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10+ Best Massage Chairs 2024: According To Experts

Nowadays, everybody is busy in their own respective lives. Staying busy is good because it makes you productive and important but in all this engaging routine, you forget about yourself. Every one of us needs a break and peace in our life because sometimes we are totally fed up with everything. As Peace Pilgrim says, “When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

But guess what? The journey is the destination and we cannot stop. What we do today is what our life is. How to be less busy and find time for ourselves is in our own control. Thinking about our health really depends on us. It is important to keep our minds relaxed to go with the flow. So, the best way of achieving this goal is to make up your mind and do something positive and it can be anything to make you feel good because “The only way you can spread peace is to have peace inside you.” —Yogi Vini

There are many relaxing and reviving therapies you can come across but in my opinion, the best is to get a massage. Let’s talk about massage and the ways we can get a massage.

What is Massage?

The action of rubbing, hitting, or treating someone’s body helps the person relax, relieve different body aches, and prepare for muscular actions.

There are many techniques and spa centers for having a massage but everyone cannot find the time and money to go to these centers in particular. So you might be thinking that what is the solution for this? Well, the best solution is to invest in a massage chair that enables you to have a flexible and relaxing massage without having the need to book an appointment or visit a spa center.

Do You Really Need To Know About a Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a chair particularly designed for massages. It can be traditional and robotic. It’s not only a piece of furniture lying in your house but can relax and boost your mind and body. Nothing is ideal in this world but one can consider this an ideal chair after a stressful day by using it with full liberty with customized options and enjoying it.

Before going to the topmost massage chairs, there is a lot more to your knowledge. Do you ever think why so many people are getting massages? How beneficial a massage can be to you? It’s not a short-time pleasure but if you have the habit of massage, you would come across a lot of benefits of massage.

For this, we have to first know about the history of massage chairs and what types of massage chairs are present for your assistance.

History of Massage Chair:

 An Amazing Backstory:

You will find it interesting to know a surprising massage backstory. If you search the earliest records of human existence, you will come across Egyptian hieroglyphics and Japanese block prints. The people believed that if they could perform homeostasis (to make the body relax, calm, and full of harmony, the body will have a good immune system and it can combat diseases in a good manner.  Different oils and herbs were used by those people to massage directly into the skin of a naked body in order to perform a seated massage.

Later on, in the early 1900s, the Japanese started to do bodywork on a fully clothed person known as Shiatsu. Tokujiro Namikoshi was considered the father of Shiatsu. He used fingertips and palms to adjust the natural bodily pressure and allowed the body to heal itself. This bodywork was popularized among many people and traveled through Asia in the meantime.

How it traveled to America is quite hard because they saw massage as equivalent to a barbaric activity and associated it with prostitution but hats off to the work of J. H. Kellogg who made his findings acceptable in America by professing that he learned the techniques in Sweden. Thus we get “Sweden Massage” from here.

Finally, in 1968, the first massage chair was created by a massage therapist, David Palmer, who named it “a chair in a box”, and weighed 28 pounds.

While massaging, many of the people found it difficult to maintain a balance on the chair and feared falling on one side but this chair in a box helped people to have their message effectively and safely. He made people use the massage chair by writing an article “A Brief History of Chair Massage” and started educating people about the benefits of massage.

We, as a generation, are smart enough but we are still not as perfect as we think. We are born on one earth, residing in different parts of this world but with somehow the same life issues and problems. In this modern world, we come across plenty of types of every single thing. Similarly, we have plenty of types of massage chairs available for every single person having a particular problem/disease/bodily issue.

Types of Massage Chairs:

First, we will discuss the general types of massage chairs that are traditional and robotic.

1. Traditional Massage Chairs:

Traditional massages are done worldwide either with hands or chairs. Traditional massage chairs are portable chairs used by massage therapists in settings such as trade shows, business offices, employee appreciation events, and conferences. These chairs mainly focus on the neck, shoulders, and lower back regions.

2. Robotic Massage Chairs:

Robotic massage chairs consist of electronic motors and gear that help in massaging the person sitting in. Robotic massage chairs were first created and brought into the market by a Japanese, Nobuo Fujimoto in 1954. These chairs mimic the hands of a therapist through the use of massage rollers and airbags. Japan is the largest consumer of robotic massage chairs and according to many types of research, 20% of Japanese have a robotic massage chair of their own in their homes.

After reading this you have to decide whether you go for a traditional massage or invest in a good robotic chair for a long time comfort.

The general classification of robotic massage chairs also includes:

3. Therapeutic Massage Chairs:

There are two types of therapeutic massage chairs, one focuses more on the lumbar and leg massage and the second focuses more on the massage of the arms, shoulders, and neck. This type of chair is very helpful in relieving sciatic nerve pain.

4. Hobbyist Massage Chair:

Do you see messaging as a hobby? Some people love massaging as a hobby. They are useful in relieving minor muscle pains and tensions and lower stress and anxiety.

To understand further classification, we should have the types of massages that massage chairs can provide. These are:
  • Rolling massage:   For muscles to warm and loose
  • Kneading massage: Relieve sore and tense muscles
  • Shiatsu massage: Fingerlike pressure to different body
  • Swedish massage:  Gentle rubbing and deep pressure to relax the muscles
  • Deep tissue massage:  Methodical pressure to cure chronic muscle tensions and injuries.

Now, we will discuss the classification of massage chairs on the basis of the type of massage they provide. By the end of this portion, you will be able to have a full awareness of the types and components of different massage chairs.

5. Full Body Massage Chair:

Wow! The term itself is so satisfying, seems we have started having a full-body massage. If you also want this type of comfort that can massage every part of your body, you surely should go for a full-body massage chair. It has numerous functions and can massage your body, shoulders, feet, and calves. The expensive models can also massage your hands and arms. It’s up to you which brand you go for according to your own budget.

6. Heated massage chair:

If you want to have a nice massage in winter, you must choose a heated massage chair because it has rollers on it which heat up and gives you a pretty warm therapy session. Unlike full-body massage chairs, they are present for you in high and low-price variants in the market. So you can easily buy this according to your need and budget.

7. Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Now you must be thinking, what is gravity doing in the massage chair? So, Yes, what you are reading is correct. Have you ever heard about the zero gravity concept? No? Zero gravity is a phenomenon that is often felt by pilots and astronauts in space. Zero gravity massage chair works on the same principle in which there is an inversion therapy on your back and you felt relieved to the extent that you do not feel your own weight. It improves your back pain and general posture. You come out of this chair, everything is just great and this soothing effect lasts for a long!!!

8. Air Massage Chair:

Last but not least, If you want a completely different thing from the above massage chairs, air massage chairs are best for you. unlike other massage chairs, which use electronic equipment, these use a set of airbags that gently massage your body parts in a different and soothing way. They help you after stressful activities like exercise.

Why People Are Getting Massages? Short And Long-Term Benefits

The world is changing and the trend is also changing. From relaxing to recovering and then to rehabilitation, there are numerous reasons why people are getting massages. If you are reading this article, I hope half of the tensions will be relieved after reading these benefits.

  • Stress and Anxiety:

Stress and anxiety are normal in our daily lives but for some, they can cause life-threatening troubles. It is a reaction to emotional and mental pressure. It usually occurs when the demand made by someone else is larger than what your body can tolerate or be able to cope with. Massage can help people get rid of this stress and anxiety.

It can relieve them to their satisfying self. In today’s modern world, people are getting more stressed and depressed than before so one could find time from this busy routine to get relief.

  • Muscle Tension:

One of the effects of stress and anxiety is muscle tension. The muscles of the body remain semi-contracted for a particular or extended period of time. According to a study, 11.2% of American suffers from chronic muscle pains, and 17.6% of people suffer from severe levels of pain.

Whether they are professional paid athletes or the common working people at home, anyone can have this muscle tension. If muscle tension is left untreated, it can lead to stiff and achy muscles in the upper side of the body mainly including the jaw and neck.

So, why not reduce it and benefit from massage? Massage can be good in relieving muscle tension and provides flexibility and speedy recovery.

  • Lower Back Pain:

The physiological effects of muscle tension can lead to episodes of lower back pain. The phenomenon of aging, it is a common complaint among people.

Severe back pain can make us unable to do any sort of work and make us stick to the bed. People can be disabled totally relying on someone else. It is good to have massage therapy rather than relying on someone else for your basic chores.

  • Spinal Cord Alignment:

When your muscles are relaxed, your spine will automatically be in a good position. Many of us perform our activities with poor body mechanics which leads to spinal misalignment and spinal spasms.

To make your back aligned, you have to get massage chair therapy to make it lengthen and in a good alignment. But if you have unusual spinal alignment, you must see your doctor for better treatment.

  • Better Posture:

When your spinal alignment is pretty well. You will have good posture as it will relieve tight muscles in your back and help you to sit properly and stand taller. For this, you must thank the massage chair.

  • Pain In Other Bodily Areas:

The pain can be caused in other parts of the body other than the lower back such as pain in the neck, jaws, shoulders, hip, and knee joints, elbow joints, foot joints, and many more. Massage therapy is better to help you recover.

Pain is caused by many conditions like types of arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout), trauma, injury, cancer, and many other diseases. The massage experts know well how to treat every pain and if you want to have a massage chair for these purposes, you can have customized options for this as well.

  • Boost Immunity:

You are thinking about how a massage can combat diseases and boost immunity? You are thinking right because massage cannot heal diseases to a full extent but yes it can boost your immunity. It cannot stop the sickness but it can help your immune system to make it stop before it gets started.

According to many researchers, Swedish massage is the one that can increase the cells that have this ability to fight particular types of viruses.

  • Release Of Endorphin:

The principal function of Endorphins is to inhibit muscular and bodily pains. A massage is helpful in stimulating the release of Endorphins to prevent mood swings and help alleviate stress.

  • Quality And Stability Of Life:

As people age, they start to lose the quality and stability of their lives. They have numerous issues going on in their life.

Muscle tension and numerous diseases prohibit enjoying a normal life. Massage can help you here as well whether you want a self-administered massage or guided training to use a massage chair. After getting a massage, one can totally be in another world resistant to change in their lives and wild fluctuations of their mood.

  • Overall Health And Well Being:

Last but not least, Some people are worried about their overall health and well-being in this busy world and some are not. So the people who are not should care for them because, in today’s world, the average life span of human life is becoming shorter day by day. If you want to make yourself fit and healthy, you should eat healthily, and drink healthy, and if you are getting a massage it would be a cherry on the cake.

Other Benefits Include:

  1. Improve sleep
  2. Raise Alertness and brain-power
  3. Ease cancer treatment
  4. Treats constipation
  5. Targets athletic performance.

Coming towards the main part you are waiting for, the Top Most Massage Chairs in the market according to the brands and prices. If you had to choose between the massage chairs while buying, which one would you buy?

It seems a difficult question because one can get confused if he has to buy that for himself because I myself get confused while going shopping so I think, many people face this. It is important to know what types of massage chairs are available in the market and which one suits you.

So, your 80% problem gets resolved after knowing about the types of the different massage chairs. According to a report, there are a few hundred similar models (including the top brands) present in the USA alone for purchase. There is a complete guide for you to save some time in this busy life to help you choose which massage chair would suit you the best.

There are many brands that make massage chairs but the most important are:

Best Massage Chairs 2024:

Here is the list of the Best Massage Chairs that you can buy in 2024.

  1. LURACO technologies
  2. Osaki
  3. Human touch
  6. Kahuna
  7. Infinity

I would like to categorize the massage chairs into the following categories according to their demand and features.

  1. Zero gravity massage chairs
  2. 4D massage chairs
  3. 3D massage chairs
  4. L-Track massage chairs

1- LURACO Technologies IROBOTICS7 Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

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  • Company: LURACO Technologies
  • Item model number: i7 plus
  • Product dimensions: 81*38*47 inches

This massage chair is at the top of the list due to its features. The persons who work in offices, or factories and have to sit all day, this is the best option as it provides numerous Shiatsu massages with different intensity levels that you can easily control. It is the first-ever massage chair which is assembled and developed in the USA while all others are made in Asia.


  • The advanced technology helps the user to see and operate the chair at night because of its smart touch screen.
  • Height recommendations are 6’7” while weight up to 300 lbs. is recommended.
  • Quietest chair in the industry because of the noise reduction technology
  • Provides suitable lower back, shoulder, and neck massage techniques.

2- Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

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  • Company: Osaki
  • Product dimensions: 52″x31″x34″
  • Item model number: OS-4000T

People always want everything to be extra soothing for them. The company has reduced the number of airbags but increased the surface areas for massage. The airbags in this chair help users to have their preferred traits including leg extension, foot roller, arms, and calves massage, etc. The desired parts are detected by the computerized scanners for performing the selected massage program.


  • Six unique auto massage features in particular.
  • Easy-to-use remote control available
  • Five levels of speed intensity
  • Auto timer 5-30 options
  • Unique foot roller

3- OS-Pro SOHOOsaki 4D Massage Chair:

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  • Company: Osaki
  • Product dimension: 52.5” * 29.53” * 44.9”
  • Item model number: Osaki OS-Pro SOHO-1

This massage chair is special for its Bluetooth technology and Amphitheater sound system. It enhances our listening qualities and we can enjoy the music of our own choice while having a massage which ultimately soothes us. Also, It has a unique space-saving design and gives us a larger surface area for massage. It has also the zero gravity feature which reduces the compression against the spine and normalizes the blood flow.


  • 4D massage allows 5 levels of massaging according to personal preference
  • 6 auto programs unique
  • Foot roller massage with switchable footrest
  • Zero gravity feature

4- Kiwami 4D 970 Japan Osaki Massage Chair:

Kiwami 4D 970 Japan Osaki Massage Chair

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  • Company: Osaki
  • Product dimension: 31.5 * 53.9 * 48.4
  • Item model number: Kiwami 4D 970 Japan-1

Retail price: $3,999.00

It has speed variation in its massage features as per the massage therapists. It can give upper shoulder massage, hip massage, hand and arm massage, and calf massage. The company also reduced the number of airbags to increase the surface area. It has an automatic leg extension and easy-to-use remote control.


  • 4D massage technology and 3D point navigation system
  • Roller extensions
  • Advanced back massage system
  • 5 levels of air massage
  • 21 massage programs of your own choice

5- Human Touch Novo XT2 3D Massage Chair:

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  • Company: Human Touch
  • Product dimensions: 63″L X 31″W X 43″H
  • Item number: NOVO XT2-1

It has an easy-to-navigate feature that enables to have customized massage speeds and massage intensities. The thing which makes it more unique is you can enjoy music and e-books in it. A feature of a  crystal clear LCD screen navigation remote control easily helps you to manage the programs of your own choice. Moreover, it has 3 years manufacturing warranty.


  • 3D massage technology
  • Space-saving design
  • Downloadable apps for music and e-books
  • Full body stretching
  • Zero gravity feature
  • Target heat gently to arms and back

6- Pro-Executive Titan Massage Chair:

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  • Company: Osaki
  • Product dimension: 54.3L * 36.6W * 53H
  • Item number: Pro-Executive-1

Price: $4,999.00

The Titan technology provides the features and functions of luxury massage chairs. Through 3D technology, it is convenient to have a soothing massage as a consistent amount of pressure is applied to the massage. 61 airbags in total at different areas provide the desired massage. You can also sync your computers and tablets with it to have your music dampening the noise in the surroundings.


  • Shoulder massage (adjustable)
  • Lower back, arm, calves massage
  • Wrist stretching
  • Leg extension
  • Three memory settings
  • 61 airbags
  • 6 customized programs

7- Titan regal 2 L-Track Massage Chair:

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  • Company: Titan Technology
  • Product dimension: 60.6L*32.4W*38.2*
  • Item number: Titan Regal 2-1
  • Retail price: $2,999.00

You might be thinking of the L-Track. L-track is a roller track that massages the glute muscles by extending into the seat and gives a full body massage.  It functions according to the curves of the body with accuracy and gives a soothing massage by hitting all the key areas. It has customized options of your own choice and a zero-gravity massage feature. Like other Osaki products, it also helps to enjoy your music as it is equipped with Bluetooth technology.


  • Adjustable dual foot roller and footrest
  • L-track massage technology with body scanning
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Space-saving feature
  • Zero gravity

8- Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair:

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  • Company: Kahuna
  • Product dimension: 48 x 28 x 47 inches
  • Item model number: SM-7300

The Kahuna massage chair provides a wider shoulder and large seating for bigger builds. It helps to relieve pain and allows yoga stretching, and fast recovery. It mimics the human massage as you are having a hand massage at home and it includes the functions of kneading, tapping, and knocking. The Dynamic sports feature helps in zero gravity massaging.


  • It allows massage up to five levels
  • 6 roller system, advanced foot massage technology, and heating therapy system
  • 9 auto programs, customized massage of your choice
  • Body types of 6’5” inches and 320 lbs. are recommended

9- Real Pro Ultra™ Intensity Plus Massage Lounger:

  • Company: Panasonic
  • Product dimension: 47.2 x 33.1 x 50
  • Item number: EP-30004K

Panasonic is a reliable company so it can be believed in what they are advertising. A massage chair with lots of medical benefits and ultra-fine kneading. You can enjoy four types of programs including shiatsu, Swedish, Deep, Arm, and Leg stretch. It is made up of high-quality leather with customized options for you. it offers you a soothing neck and shoulder massage.


  • 4 to 6-person program memory
  • Voice guidance system
  • 22 airbags
  • Vast surface area for back massage coverage
  • Auto body scanning system

10- Elite Alphasonic Massage Chair:

Elite Alpha sonic Massage Chair

Check Price On Amazon

  • Company:
  • Product dimension: 58 x 31.5 x 35.5 inches
  • Item number: B01M9GYOHB

Alpha Sonic has L-Track Massage technology that is designed in a way that the massage hands reach down the buttocks. It has all the premium features that are present in today’s massage chairs. The feature that makes it unique from others is Braintronic technology which synchronizes our brain waves with audio stimulation enabled by massage programming. It is good for mental and physical performance.


  • Made up of synthetic leather
  • L-track technology
  • Exclusive Braintronic technology
  • Zero gravity

Final Words:

In a nutshell, people prefer and demand different brands and different things according to their needs. Warranty and budget play an important role in deciding which brand you are going for. I, myself want to buy a good massage chair that helps me to soothe myself in this busy routine because it is quite different to have a massage in a chair and go to a therapist.

Zero gravity is a feature that I would recommend to you which is present in most 3D and L-Track massage chairs. If your budget is pretty good, you can also buy a 4D massage chair for extra functions but I think 3D rollers are enough. Finding a good massage chair is hard in this world where most brands do not sell what you have paid for but it is becoming the need of an hour as anxiety and stress are growing day by day.

I hope you will find this review and a complete guide to massage chairs helpful and worth reading. Team

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