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10+ Best Drones Under $100 2024: According To Experts

Are You Thinking to Buy A  Drone Without Breaking the Bank?

Over time, drone technology is upgraded and less costly with every passing day due to its vast spread applications for photography or videography, news reporting, monitoring, inquiring, and entertainment. So, it’s no more difficult to find a featured-pack drone for less than $100. Therefore, we understand you are likely to have a budget when buying drones; you need to get into a flying vehicle without making a hole in your pocket- which means affordable best drones. You can get the best drones for under $100, which can be good gifts for your kids and loved ones.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

Drones Under $100 Suitable For Learning?

Drones under $100 are mostly light in weight, safe, and easy to handle, especially for novice pilots. Their beginner-friendly features make it easy to fly, capture some decent quality pictures and videos, and stunting modes let the beginner learn all basic flying skills on a cheap drone before going for a highly professional expensive drone.


The build of drones varies greatly; it depends on whether you are a beginner or a skill flier-What type of drones would you prefer? Most beginners face more accidents while flying drones, so they should prefer the most durable drones under $100. For this reason, one should prefer portable and easy drones that oscillate in the strong air.


How much distance can drones cover under this price?  Most of these drones can fly away from the remote control and maintain signals up to 15 to 100 meters.


The drones under $100 mostly include basic controls; as told you before, these drones are mostly a prior choice of novice pilots, so drones with complicated specifications can confuse them while operating them, so the drone with a basic control system is best for new learners. Headless Mode helps sustain the drone’s orientation in the same direction as the controller shows.

Battery Timing:

How much fun do you get from the drone in the air? Battery life is one of the most vital factors; under $100, you’ll not be able to enjoy much of the flight time as most of these drone’s battery lasts for about 10 minutes on a single charge, so you need to request changing of battery or have to charge them for 1 to 2 hours respectively.

What Features Should Be in The Drone Under $100?


Some drone models under $100 include cameras- but not all. The camera normally takes images and video clips up to 720p of resolution, but don’t expect high-quality cameras as professional and expensive ones have. They usually range from 480 pixels to a maximum of 2 megapixels.

One-key takeoff/Landing:

The essential features are especially for novice pilots at their initial stages of learning drone flying. This feature aids you to starts a flight with a push of a single button and landing the drone by manually pushing the same button again with the remote control, which brings the drone back to Earth safely and effortlessly.

Remote Controller:

This main feature lets your drone fly in the air and do stunting adventures with various movements and turns. Gaming console-style remote controllers are now replacing with smartphone apps, allowing real-time transmission aerial views.

Additional Attachments Included: Drones under $100 are provided with spare rechargeable batteries, propellers, carrying cases, and repairing tools adding up more durability, battery life, and portability, respectively.

Best Drones Under $100 in 2024:

Here is the list of the top 10+ Best Drones Under $100 that you can buy in 2024 and 2023

  1. Snaptain S5C.
  2. DJI Tello -CP.PT.00000252.01.
  3. Altair Aerial- AA108.
  4. Hubsan X4- H107C.
  5. Propel Star Wars TIE X1 Advanced-SW-0327-CX.
  6. JJRC H68 RC Drone.
  7. Drocon X708W Cyclone.
  8.  Air Hogs Supernova-6044137.
  9. Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3. 
  10. LBLA FPV Drone -EDF.

1. Snaptain S5C:

Snaptain S5C

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  • 720p Camera
  •  10 minutes Flight time
  • Altitude Hold
  • Gravity Sensor
  • Headless mode
  • VR headsets
  • Intelligent flight mode
  • Gesture control mode

Are you seeking a beginner-friendly drone with more fun features? Here comes a cool design drone- Snaptain S5C, which holds almost all the above features.  Decent LED lights make it more attractive at night. Moreover, it’s super lightweight, i.e., 150kg, making it travel-friendly to have fun on the beach or any other countryside. But, its lightweight makes it more vulnerable to lose during strong windy weather.

This drone includes protection shields surrounding the propellers to make flight safer, allowing the novice to enjoy a safe and collision-free flight. Its simple-to-use remote control includes a smartphone holder that allows you to watch live streaming directly through its app, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. The Snaptain S5C drone, among the finest drones under $100, is equipped with a 720p HD camera with FPV and live streaming of videos and footage through their smartphone app. This function allows it to control image capture with portrait and vertical direction.

Using this app, you can control a drone in gesture mode and take frequent photos by simply waving your hands in front of it from two to three meters away. Similarly, the pilot can draw the drone’s flight path on a smartphone, and intelligent flight mode allows the drone to follow that path automatically. Its user-friendly modes, including altitude hold, headless mode, one-key takeoff and landing, 360° flip, and roll, make it simple to manage a maximum of 10 minutes of flight while lowering the likelihood of drone loss.

  • Good for beginners
  • Durable
  • Travel-friendly
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Often uncontrollable
  • Average built plastic
  • More vulnerable to lose in wind

2. DJI Tello- CP.PT.00000252.01:

DJI Tello- CP.PT.00000252.01

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  • 5MP Camera
  • 13 minutes of maximum flight time
  • 720p HD transmission
  • 8D flip
  • Bounce mode between 2 to 6 meters
  • DJI flight Technology
  • 230 g weight
  • 100-meter flight range

Do you want a drone from DJI company offering a feature-packed and compact best drone under $100? The DJI Tello is now available; its key benefit is that it is safe and simple to fly, even if you have never controlled a drone. Yes, it is a beginner-friendly drone, but it is also suitable for expert pilots because of its cutting-edge features, which keep you entertained.

The Tello drone featured a triple-way controlling system, i.e., through remote control, App, and scratch programming interface. The Tello app is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. It allows you to preview and save pictures and videos from the camera as it lacks onboard storage, giving a simple and good level of control for both professional and beginner pilots. How much can you fly this drone in the sky? You wouldn’t expect too much flying time from cheap drones, but Tello makes us surprise by flying up to 13 minutes and covering up to 100 meters; this speed is more than an average flying time, i.e., 5 to 7 minutes found in the majority of drones under the umbrella of the same price however you don’t need to invest for extra batteries.

With its HD 5MP camera, which streams movies at 720p at 30 frames per second and can take photographs and videos with less blur and better quality thanks to digital image stabilization and EZ shots, ultimately, a camera drone enables you to take precise, stunning aerial views. By sliding the on-screen joystick, their program allows you to embark on a breathtaking voyage, and the drone starts a second function that flips eight dimensions. With Up & Away, you may record a video wherever the drone flies up and away from the operator, giving your films more originality.

  • Good in-built quality.
  • Great flight time.
  • Fun programmed stunting flips & turns.
  • Quick battery charging.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Limited control range.
  • Can’t handle windy days.
  • Lack GPS.

3. Altair Aerial- AA108:

Altair Aerial- AA108

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  • 85 g weight
  • 10 minutes of maximum flight time
  • 100-meter flight range
  • 3-flight skill levels
  • One key takeoff and landing
  • 720p Camera resolution
  • 120-degree camera lens
  • Advanced remote control technology

The best low-cost drones are made by Altair Aerial, which also offers a variety of video courses to help its clients in an easily understandable manner. One of the entry-level drones, the Altair AA108, has several fascinating features that make it suited for pilots of all experience levels, from novice to pro. What is the drone’s flight time? It can hover in the air for 10 minutes on a single battery, but a 2x rechargeable battery doubles the flight time and increases the flight range to 100 meters. Although insufficient, sufficient for indoor entertainment.

Some beginner-friendly feature present in this drone is One-key take-off, landing, and altitude hold keeps steady flights by hovering of drone around you at a specific height range, and 3 skill levels, i.e., beginner, intermediate, or expert, can be adjusted accordingly. The Flyingsee app lets you operate and control your flying via your smartphone as custom route mode allows you to draw a flight path on your smartphone. Drones automatically start following this pathway- amazing features offer for under $100.

If you want a good camera drone at a low price, then you have come to the right place; the Altair camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens permits you to capture pictures and record videos with 720p resolution and discover wonderful aerial shoots with FPV. What’s new? Its indicator alarm starts beeping as the drone goes out of flight range or the battery is near the end. It efficiently withstands collisions; if you need an emergency landing, all are inbuilt to handle any situation worry-free about losing your drone.

  • Hard to crash construction.
  • 3-skill levels.
  • Extra flight time with spare batteries.
  • Stable drone for beginners.
  • Lacks on-board storage,
  • Can’t tolerate windy weather.

4. Hubsan X4- H107C:

Hubsan X4- H107C

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    • 2.4 GHz video transmission
    • 531 g weight
    • 7 to 9 minutes of flight time
    • 4D Flipping
    • 0.3 MP camera with FPV
    • 6-axis flight control with gyro sensor

If you want a drone that can go in narrow places? Mini Hubsan X4- H107C  best suits the guide list; the Hubsan models are introductory-level drones ideal for newcomers who want to learn the basics of flying these aerial vehicles. It’s four LED lights to make it more attractive and fancy during night flights; X4-H107C comes with dual skill level modes, i.e., Beginner mode and Advance mode. This indicates that both new and skilled pilots can operate it to enjoy stunt flipping. In contrast, for beginners who cannot handle aggressive 4D flipping (forward, backward, left, and right), Hubsan H107C has an anti-flipping mode- no need to worry about flipping.

As I’ve already mentioned, this micro quadcopter is small and maneuverable enough to fly indoors and outdoors. It has a 6-axis flight control system that enables stable flight for 7 to 9 minutes in typical conditions but can become unstable on windy days. Additionally, due to its small size and sturdy construction, it is portable and has a higher chance of surviving crashes. It is efficiently controlled by a 2.4 GHz transmitter, allowing you to fly the drone far away and experience an adventurous flight.

And if you talk about its camera quality, i.e., 0.3 MP,  not eye-catching quality but gives decent pictures with FPV, which most of the drones under $100 lack a camera- but with X4-H107C, you can capture and record some beautiful aerial views.

  • Compact design.
  • Durable.
  • Handle narrow places.
  • 2 flying modes.
  • Camera with FPV.
  • Easy to repair and modify.
  • Can’t withstand windy days.
  • No onboard storage.

5. Propel Star Wars TIE X1 Advanced-SW-0327-CX:

Propel Star Wars TIE X1 Advanced-SW-0327-CX

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  • 2722 g weight
  • 5 TO 10 minutes of flight time
  • High-performance solar cells
  • Training mode
  • Battle mode
  • 3-speed settings
  • Altitude-hold
  • Reverse propulsion system

Are you looking for a War-themed drone?  Here comes a Propel Star Wars TIE X1 Advanced- a battle drone with various flying modes and speed settings up to 35 mph in 3 seconds. It’s 2- skill levels, i.e., a training mode for beginner pilots to have safe flight without facing any crash or object collisions. Advanced mode enables professional pilots to have some aerial fun.

You may enjoy battle mode in addition to flying, which enables you to engage in combat with other drone pilots by simply connecting your app to your drones using an iOS or Android smartphone. You are prepared for your task with various stunt flips, rolls, and sound effects that will make your battle more enjoyable. Its reverse propulsion allows it to fly organically, and its Advance TIE X1 technology improves the drone’s higher power speed than typical Imperial TIE drone fighters.

Other specifications include One key take-off and landing, altitude hold, and 3-speed settings ( high, medium, and slow) ideal for beginners, intermediate and experienced pilots, which means that this drone is suitable for a vast variety of users at different levels of learning.

  • Battle up to 12 drones.
  • Easy to handle by beginners.
  • Multiple sound effects.                         
  • Lack Camera.
  • Big uncomfortable controller.
  • Not durable.

6. JJRC H68 RC Drone:

JJRC H68 RC Drone

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  • 152.7 g weight
  • 20 minutes of maximum flight time
  • 1080p camera resolution
  • 100-meter distance range
  • Altitude Hold
  • Wifi FPV transmission
  • Custom flight path
  • Gravity sensor mode
  • Headless mode
  • Speed switching

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a drone with a longer flight time because this page displays a JJRC H68 RC drone with many features. The drone’s battery life is its most notable feature; you can fly it for up to 20 minutes on a single battery, and with two additional batteries, you can easily increase the flight time to 40 minutes at 100 meters. This makes it the most alluring and best drone under $100.

Another charming feature of this drone is its 45 degrees angle camera that efficiently captures and records videos with 1080p resolution with an FPV real-time transmission, letting you see what the drone sees on your smartphone; moreover, the anti-shaking feature throws high-quality steady images and recordings and left behind other camera drones under the same cost. Some beginner-friendly features are also present, making it perfect for new fliers. These include  Altitude hold mode, Headless mode lets you not worry about the direction of the drone, One key take-off and landing, high, medium, and low-speed settings, and 360 degrees flip & roll, adding more fun and adventure.

Its custom flight path allows you to draw your flight path onto the smartphone app, and the drone automatically starts following this path, and it’s not ending here. You can direct the drone sampling by bending your smartphone, but how?  By a drone’s gravity sensor.

  • High fly time.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • High-quality camera.
  • 3-speed settings.
  • Not durable motor.
  • Lack of onboard memory storage.
  • Poor quality built.

7- Drocon X708W Cyclone:

Drocon X708W Cyclone

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  • 726 g weight
  • Headless mode
  • Automatic turn button
  • 360-degree flip & roll
  • 720p camera resolution
  • FPV  transmission
  • 80 meters of flight range
  • 2-speed modes
  • Headless mode
  • 5 to 7 minutes of battery timing

The Drocon X708W Cyclone is perfect for beginners who want to develop their fundamental flying and photography skills. It is lightweight, can roll and flip at an angle of 360 degrees smoothly at two speed levels, namely high and low, and can be effectively controlled and zoomed out by remote control, creating an extremely smooth aerial flight for 5 to 7 minutes on average and covering a distance range of up to 80 meters, respectively.

You may enjoy real-time aerial view transmission with FPV by using its embedded HD camera to take images and videos with 720p resolution, comparable to a JJRC’s picture quality. To get started, you must download their companion app on your iOS or Android device.

In addition to practical functions, this drone has some beginner-friendly specs like a headless mode and a one-key automatic return mode that aid in learning how to fly steadily and safely land the drone in challenging conditions or in the event of a dead battery.

  • Best for beginners.
  • Beginner-friendly features.
  • Efficient flying performance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Spare batteries.
  • Short distance range.
  • Less battery life.
  • Low-quality camera result.

8. Air Hogs Supernova-6044137:

Air Hogs Supernova-6044137

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  • 295 g weight
  • 5 to 7 minutes of battery timing
  • 720-degree spin
  • 360-degree barrel roll
  • Auto hover & auto land technology
  • Paraglider and stunt board mode

What if you get a drone that is both a paraglider and a drone in one? Fun in the air is doubled with the Air Hogs Extreme Air Board. For example, a stunt board and a paraglider, but how? The two modes can be changed extremely quickly. When the device is suspended below the board, it behaves like a paraglider in the air for 5 to 7 minutes. It behaves like a snowboard when linked to the top of the flyer.

However, one thing that must be made sure of before the flight is that the settings on the remote control must be set according to the chosen flying mode; otherwise, you risk experiencing a sudden crash. The drone or a stunt board is fairly simple to use in either mode. Its flight assistance technology enables autonomous takeoff, hovering, and landing, making the trip simple, stable, and thrilling.

How to stunt with Air Hogs Extreme Air Board? Simply press the stunt key, and you are ready to take a drone to the next level. In stunt board mode, lift-off causes the drone to start spinning at a 720-degree angle, 360-degree barrel roll & backward flipping, respectively, on the other than the same key starts a 720-degree cyclone movement hence adding up more element of fun in the flight.

  • Ideal for Stunt lovers.
  • Easy to operate.
  • 2 an 1 drone.                                             
  • No camera.
  • Hard to control.
  • Not durable.

9. Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3:

Cheerwing CW4 RC Drone


  • 119 g weight
  • 0.3MP Camera
  • FPV Transmission
  • Headless-Mode
  • 50-meter distance range
  • 5 to 7 minutes of maximum flight time
  • 3D flip and roll

The Syms X5SW-V3 is the next drone, a small drone that gives your aerial flight more elements of adventure and excitement. Which drone is best for new pilots, exactly? Its Headless mode, One Key take-off and landing, and flashing LED lights assist the drone in maintaining orientation.

Additionally, the left-handed control’s 6-axis gyro technology allows for a 360-degree flip with only one keypress; remarkable performance can be obtained with continuous rolling for 5-7 minutes up to a distance of 50 meters, a wonderful and magnificent piece of equipment.

The principal attractive feature of Syma X5SW-V3 is its 480p HD Camera fit with Wifi and FPV transmission-not high-quality pictures. Still, you can have decent picture quality-enjoy live streaming of wonderful aerial views recorded on your IOS and Android smartphones through its companion app.

  • Real-time transmission.
  • Suitable for all age groups.
  • 360-degrees flip & roll.                     
  • Low-quality camera.
  • Takes longer to charge than its battery life.
  • Can’t withstand strong wind

10. LBLA FPV Drone -EDF:


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  • 635 g weight
  • App control
  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold
  • One-key return
  • 720p HD Camera
  • 3D flip & roll
  • FPV live transmission
  • 50-meter control distance
  • 6 to 8 minutes of Battery life

The quadcopter LBLA-EDF, a favorite among newbie pilots, comes in second place. What characteristics make it particularly good for beginners? The headless mode enables the drone to remember its takeoff orientation on your remote control, while the altitude hold keeps it floating around you at a distance.

It contains a 720p HD camera that allows the pilot to record aerial views and transmit them wirelessly in real-time to smartphones running iOS and Android apps. Furthermore, your smartphone can be a remote control, enabling precise drone control.

3D flip & roll mode permits the drone to start slipping at 360 degrees; all you need to do is push s 3D flip key; wats new? Flashy Led lights make it handier for aircraft in the sky for 6 to 8 minutes, enhancing flight fun. By pressing one key, your drone comes back to you, and the gravity sensor in the drone automatically follows the direction you are giving simply by tilting your smartphone in any direction, eliminating the tension of losing the drone.

  • Good quality Camera.
  • A great learning tool.l
  • Portable.
  • Withstand collisions and crashes.
  • Can’t tolerate windy day.
  • Trouble in one-key return.
  • Short battery life.

Final Verdicts:

Most drones under $100 are suitable for beginners, contain basic features, and do not have highly advanced specifications. Still, it doesn’t mean that they don’t come with some power and entertainment. These drones are the best option for learning to fly and improving your photography and videography skills with camera drones. Moreover, kid pilots can easily handle these drones to make them enjoy themselves with their friends.

Have you looked at our list of the best drones under $100? Go through it once; surely, you’ll get your favorite drone. Team

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