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15+ The World’s Most Expensive Drones 2024: According To Experts

Are You Looking To Upgrade Your Drone With The Latest, High Professional, And Most Expensive Drone?

The drone is now an important part of any photographer, videographer, news reporter, or blogger. The pupil shifts from carrying heavy movie makers and cameras continuously shifting towards its portable flying camera.

This flying creation is far better in features and performance than classical standard cameras; it reduces your physical fatigue, and you need to control it while sitting efficiently.

As drone market is exceedingly separating with rapid speed, and the market is overflowing with drones with different designs, sizes, features, and prices. It makes it a bit difficult to find which is the best drone that fits completely on the individual’s needs.

If you already have a drone but are not happy with it or get bored of using the same drone daily and looking for some with great upgrading, then check out our selection of the most expensive drones in the world with incredible abilities. That helps boost your drone handling, videography, and photography skills.

Most Expensive Drones 2024:

Here is the list of The Best, Most Expensive Drones that you can buy in 2024.

  1. EHANG 184 – $300,000
  2. Gasoline Hybrid VTOL UAV-FD180P – $260,000
  4. SCORPION 3 HOVERBIKE – $150,000
  5. XactSense Titan – $120,000
  6. AEE F100 – $58,000
  8. SCI.AERO CYBERQUAD – $37,000
  9. AEE F50 – $37,000
  10. MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle V2 – $35,360
  11. MULTIROTOR Eagle V2 + FREEFLY MoVI M5 – $33,940
  12. Lockheed Martin Indago – $25,000
  13. Xactsense MAX-8  – $20,000
  14. FREEFLY SYSTEMS ALTA 8  –  $17,500
  15. DJI INSPIRE 2 – $6,000

1. EHANG 184 – $300,000:


Drone Description:

EHANG 184 is an electric driver drone manufactured by an Ehang company, and it’s the most expensive drone in the world with a $300,000 price. A diverse array of technology powers it; it has an air conditioner, modern-style chairs, in-built tablet as a controller.

Its eight powerful motors and eight propellers can easily lift a healthy person to the sky for approximately more than 30-minutes and let you cover more than 40 kilometers of distance at 11,000 ft above sea level on a single battery. It is straightforward to operate. Only a single click lifts you high in the sky and safely lands you automatically; no extra operation is required. You don’t need a flying license or special training to fly this innovative drone.

2. Gasoline Hybrid VTOL UAV-FD180P– $260,000:

Gasoline Hybrid VTOL UAV-FD180P

Drone Description:

Gasoline Hybrid VTOL UAV-FD180P ranks second on our list of the most expensive drones. It costs you about 4260,000. Its power pack specifications make it a worthy drone; it resembles more than the standard airplane. Still, it’s a miniature toy that moves faster at 130 kilometers per hour speed, with a flight time of up to 10 hours, thanks to its 6S lithium batteries. The user can easily control the gasoline Hybrid VTOL UAV-FD180P via remote control from a distance of 1 kilometer. As its takes-off and landing modes are oriented vertically, you must learn flying tactics before keeping your hand on this costly drone.



Drone Description:

AUGMENTED AERIGON DRONE + PHANTOM FLEX4K is a great choice for highly professional photographers and videographers because of its powerful performance, speed, balance, best-quality camera, and control, bringing your directing skills and shoots to the next level. Its stunning camera lets you shoot images and videos in 4K resolution power with 100 frames per second speed.

AUGMENTED AERIGON DRONE + PHANTOM FLEX4K is the third most expensive drone with a $250,000 cost. This drone can easily fly for about 07 to 15 minutes, but it can vary depending on battery charging and payload. The control range for this drone is 1 kilometer, enjoy the flight and capture the beauty of nature with this piece of invention.

4. SCORPION 3 HOVERBIKE – $150,000:


Drone Description:

If you want a drone upon which you can sit and ride, then SCORPION 3 HOVERBIKE is best for you. It’s a quadcopter drone that looks more like a heavy bike but also functions as a drone. It has different speeds for flying and riding. Sit on the top, ready to fly at 43 miles per hour, and go high up to 33 feet altitude with between 20 to 40 minutes of flight timing that is enough to capture and record footage.

Moreover, you can cover up to 13 miles on a ride. Thanks to its integrated software that ensures full manual and automated controls and safety limits to ensure the drone and pilot’s safety. SCORPION 3 HOVERBIKE is a reliable and easy-to-manage device.

5. XactSense Titan – $120,000:

XactSense Titan

Drone Description:

If you are looking for a powerful all-rounder drone, we recommend an octocopter named XactSense Titan, which comes at $120,000. Its most impressive feature is auto-piloting, freeing you from various tasks done automatically by the drone. It is designed while keeping in mind the sole purpose of a powerful drone that can do heavy-duty easily while carrying weights up to 50 pounds with no hassle.

XactSense Titan can go up to 180 feet above the sky and stays for about half an hour. Moreover, it can easily be controlled via remote control or a smartphone app at a maximum of 10 kilometers; this is the largest drone range. This power-packed drone is used in various tasks like searching, news coverage, disaster relief, surveys, mapping, construction, and architecture.

6. AEE F100 – $58,000:

AEE F100

Drone Description:

Are you hunting for something with the extra power to be used for police or military purpose? If Yes, then AEE F100 fits best on the list thanks to its carbon fiber composite. This drone comes with an inbuilt infrared camera with 16 million pixels capable of 20 times more zooming, up to 105-degree up and down rotation, 3D capturing, and tracking that easily helps recognize pupils’ vehicles and buildings. AEE F100 can fly up to 7,000-meter altitude with a maximum 100-kilo meter per hour speed. You can cover 20 kilometers of distance; however, you can enjoy 1 hour of flight. This durable, high-power military-grade drone costs you $58,000.



Drone Description:

Airborne is a famous company for making high-standard drones, and one of the most expensive drones from this company is AIRBORNE DRONES VANGUARD, priced at $45,000. An alternative military-grade drone that provides excellent monitoring and security. Thanks to its sharper camera that can easily detect all the major to minor details and provides footage in 4K (1080p) quality through its dual antennas, you can detect any particular object with super zooming.

Apart from that, AIRBORNE DRONES VANGUARD stays high, up to 4500 meters altitude, with a total flight time of 94 minutes. It has a very high speed as it can cover 800 meters per minute to cover a large distance range in less time. Besides its highly durable performance, this security drone is very straightforward; no learning curve is required.

8. SCI.AERO CYBERQUAD – $37,000:


Drone Description:

SCI. AERO CYBERQUAD is a unique-looking drone with an unusual design with dual WA aerial operators to combine the force to become a powerful drone. This drone costs you $37,000, and it goes high in the sky by 1,640 feet with a maximum speed of 16.6 meters per second. Therefore, enjoy 25 minutes of flight time and 500 meters of drone control range controlled by a separate remote control or a mobile app, making it the best drone. SCI. AERO CYBERQUAD has a high-quality camera that works best with different wavelengths, letting automatic geotagging used for agriculture surveys, filmmaking and photography, mapping, and security.

9. AEE F50-$37,000:


Drone Description:

Another drone from the AEE brand on our list of the most expensive drones is the AEE F50, commonly used by police and other surveillance authorities. As with the F100, this drone has a bit low price, which is $37,000. This drone has a fundamental design and compact size but doesn’t confuse its simplicity with its performance.

AEE F50 drone has many features that compel us to give space on the list. This mini drone can cross the sky’s limitations and go up to 2,952 feet altitude at 11 meters per hour. On a single-charged battery, you can fly the AEE F50 drone for up to 40 minutes; its inbuilt camera lets you capture what your eyes can’t see in good image quality with its control range of up to 12.4 miles from you.

10. MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle V2 – $35,360:


Drone Description:

MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle V2 is a groundbreaker drone with multiple propellers, and its premium design makes it worth buying a drone. It is not a huge bulky drone, as mentioned above. It has 5.5 lbs of weight, and multiple propellers ensure great stability in the sky. It lets you take photos, record footage, and take surveys for about 30 minutes with a maximum of 10 meters per sound speed. Horizontal speed is 37 minutes per hour, letting you keep the drone in the sky for enough time without fear of losing this worthy piece with strong wind. You have a great remote control range within 1.2 miles. All these features make it the best seller for the year 2010.

11. MULTIROTOR Eagle V2 + FREEFLY MoVI M5 – $33,940:


Drone Description:

MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle V2+ FREEFLY MoVI M5 is the most expensive drone with a $33,940 price. MULTIROTOR Eagle V2 + FREEFLY MoVI M5 drone has multiple propellers, and its stylish design makes it worth buying. It is not the huge bulky drone mentioned above; it has 9.9 lbs of weight. Multiple propellers ensure great stability in the sky, let you take photos, record footage, and take surveys for about 10 minutes with a maximum speed of 36 minutes per hour, and allow you to keep the drone in the sky without fear of losing this worthy piece with strong wind. You have a great remote control range within 0.6 miles.

12. Lockheed Martin Indago – $25,000:

Lockheed Martin Indago

Drone Description:

Lockheed Martin Indago is priced at $25,000 and stands 12 on our list of the world’s most expensive drones. This drone weighs 4.4 lbs and is very easy to operate no intense training is required to fly its mini plane. Lockheed Martin Indago easily flies high up to 500 feet with a maximum of 45 minutes or hour speed for about 45 minutes, enough time to capture images, record videos, take surveys, and ensure the particular area’s security through its inbuilt camera. It has a waterproof built quality and can resist wet conditions as it is an IP54-certified drone. Moreover, this drone is equipped with inbuilt GPS and LTE connectivity and easily flies in the sky. Its wind resistance capability allows it to continue its flight without being unbalanced and lost to an unknown place you can track.

13. Xactsense MAX-8 – $20,000:

Xactsense MAX-8

Drone Description:

Xactsense MAX-8 is manufactured while keeping in mind its usability for conducting surveys and mapping areas, as it offers Photo Mapping Package. Thanks to its 3D land mapping, you can see the map of all the areas and record footage from where a drone has flyover in its 35 minutes of speed. But it has a fundamental design with no element of attraction. The manufacturer only keeps its powerful performance in mind, costing $20,000, which is more than the functions present in this drone.

14. FREEFLY SYSTEMS ALTA 8 – $17,500:


Drone Description:

If you are a filmmaker or photographer and want to replace the old drone with an advanced featured-pack one, then we recommend FREEFLY SYSTEMS ALTA 8. It has a unique design with a swan-neck, carbon-made booms, and top and bottom tray to protect the high-quality 8K cameras with iris zoom and cine lenses that produce stunning image footage with outclass quality.

You can attach 11.9kg of weight to this powerful drone; this weight-lifting capability is far more than other drones. Its powerful propellors keep it stable during the flight, even in windy weather. Its micro SD card lets you easily store a large amount of data without worrying about the shortage of space.

15. DJI INSPIRE 2 – $6,000:


Drone Description:

Ending the article for the most expensive drones with DJI INSPIRE 2, this is the first drone from its company to have an inbuilt high-quality dual camera with 360-degree camera rotation that efficiently records videos up to 5.2K resolution DNG RAW format on SSD and micro SD card both at the same time. DJI INSPIRE 2 is powered by two IMU sensors, an inertial motor, and two batteries that significantly increase the drone’s flight time. This featured drone costs you $6,000, and I think its powerful features balance its high price efficiently.

Wrap Up:

Spending huge amounts of money on drones is difficult before knowing which drone is best under a decided budget and desired features. It’s a challenging task to sit and search for every single product. To assist you after spending many hours, we combine all the top-rated, featured-packed, and most expensive drones in the world into one list. That is easy and time-saving to go through and decide which suits you best in several ways. Hopefully, our effort will work for you. Thanks! Team

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