Apple Exclusive Reveals When iPhone 15 Will Release?

Apple Exclusive Reveals When iPhone 15 Will Release?

The release of the Apple iPhone 15 is getting closer day by day but new reports have revealed that the journey to September’s expected launch date is not coming smoothly. Yes, it is the Apple flagship as iPhone 15 has been hit hardest.

According to reports by Elec and LG Display and BOE has not yet gained the approval of Apple to produce the screens for the iPhone 15 pro max after running into multiple manufacturing problems that are expected to see the availability of the model severely restricted at lunch.

The major cause of this problem is the record-breaking new slim bezels for both iPhone 15 pro and iPhone 15 pro max along with a supply for the latest exclusive new periscope camera, also compounding the situation.

There are also production issues for the new 48-megapixel cameras on iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus.

Both the LG display and BOE are just struggling to add the dynamic island cutouts to the displays, at the same time Sony and LG Innotek have suffered yield issues as producing 48MP and periscope cameras respectively.

In response to this; Apple is said to have focused production on the iPhone 15 pro in an attempt to still create a 50/50 balance of both pro and non pro balance.

As the iPhone 14 pro and Pro max models have heavily outsold at launch, significant price rises for the iPhone 15 pro may curtail that this time around.

When all of these production issues will be resolved? According to the reports by Elec, camera yields are improving slowly and Apple has also asked Samsung to try and cover out the panel shortages from LG Display and BOE.

Despite this, Apple is still expected to announce and reveal all iPhone 15 models this September, though insiders are split over whether they will go on sale.

For the upgrades that are prepared to reserve early, they will get iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models that are closely resembling with iPhone 14 Pro and pro max with dynamic island designs. It will also have A16 chipsets and a 48-megapixel primary camera.

When it will be released users will surely love this as it consists of features like iPhone 14 and 14 plus along with additional features.

IPhone 15 pro and iPhone Pro max buyers will then receive more upgrades so thanks to their troublesome yet eye-catching super slim bezels, next-generation 3nm A17 chipsets, titanium chassis, and new solid-state action button.

IPhone 15 series is expected to come in all four models, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 pro max.  the standard models will consist of all the features of the iPhone 14 pro features which include the dynamic island and A16 Chipset.

The pro models will consist of super thin bezels, a new solid-state action button, and upgraded cameras that will come at potentially high prices. We will provide you with more updates about iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 pro and their release.

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