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15+ Best Snow Shovels in 2024: According To Experts

Best Snow Shovels/Pushers:

Are you sick of clearing snowy driveways and backyards with heavy-lifting shovels?

I think yes Then no worries

We are here to cope with your worries with the best tools ever. If you live in a snowy environment throughout the year, you require smarter, lighter, more durable shovels.

No more weight lifting and No more backache! It’s time to toss out your old shovels Makes cleaning your driveway effortless and fast! We have discussed all the up-model shovels here in this article. Grab your favorite ones and start clearing your driveways.

15+ Best Snow Shovels/Pushers 2024:

Here is the list of 10+ Best Snow Shovels/Pushers you can buy in 2024

  1. MANILOW- RevolutionX Snow Pusher
  2. Seymour- PP100 96838 Snow Pusher
  3. The Snowplow -50536 Snow Shovel
  4. Snow Joe- SHOVELUTION Snow Shovel
  5. Suncast- Snow Shovel/Pusher
  6. Radius Garden- 90111 Snow Shovel
  7. Gardens Black Heavy Duty- (QI004186) Snow Shovel
  8. LIFELINE- Snow Shovel
  9. Leonard- Snow Shovel
  10. MRC Seymour- Snow Shovel
  11. The Snowcaster -70SNC snow shovel
  12. Garant YPP24EAKD- Yukon Snow Pusher
  13. Garant GIPP26KD- Grizzly Snow Pusher
  14. Voile Telepack- Mini Avalanche Shovel
  15. Bully Tools- 92400 Snow shovel

1. MANPLOW RevolutionX Snow Pusher:

MANPLOW RevolutionX Snow Pusher

Tool weight: 8.98 pounds

Blade measurement: 728 square inches blade

Blade construction: Polyethylene

Many of the customers argue why this shovel is called Manilow. It should be called as Wo-Manilow. As men mostly handle the shovel, Maybe that’s the reason, but the company will consider such comments in the future to address both genders. This ManPlow snow shovel is lighter in weight, wider, and has a U-shaped handle style, making handling easy while clearing your drive path and walking path, and the backyard is covered with heavy snowfall. The sharp blade of this revolution shovel will save you plenty of time.

The blades of this shovel rotate from top to bottom for twice use. The blades are easy to replace. You will need to make smaller passes and lift if the snow is heavy. It is off the drive with a scoop shovel. With the most snow, though, it’s amazing! Make sure to the grab bar. MANPLOWs are known for being incredibly hard and long-lasting.  Deep snow can be cut cleanly with the RevolutionX Blade. You can redistribute more snow with its tall blade, which will speed up the process. High-density polyethylene, the same substance used in kitchen cutting boards, is used to make the RevolutionX blade, which measures about 1/4 inch thick. RevolutionX Blades can be replaced easily.

2. Seymour PP100 96838 Snow Pusher:

Seymour PP100 96838 Snow Pusher

Tool weight: 3.75 Pounds

Style of tool: Polycarbonate Head

Seymour is a global supplier of the best handy tools, and this snow pusher is among them. This snow pusher has a sturdy hard plastic edge, making it a class winner. This snow pusher is quite light at just 3.75 pounds, which allows you to apply little effort to this tool. It is designed with 24 24-inch polycarbonate heads to blow out heavy-duty snow from the driveway and walkway.

Seymour Midwest is a family-owned, multinational hand tools supplier in Indiana and Tennessee manufacturing locations. They offer both cutting-edge solutions and tried-and-true equipment. Our products live up to the high expectations of individuals who utilize tools daily, including contractors, handymen, farmers, ranchers, landscapers, and others. Our customers may order all of their tools needs from a single source thanks to our wide range of items and brands.

3. The Snowplow 50536 Snow Shovel:

The Snowplow 50536 Snow Shovel

Tool weight: 5.84 pounds

Tool material: Fiberglass

If you are looking for a shovel with multiple uses, like snow pushing, chopping, or scrapping, this multipurpose snowplow shovel is designed for you. It is ideal for use on various platforms, including concrete, blacktop, and pavers, on woody surfaces, rooftops, and composite decks. These Snowplow Snow Pushers are designed in the USA with UHMP polyethylene blades to make the snow clearer and quicker.

The blade does a great job clearing the snow down to the pavement since it is strong, highly robust, non-abrasive, and safe for wood. It also delivers incredible durability and stress resistance. The sturdy brace supporting structure supports the shovel’s blade. The fiberglass shovel handle is designed with a comfortable D-style grip.

4. Snow Joe SHOVELUTION Snow Shovel:

Snow Joe SHOVELUTION Snow Shovel

Item Weight: 3.6 Pounds

Material: Poly (blade)

Handle: Equipped with Two handles

Experience this winter’s cutting-edge snow-removing technology. To quickly and effectively clear snow from your path, you can now shovel more intelligently rather than harder. With a typical shovel, considerable lifting is no longer necessary. No more back pain. This dramatically reduces the work, strain, and potential damage associated with shoveling.

Their extensive collection includes snow pushers, designed to streamline your yard and driveway and make getting your outside tasks done faster and easier. This snow shovel is designed with the unique feature of having two handles with a D ring handle grip, ensuring a comfortable grip.

The 18-inch Polypropylene Blade is scratch-resistant, making the blade highly resilient. This snow shovel is perfectly constructed for those with backaches; such people can handle this shovel without having a load on their arms and back.

5. Suncast Snow Shovel/Pusher:

Suncast Snow Shovel/Pusher

Tool weight: 6.93 pounds

Material: Stainless Steel, Resin

This stylish Snow shovel is crafted to efficiently remove the heavy snow off your parking areas, walkways, stairs, and paths. The 20-inch pusher-style blade’s slanted groove is designed to remove optimum snowfall effortlessly. The non-stick surface of the blades allows easy sliding of the snow. The D grip handle of the shovel ensures a comfortable grip. The shovel’s handle is steel built with powder-coated finishing, making the shovel durable and rust-resistant.

The flexible Suncast 20 in. (blade width) Bent Handle Snow Shovel makes clearing snow easier. Thanks to the deep blade and inclined rib pattern, you can shovel and push snow with only one tool. Thanks to the handle’s shape, your back will be less stressed while shoveling. It provides dependability and comfort. This gives you more room to shovel effectively, saving you time.

A worn strip made of galvanized steel is included. Use this shovel wherever you need to, whether in your driveway or on a sidewalk. The winter season may bring a lot of snow; use the Suncast Snow Shovel/Pusher to demonstrate your preparedness.

6. Radius Garden 90111 Snow Shovel:

Radius Garden 90111 Snow Shovel

Tool weight: 4.8 Pounds

Material: Polypropylene, Metal

Blade material: polycarbonate

The Radius Garden snow shovel features a hybrid plow design for mild plowing and snow lifting. To remove snow more quickly and without harming the surfaces below, it incorporates an aluminum scraper at the base of the shovel blade.

When tackling challenging snow removal duties, this snowplow shovel’s replaceable foregrip is intended to lessen back pain. Straight-shaft equipment like transfer shovels, string trimmers, pitchforks, and rakes can also be equipped with the shovel foregrip.

The construction of the blade is a robust polypropylene blade that keeps the blade sharper for efficient performance. This snowplow has a retractable foregrip suitable for removing heavy snowfall and is intended to prevent backache while performing the task.

The excellent ergonomic shovel puts an additional handle right at the fulcrum, making it much easier to lift and throw snow. The tool construction material and artistry are top-notch, solid, and relatively light.

7. Gardenised Black Heavy Duty (QI004186) Snow Shovel:

Gardenised Black Heavy Duty (QI004186) Snow Shovel

Tool weight: 8.53 pounds

Material of the shovel: Polyethylene, Alloy Steel

This snow shovel with wheels allows you to stand upright with a 2-handed power grip and push snow like a plow. Ideal for removing those bothersome snowfalls from pathways and driveways. Steel that is powder-coated and has a heavy-duty polyethylene blade. This snow shovel has a steel-edged strengthened blade that can cut through the snow in a single motion.

The unique design of this snow shovel looks quite stylish in the user’s hands. This shovel is perfect for cleaning troublesome heavy snow from walking pathways and parking lots.

The heavy-duty blade of the shovel is made from polypropylene with powder-coated steel, making it durable. This rolling snow shovel has a steel-edged strengthened blade to remove snow with a single swipe.

8. LIFELINE Snow Shovel:

LIFELINE Snow Shovel

Tool weight: 1.1 pounds

Material of the shovel: Aluminum

The Sport Shovel is made of sturdy, high-quality aluminum that is lightweight and has undergone internal testing by Lifeline’s Quality Control Team. The shovel is the perfect travel equipment to keep in your car, SUV, recreational vehicle, or even bring around in your bag because it is intended to break into three pieces for simple storage and portability quickly.

This smart little tool is sturdy, lightweight, robust aluminum construction, and perfectly designed for lighter tasks. LifeLine has a range of bright-colored elegant shovels that look pretty in their hands. They are coated with a powder to retain their brightness in bright sunlight.

The pretty shovel disassembles into 3 parts for simple storage. It is travel-friendly, making it ideal for holding in your vehicle or even carrying in your backpack for any outdoor activity or in case of emergency.

9. Leonard Snow Shovel:

Leonard Snow Shovel

Blade size: 24 x 11 inches

Material of the shovel: Aluminum

Perfect for quick and effective snow removal! A.M. Leonard has a brand-new, high-performance snow shovel. They integrated features to create a fantastic snow pusher at an affordable price. During use, the continuous blade front rolls more snow forward and offers the greatest capacity for removing dense snow.

The reinforcement ribs on the back of the blade provide the strength required to cut through to the surface. This characteristic also enables a low-profile front, which minimizes the possibility of snow adhering. 24 x 11-inch blade, 1-and-a-quarter-inch thick handle, 41 inches from blade’s top; overall length, 52 1/2 inches.

The lighter-weight construction of this snow shovel is ideal for quick and effective snow-removing tasks. This shovel will make your tasks much easier because of its elegant construction and reduce user fatigue.

While usage, the persistent blade head pushes heavier snowfall forward and provides maximum capacity for heavy snow cleanup. The strengthening bars on the lower side of the shovel offer more strength for snow clearance.

10: MRC Seymour Snow Shovel:

MRC Seymour Snow Shovel

Tool weight: 4 pounds

Tool material: Fiberglass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

This lighter-weight pretty snow shovel is perfect for lighter tasks not designed to push the harder snow. It is built of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, making it more robust and increasing the tool’s lifespan. The fiberglass handle of 44 inches length of the snow shovel makes it more resistant and durable.

The 18 inches blade size of the tool makes it perfect for clearing the driveways and walkways clear easily without any sticking.

The ABS material used is incredibly durable. It has been commercially engineered for exceptional wear attributes
and has a (broad) blade of 18 inches. The grip and bracket of the 44-inch fiberglass handle are internally strengthened. Even with heavy winter gloves, the large D-grip handle is comfortable.

11. The Snowcaster 70SNC snow shovel:

The Snowcaster 70SNC snow shovel

Tool weight: 11.23 pounds

Tool material: Plastic, Metal

Shovel style: Wheeled Snow Shovel Pusher

Snowcaster manufactures high-quality snow shovels and other tools with safe designs to improve the lives of people battling with snow in daily life. This heavy-duty but lighter-weight snow shovel is beyond expectations in its characteristics.

It is soft and simple to put together in a few minutes without causing any discomfort. First, the instruments’ distinctive design is employed by users of all ages and makes them look rather elegant.

This enormous wheeled snow shovel/pusher is perfect for clearing snow and other outdoor plow tasks, among other things. The shovel is exceptional due to the blade’s UHMW-PE construction. The shovel’s robust wheels increase its performance and dependability, reduce labor time, and help users burn calories.

12. Garant YPP24EAKD Yukon Snow Pusher/shovel:

Garant YPP24EAKD Yukon Snow Pusher/shovel

Tool weight: 3.98 pounds

Tool material: Polyethylene, Aluminum

Shovel style: Curved handle

This beautifully crafted snow pusher/ shovel is the best tool for professionals and people who are sick of clearing their driveways with traditional heavy shovels. It’s time to toss out the old ones.

The curved handle is ergonomic and looks quite fancy. The 24-inch polyethylene blade of this shovel covers many areas and is hence perfect for doing the tasks quicker. You need to pile it up and dump it; that’s it.

This equipment can easily remove the light snow accumulating on big winter surfaces. With each push, a wide strip of snow will be cleared away, simplifying the work.

Each action is made easier by the lightweight, ergonomic aluminum handle. It has a sizable ergonomic grip that provides you with the utmost comfort. The best device for avoiding back pain!

13. Garant GIPP26KD Grizzly Snow Pusher/Shovel:

Garant GIPP26KD Grizzly Snow Pusher/Shovel

Tool weight: 3 Pounds

Tool material: Metal

The Garant Grizzly snow shovel and pusher are suitable for lighter and heavy snowfall. It is lighter in weight with an ergonomic grip fulfilling your tasks within a shorter time. This snow shovel has a 45-inch reinforced steel arm and a 26-inch ribbed poly D-Grip blade with a perfect profile for pushing snow.

The sturdy handle of the shovel can stand in a humid environment. Since the weight of the shovel has been reduced, digging in the snow has become more difficult and laborious, and since the metal blade is no longer present, it is less effective at breaking through the tougher parts of the snow.

14. Voile Telepack Mini Avalanche Shovel:

Voile Telepack Mini Avalanche Shovel

Tool weight: 0.68 Kilograms

Tool material: Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Metal

This mini shovel is quite handy and lighter weight, but that doesn’t mean it can’t fulfill your jobs. This shovel performs equally as the other shovels.

Its unique design and lighter weight make it different from other common shovels, and it is perfect for daily use; even it can be handled by kids to help their families get the job done more easily. The handle of the shovel is adjustable according to height.

The closest thing to snowplows is the Voil Telepro Avalanche Shovel. It is the industry standard for ski patrollers, mountain guides, and rescue personnel worldwide since it was designed for moving mountains of snow. The long telescoping handle increases effectiveness and eases pressure on your lower back.

After collapsing, the handle is simple to remove from the scoop and stores neatly in a pack for travel or to make fun of downhill spins. Its big inside is made of 6061 aluminum that has been cold forged into the iconic Voil shape.

15. Bully Tools 92400 Snow shovel:

Bully Tools 92400 Snow shovel

Tool weight: 3.45 pounds

Tool material: Polypropylene

Handle material: Fiberglass

This high-quality tool is manufactured in the USA, and Bully creates well-engineered tools and is constructed to withstand any misuse. It is perfect for the average weekend warrior or homeowner to clear their backyards, driveways, and walkways. The scoop is strong, light, and large, clearing the larger snow clearing area. Its long, strong fiberglass handle prevents the user from bending and hence prevents backache.

The Bully Tools 92400 Mulch/Snow Scoop is ideal for moving various materials. The strengthened poly head is made to endure the weather.

It has a comfortable D-Grip handle and a high-strength triple-wall fiberglass handle. The D-Grips have undergone a makeover for increased comfort and sturdiness. This tool is created entirely in the United States and has a limited lifetime warranty.


Snow shovels are necessary for all those living in a heavy snowy environment most of the year. The snowstorm blocks all the surrounding areas, including the driveways, walkways, and backyards. You need the best lightweight snow shovels to clear the snowy areas without any fatigue to tackle this issue.

This review highlights the best snow shovels to help you throughout the snowy season. I hope it will be helpful for you.
Do let us know. Team

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