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10+ Best GPS Smartwatch 2024: According To Experts

Get ready to conquer new heights with your trusty GPS watch. Are you looking for the best gps smartwatch that is best for 2023 or 2024? If yes, then stay tuned with s because this article will discuss the top ten best GPS smartwatches that are ideal for buying from 2023 to 2024. The list is based on our detailed research and personal opinion. Moreover, we will also explain the pros and cons of GPS smartwatches.

GPS-enabled smartwatches monitor your place and speed in real-time, giving you a precise picture of where your exercises progress. If you are running or riding, it also displays a picture of your activity.

The advantages of GPS timepieces involve several location-based capabilities, event monitoring, journey and distance monitoring, and many other features. On the other hand, several

Disadvantages Can Include:

  • The price of the wristwatch.
  • The necessity of cellular connectivity for it to function.
  • The requirement is that it links to a cellphone or the battery capacity.

Best GPS Smartwatches 2024:

Here is a list of the ten top best GPS smartwatches that you can buy in 2024:

  1. Polar Vantage M2 Smartwatch with GPS
  2. Polar Grit X Pro Smartwatch with GPS
  3. FitBit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with GPS
  4. Polar Grit X GPS Smartwatch with GPS
  5. Garmin Fenix 7X sapphire solar Smartwatch with GPS
  6. Garmin Enduro GP Watch with Solar Charging
  7. Polar Vantage V2 Smartwatch with GPS
  8. Coros Apex Pro Smartwatch with GPS
  9. Apple Watch Ultra Smartwatch with GPS
  10. Coros Pace 2 Smartwatch with GPS

1. Polar Vantage M2 Smartwatch with GPS:

Polar Vantage M2

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Simple Details

  • Brand: POLAR
  • Model Name: Vantage M2
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Black / Gray
  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches
  • Special Feature: Bluetooth
  • Shape: Round
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Band Color: black
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Manufacturer: Polar
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • ASIN: B08ZNLB53Q
  • Item Model Number: 90085160

Polar Vantage M2 is a multi-sport watch with smartwatch functions. This incredible watch has a ton of features. It has built-in GPS, recovery tracks, running plans, ready-made daily workouts, wristband heart monitoring, and a smart feeling assistant. With additional smartwatch functions like weather updates and audio controls, you will have all you need to stay on schedule.

An overview of your training week is provided in the weekly training summary. You may view distance, training sessions, total calories, and time spent in each heart rate zone by viewing the details. You will also see the status from the previous week and any sessions scheduled for the following week.

You can use Training Load Pro to check how much you’ve been exercising lately and how your workouts affect various body parts.

Cardio load status examines the relationship between your short-term (also known as strain) and long-term (also known as tolerance) training loads. During your lengthy sessions, the fuel-wise fuelling assistant helps you keep a sufficient energy level.

Fuel-wise is located in the main menu under fueling and consists of three types of reminders during training sessions. These are smart carbs reminders, manual carbs reminders, and drink reminders.

The analysis of your power intake reveals what percentage of the various energy source materials, carbohydrates, and proteins—you consumed throughout your exercise. Once your training is over and you access the current instructional event overview, you can see the training report.

A straightforward approach to monitoring how your body recovers from training and anxiety is to monitor your overnight charge.

You can get a detailed breakdown of your sleep and recovery using the ANS and sleep charge views. The Polar Vantage M2 has a few other functions, like music and weather controls. The weather watch face displays the hourly forecast for the current day and aids in organizing your daily outside activities by helping you account for changing weather conditions.

You may easily navigate your album and change the level directly on your wristwatch when using the musical settings. The training indicator on the watch face or both can be used to control music. Launch your preferred audiobook or music app and select the album you wish to listen to.

The FitSpark training manual provides pre-made daily programs customized to your training background, fitness level, and history. Fits part offers a variety of everyday training options to keep your training varied.

The personalized jogging program, which is helpful when preparing for a running event, should be noticed. The Polat Vantage M2 offers an excellent balance of functionality and usability. The Polar Vantage M2 is designed for usefulness and performs as hard as you do.

What We Like

  • Bad weather alert
  • 25-day battery life
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Nice Display
  • Stylish yet tough.
  • Wide range of exercise options.
  • Battery life lasts a week.

What We Don’t Like

  • There is information overload on the app.
  • Syncing moves somewhat slowly.
  • Not the most elegant UI.

2. Polar Grit X Pro Smartwatch with GPS:

Polar Grit X Pro

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Simple Details

  • Brand: POLAR
  • Model Name: Grit X Pro
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: Arctic Gold
  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches
  • Special Feature: GPS
  • Shape: Round
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Battery Life: 100 Hours
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Manufacturer: Polar
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Item Weight: 2.6 ounces
  • ASIN: B09GY55XZL
  • Item Model Number: 90085776

With its sapphire glass screen, ultra-long battery life, improved navigation features, and always-on outdoor capabilities, the Polar Grit X Pro is designed for standard military reliability. Polar’s training solutions also offer maximum sturdiness for the toughest demanding scenarios. Polar Grit X Pro is even more durable than its forerunner, thanks to Sapphire glass that resists scratches and premium wristbands. It is made to withstand any environment thanks to its up-to-100-meter waterproofing.

Every new navigation panel comes with a barometer, an always-on altimeter, and GPS locations. Therefore, you know where you are and where you are going. You can find the dawn, sunset, and twilight times on the new daylight panel.

Although the Grit X Pro is a stylish and durable wristwatch, petite individuals have more convenient choices. On the arm, it appears shorter than you might anticipate for a 13mm thick, 47mm stainless steel wristwatch. Be not deceived. It continued to snag on the way too many coat collars and sleeves. Additionally, bulkier compared to the Apple Watch Series 7, rugged smartwatches like the Pro is available.

What We Like

  • A fitness watch with a stylish design.
  • Complete fitness data.
  • Good exploratory navigational tools.

What We Don’t Like

  • Dark, sluggish touchscreen.
  • Polar Flow is a terrible app.
  • No alternatives for smaller sizes.
  • More expensive despite having many of the same functions as Grit X.

3. FitBit Sense Advanced Smartwatch With GPS:

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch-FB512GLWT

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Simple Details

  • Brand: Fitbit
  • Model Name: Sense
  • Style: Modern
  • Color: White/Gold
  • Screen Size: 1.58 Inches
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Sport: Fitness
  • Item Model Number:‎ FB512GLWT
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Manufacturer: Fitbit Inc
  • ASIN: ‎ B08DFLG5SP

This new wristwatch is the Apple watch’s biggest immediate competitor. FitBit Sense Advanced Smartwatch 3. Compared to a sports watch like other wristwatches, it has additional sensors like an ECG, blood oxygen monitor, and stress scanner.

Voice control is available on the Versa with Amaoz Alexa or Google Assistant. However, it might not sound thrilling. It is much simpler to tell your watch to perform a task, like playing music, rather than navigating menus while jogging.

Even so, when we raise our wrists, the display doesn’t always light up, and the touch screen responds only marginally to very damp fingerprints. The sleek square oval design provides plenty of areas to see splits while jogging with all those sensors, continuous health monitoring, and five-day battery life. It stands out from other smartwatches.

What We Like

  • intuitive user interfaces
  • with a crisp and clear display.
  • NFC and GPS are built-in.
  • Check the level of blood oxygen.
  • Detailed monitoring of sleep.
  • Battery life of 6 days.
  • Incorporates an ECG app.
  • The watch bands and chargers have been greatly enhanced.

What We Don’t Like

  • Learning is necessary for buttonless design
  • An accidentally activated band release latch is possible.
  • unusual performance
  • The Fitbit app is full of bugs.

4. Polar Grit X GPS Smartwatch:

Polar Grit X GPS Smartwatch

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Simple Details

  • Brand: POLAR
  • Model Name: Grit X
  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches
  • Map Type: Worldwide
  • Battery Life: 100.0, 7.0, 168.0 Hours
  • Mounting Type: Wrist Mount
  • Color: White
  • Model Name ‎Grit: X
  • Material: ‎Synthetic
  • Suggested Users: ‎unisex-adult
  • Number of Items: ‎1
  • Manufacturer: ‎Polar
  • Part Number: ‎90081735
  • Model Year: ‎2020
  • Style: ‎Modern

The Polar Grit X achieves a mix between a sturdy construction and a sleek layout. Although it can withstand several military durability tests, such as waterproofing up to 100 meters, it is less obviously durable than its Garmin or Suunto competitors. The silicon band, which has 22 modification possibilities, a highly textured surface, and is both strong and comfy, is similar.

The spacious 47mm diameter of the stainless steel casing doesn’t make it bulky or heavy. It is 13mm deep, sits low enough to go under most sleeves, and weighs only 64g, thanks to a strengthened polymer back. Because of this, the Grit X feels more resemble a jogging wristwatch than its heavier outdoor competitors and is 16g lighter than the Fenix 6.

On your wrist, Grid X is smaller. The battery lasts 40 hours in standard GPS mode, but if all other sensors are off, you can increase its lifespan by lowering the tracking frequency to 100 hours. This watch won’t help most runners, but ultramarathoners and multi-day walkers will.

The watch has the off-road capability. Without a map with named streets, we can find our way using breadcrumbs on routes that involve looping back over a road or trail. Our correct course was shown on the watch in green. It’s harder to read watches with only one color. Running with a heel splitter makes hills easier. This function recognizes when you begin ascending or descending and shows the slope. It includes hill reps.

What We Like

  • Full of fitness features.
  • Tough but lightweight.
  • A week’s worth of power.

What We Don’t Like

  • Newbies may be overwhelmed by the abundance of options and data.
  • The touchscreen is not particularly responsive.

5. Garmin Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar Smartwatch With GPS:

Garmin Fenix 7X sapphire solar

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Simple Details

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Style: 7X Sapphire Solar
  • Color: Black DLC Titanium w/ Black Band
  • Screen Size: 1.4 Inches
  • Shape: Round
  • Target Audience: Unisex-Adult
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Manufacturer: Garmin
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

The Fenix has always been a reliable option for us. In addition to ordinary jogging, it is an unbreakable watch for outdoor sports like trail running. The main factor that accounts for the watches’ supposedly endless battery life. With GPS only turned on and music streaming for 16 hours, it can last 89 hours.

Once every seven days is required for recharging when it is used often. One of the largest screens you’ll find on a GPS-running watch is featured on this device. one that can simultaneously display up to seven distinct stats. The addition of dual frequency reception, or what Garmin calls a multi-band, is the major change for this edition.

Testing revealed that the maps created after our runs accurately depict our path. No more dodging inadvertently when the watch stops working. A supplementary feature of the 7X version is a flashlight. Nevertheless, it is worthless if you don’t use it right away, whether you’re stumbling through your dark house on the way to bed or your headlamp runs out of juice before you do. You’ll get something from it.

What We Like

  • With solar recharging capability, the battery has a very long life.
  • TopoActive maps are preloaded.
  • Garmin’s network and ability are quite strong.
  • A diverse range of games and activities are encouraged.

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive.
  • There is no cellphone or speech assistant assistance.

6. Garmin Enduro GPS Watch with Solar Charging:

Garmin Enduro

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Simple Details

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Style: GPS Watch
  • Screen Size: 1.4 Inches
  • Special Feature: Bluetooth
  • Shape: Round
  • Target Audience: Unisex
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • PS: True
  • Special Features: Bluetooth
  • Department: Unisex-Adult
  • Manufacturer: Garmin
  • Language: English
  • Country of Origin: Taiwan

At number six, we have the Garmin Enduro GP Watch with Solar Charging. The charging wire is simple to change due to the watch’s longer battery life. The Enduro removes touch screen and audio functions to focus on precise tracking over time. In GPS mode, the battery lasts 72 hours with the optical heart rate sensor active and takes three hours to recharge.

The watch quickly picks up a signal and effortlessly syncs with Gramin Connect. Unlike many competitors, Garmin still supports computer-based syncing and watch customization. GPS courses are simple to add to the watch, and on-the-go directions keep you on track.

The Enduro has no base map and only provides breadcrumbs. However, this is plenty because the watch vibrates if you wander from the path. It also displays the height of the path.

What We Like

  • For its size, it is quite comfortable.
  • The Fenix 6 Pro is less bulky.
  • A battery life of 65 days is insane.
  • Excellent nylon band.
  • There are numerous ultra-endurance features.
  • Outdoors, the display is visible.

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no music storage.
  • For the price, there are no onboard maps.

7. Polar Vantage V2 Smartwatch with GPS:

Polar Vantage V2 watch

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Simple Details

  • Brand: POLAR
  • Model Name: Vantage V
  • Style: Vantage V
  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches
  • Shape: Round
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: PC y Smartphone
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Item Weight: ‎0.27 Kilograms
  • Brand Name: ‎POLAR
  • Model Name: ‎Vantage V
  • Color: ‎Orange
  • Material: ‎Compound
  • Suggested Users: ‎Unisex
  • Number of Items: ‎1
  • Manufacturer: ‎polar
  • Part Number: ‎90070738
  • Model Year: ‎2018

The Vantage is no longer part of the complicated V and M series. Instead, it is a costly, sophisticated watch that includes all of Grid X’s current capabilities and a tool for measuring performance for serious run training. You can now check your VO2 MAX on your watch or get reminders to replenish mid-workout.

According to Fit Spark, running should be accompanied by strengthening cardiovascular or supporting workouts. After a four-mile winter run, the Vantage advised a 23-minute mobility exercise. Dentate performed one-minute exercises such as inchworm, scorpion, hip roll, and calf stretch, followed by a five-minute warm-up on the overview screen. A countdown timer has replaced the animated indicator that indicates how to do each motion.

One disadvantage is the inability to play music, even though the watch may regulate music. It can be utilized as a cellphone remote. There needs to be a music library included.

What We Like

  • Excellent battery life.
  • Wearable and comfortable.
  • Reliable.
  • Elegant design.
  • Extensive sleep analysis.

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not display average speed, cadence, power, or last lap time.
  • When a session is paused in the middle of an exercise.
  • The sync is intermittent.
  • There will be no NFC payments.

8. Coros Apex Pro Smartwatch with GPS:

COROS APEX Pro Premium Multisport GPS Watch

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Simple Details

  • Brand: Coros
  • Screen Size: 4 Centimeters
  • Special Feature: Touchscreen
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, ANT+
  • Map Type: Satellite
  • Battery Life: 40 Hours
  • Mounting Type: Wrist Mount
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: ‎2.11 ounces
  • Item Model Number: ‎CO-780957
  • Display Size: ‎4 Centimeters
  • Battery Life: ‎40 Hours
  • Voice command: ‎Buttons

Coros started with the Coros Pace, a budget-friendly device, and then it released the Coros Apex Pro. They had a good point at around $350. It is very popular in the trail and ultrarunning community. This watch is a 47-millimeter diameter watch, the same as the Garmin Fenix 6, which is also 13 millimeters. Overall the aesthetics and design of it are very similar to Garmin Fenix 6.

This watch currently appears in lime green and gray, but it also comes in an all-black version. The glass is made of a sapphire crystal, and the bezel is made of a titanium alloy. The casing on the back of the device is aluminum instead of titanium which is quite amazing about the Coros Apex’s proven weight.

It comes in at 59 grams, which is incredible compared to the Fenix 6, which comes in at nearly 85 grams. It is almost the same weight as a Garmin Forerunner 945, an all-plastic watch. The light weight of this watch makes wearability excellent. You can sleep with it with no problem because it has no sharp edges like scraping on your face. It is been very comfortable.

The display on the Coros Apex Pro is also touch-enabled, but it is quite limited. You will find the optical heart rate sensor and SP02 reader at the back of the device. This watch does read blood oxygen saturation for people who train at altitude. This watch also features the same optical heart sensor.

What We Like

  • Excellent battery life.
  • Comfortable.
  • Nice display.
  • Durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent bargain.

What We Don’t Like

  • Some toolkit functionalities are missing.
  • The scroll wheel makes unintentional clicks.

9. Apple Watch Ultra Smartwatch with GPS:

Apple Watch Ultra

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Simple Details

  • Brand: Apple
  • Model Name: Apple Watch Ultra
  • Style: GPS+Cellular
  • Color: Orange Alpine Loop
  • Screen Size: 49 Millimeters
  • Shape: Square
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone
  • Display Type: OLED

The Apple Watch Ultra has a 49-millimeter case housing an always-on retina display. This watch can output 2000 nits, two times brighter than the series eight. It means you will have no problems viewing in bright light conditions. Its rugged design display features a sapphire display, a 30% larger digital crown, and aerospace-grade titanium housing, which provides the perfect balance of weight, durability, and corrosion resistance.

A new addition to the body will also greet Apple Watch Ultra users. Additions like the new international orange action button that can be customized for different functions, a three-microphone array for optimal voice clarity, a large primary speaker, and an emergency siren speaker that emits an 86-decibel alert that can be heard from up to 600 feet away.

You will also see a new depth gauge and water temperature sensor, which will come in handy with extreme activities like Scuba diving. There is a new temperature sensor with a unique two-sensor design, one on display and one on the back crystal. So, your watch will measure your body’s temperature and environment to reduce inaccuracies when giving you your reading.

What We Like

  • The display is large and clear.
  • Call quality is outstanding.
  • Dual-band GPS is more accurate than previous models.
  • Increased durability.
  • All models include cellular service.

What We Don’t Like

  • The battery life is simply insufficient.
  • A strange lack of navigation features.

10. Coros Pace 2 Smartwatch with GPS:

Coros Pace 2

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Simple Details

  • Brand: Coros
  • Model Name: PACE 2
  • Style: PACE 2
  • Color: Navy – Silicone Strap
  • Screen Size: 1.2 Inches
  • Shape: Round
  • Target Audience: Runners
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Item Weight: 1.23 ounces
  • ASIN: B08GNV86NR
  • Item Model Number: 59202858
  • Device Interface: Primary Buttons
  • Color: Navy – Silicone Strap
  • Included Components: 1x Watch
  • Manufacturer: COROS

The COROS Pace 2 is a minimalist wristwatch with a long battery capacity and a plethora of built-in capabilities that will suit the majority of athletes. The features are GPS (obviously) and an optical heart rate tracker. The Chemical Oxidative Pace 2 is unquestionably one of the greatest running watches on the market today, particularly after the Coros App update. The Pace 2 is virtually enticing to runners on a small budget, thanks to its superb training functions and speedy GPS.

This watch measures 42 millimeters in diameter and 11.7 millimeters in depth. It has a 1.2-inch screen with a 240 × 240-pixel memory LCD and is protected by gorilla glass. It is a plastic casing that holds everything together. It is very light in weight.

This watch weighs only 29 grams, including the nylon band, which is available as an option. You can also get a silicone band when you buy your watch. It has a GPS satellite system available to it. Because it is a single-frequency GPS radio, you can only use one at a time.

What We Like

  • Display that is simple to read.
  • GPS is built-in.
  • With normal use, the battery can last up to 20 days.
  • more inexpensive than rivals.

What We Don’t Like

  • There is no user manual.
  • Some functionalities could be made much easier and more user-friendly.

Final Verdict

To sum up, in this article, we have gone through a detailed discussion of the best GPS smartwatches. I hope you find this information useful and will be able to choose the best suitable product for yourselves by reading this post. Still, if you have queries regarding this post, just let us know in the comments below. Team

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