotions.

These searches are done traditionally, as users usually click on the top pages located in the search engine result pages, but these pages are usually occupied by companies who use strong SEO tactics. When users click on these websites and purchase the product, these are just average, not extraordinary. But now, with AI-based search, AI will do the searches in more detail and up to 20 pages to find the outstanding product in the crowd of relative ones.

These AI searches will be vast and more sophisticated, and it is quite a time-consuming procedure to find the ideal product in the vast search results. So, AI Overview will make this easy for users and save the time and effort of humans. Team

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