Apple Watch Series 9 Review (3 Months Later): Is Double Tap Just a Double Meh?

Remember the fanfare surrounding the Apple Watch Series 9 launch? The whispers of revolution with Doube Tap and on-device Siri? Three months later, the excitement has settled, and we’re left with the cold, hard facts (and maybe a few accidental watch screen touches). So, does the Series 9 still hold its crown, or has it slipped under a pile of unused features? Let’s dive in, no-tap-needed.

First Impression Still Holds:

The Series 9 retains its beautiful design and snappy performance. The display is stunning, the software is smooth, and the integration with your iPhone remains near-flawless. If you were already an Apple Watch devotee, the core experience hasn’t changed much. It is still the best smartwatch for iPhone users, hands down.

Now let’s talk about the big additions: Double Tap and on-device Siri. Double Tap, meant for quick actions like answering calls or pausing music, feels more like a party trick than a game-changer. It is finicky, sometimes registering when you don’t want it to and leaving you wishing for the good old single press. On-device Siri for health? Again, a nice idea, but not quite there yet. Asking basic questions about your workouts is okay, but anything complex still sends you back to your phone.

Don’t get me wrong, the Series 9 isn’t all missed promises. The faster $9 chip makes everything a tiny bit smoother, from launching apps to tracking workouts. The new Cycle Center for cyclists is a welcome addition, providing detailed data and power meter support. And the improved compass accuracy is great for adventurers (well, maybe not those prone to accidental Double Taps).

The Verdict:

Three months later, the Apple Watch Series 9 feels like a refined version of its predecessor, not a revolution. Double Tap and on-device Siri are interesting, but far from essential. For existing Apple Watch users, it is a decent upgrade, but not a must-have. For everyone else, the Series 8 or even SE might be a better fit for your wallet and your wrist. Team

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