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Designing The Perfect Standing Desktop Workspace

Build Up Your Standing Workspace:

In the 21st century, many people have remote work which they have to do from their homes, but the problem arises when you don’t have any place in the home to do your office work silently. Having loud noisy voices in the houses is not a very new thing, we have family gatherings or any small talk that you can’t stop just because you have work to do.

You have to build up something which will help you to do your work without being disturbed by the noise. You have to build up your office place or workplace in your home where you can work peacefully.

Building up your workspace in the home is not a very difficult task to do you just have to understand the concept or the things that you need to build your private workspace. Even those who daily go to the office for work have their private workspace at home so that they can do their work from home easily without any disturbance.

Other than noise or disturbance you will get physical issues when you use your laptop while sitting on the bed or sitting randomly anywhere. As while using the laptop or computer you have to adopt a specific posture so that you won’t get back pain or any other issues related to this. 

Many people use a laptop while placing it on their lap which is completely the wrong thing as the laptop battery will eject the rays in your thigh which will harm your muscles or even bone. When your laptop is on it ejects different rays which is harmful to the human body that is why it is always suggested to use the laptop while placing it on the desk.

Building up your workspace in your home is not a very difficult task to do, we will guide you in this topic how you can create your workspace in your home. So without wasting any further time let’s get started.

Standing Workspace:

A workspace is a space or place where you can do your work quietly without any disturbance. The office is also called the workspace where you specifically do your office work without any disturbance. Also if you want to do any other work with more concentration you can avail your workspace as it will be peaceful for you to concentrate on your work.

But many people don’t know how to build up their workspace in the home or even in the office. Having a laptop on the table and having a chair does not mean you have a workspace. Building your workspace requires some important points which need to be fulfilled. The environment of your table or the surrounding area matters a lot. If you have dull dark surrounding this will make you dull and won’t be able to do your work. 

People who have small tasks to do or the one who sits all the time on the chair in their office prefer to have a standing workspace in their home so that they won’t have to sit all day. Which is not a very bad idea. But for building up your standing workspace you have to do it according to your body as it will not be easy to work in a standing position. 

Having a standing workstation in your office or in your home has also gained very popularity nowadays, now new offices are creating standing workstations in their offices. this new trend has many advantages and good effects, first, let’s see how you can create your standing workspace.

Things To Remember While Creating A Standing Work Space:

1. Office Space:

While choosing the standing desk or standing workspace for your office, consider the whole area of your office in your mind so that you can easily get an idea that which desk will be good for your office. Just like this for homes, you have to think first that where you want to build up your standing workspace or any other factors.

Other factors which you should keep in mind while selecting the workspace are the floor area which is available for the standing desk, desk arrangements, or more importantly the power outlet. You should build up your standing workspace in an area where you can have power outlets as you have to charge your laptop after some time.

You cant roam here and there while looking for the power outlet when your laptop is about to die. before building up the standing desk always see if there is any obstruction or any other issue in the surrounding area for the standing position of the person.

2. Cable Management:

If you are adopting the standing culture in your office for your employees you have to be careful about certain things and one of them is cable management. You have to arrange efficient cable management to each desk to avoid trip hazards utilizing cable trays.

Also, you have to use the integrated cable management system so that all the cables can be arranged in a place and it will promote a clean and safe environment in the workspace. Also if you don’t have the proper cable management solutions it might create bigger issues. 

3. Supportive Accessories:

While adopting an effective standing workspace for your employees, you have to think about their body rest also. You have to provide them with other necessary items so that they can be comfortable while doing their work. Those comfortable items include anti-fatigue mats, ergonomic chairs, footrests and monitor arms.

As these things will help them to reduce strain and will promote the overall well-being of your employees. Giving them a comfortable environment is very important as they get tired while doing their work they won’t be able to do it with more effectiveness. So provide them with more ease in this new trendy standing workspace environment

4. Monitor The Situation:

After adapting to this new standing workspace environment, continuously monitor the usage and the feedback of employees about the standing workspace. Tell your employees to share their experience in using the standing desktop workspace so that you can do the amendments if your employees are not comfortable in that position. Or you can ask for any suggestions from them. 

Designing The Perfect Standing Desktop Work Space:

Let’s see what the important factors you have to consider while building the standing workspace or how you can build the standing desktop workspace. 

  • Desk Setup:

If you have a smaller office or have less space in the office. You can build a separate standing workstation for each employee as this will be easy for employees to stay focused on their work and can also have some privacy. When you go to the office you might have seen that each employee has his own desk or cabin just like this you have to set up a separate standing desk for each employee.

You can build it up in rows or clusters along with the space between each standing desk for the employee’s movement. Having their own standing set up will help them to arrange the desk according to their will and can also adjust it according to their height.

  •  Shared Standing Desks:

You can also have the open large standing area which will be occupied by all the employees it will get more floor area or normal area of your office but it will be easy for those who have the big offices.

You can arrange the desks in a circular or semi-circular manner whatever you like the most. These manners can help you to get a collaborative or professional environment in your office. 

How To Create The Best Standing Work Space:

Achieving the best-standing workspace for your office is not very difficult you just have to pay more attention to certain factors so that you can build up the perfect standing desktop workspace for your employees. If you want to create an ergonomic workstation for your office you have to consider some main points which are:

1. Monitor Position:

While placing the monitor on the standing desk make sure that it is far away from your arms place at least at the distance of 50 to 70 cm. So that you can use the monitor with the correct position of your arms. And for the monitor, you can say the height of the desk should be in this way that the top of the monitor should be at or below the person’s eye level.

2. Shoulder Position:

Your shoulder position should be this way so that your shoulder should not be in slouching condition. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed while using the laptop on the desk.

Your shoulders should be relaxed so that your body can be relaxed. When your shoulders get tired, it will be difficult for your whole body to perform the work more effectively and this will affect the quality of the work.

3. Monitor Placement:

For the placement of your laptop on the monitor make sure that t is placed in the tilted position, not in the straight position. Make it a little bit tilted slightly upward. Monitor placement or position is very important as it will put pressure on your eyes. 

4. Standing Position:

While standing in front of the desk you should have an erect or correct posture so that you don’t have any deformity in your posture also you can use any extra anti-fatigue footrest or mat if you’re going to do prolonged work in the standing position. 

5. Elbow Position:

Always place your arm in a position where your elbow should be in the 90-degree angle which is the correct way of using your laptop or the monitor.

6. Height Of The Desk:

The height which you choose for your standing desk should be according to your height and it should be comfortable for you. 

Benefits of Standing Desk:

Standing desks are becoming more and more common or popular in offices because of many reasons. This desk has varieties n them, comes in different shapes, and sizes, and also with a wide range of features that you will never see in the traditional office desk. Standing desks have many benefits as compared to other normal desks let’s see what are those.

l We have had this common thing running for many years of having the normal chair or desk in the offices but this new trend has broken that old traditional chain. This standing desktop workspace idea has also many good effects on human health, being sitting for the whole day in your chair can trigger the diseases like diabetes and obesity and it also has been proven by science.

When you are standing while using the monitor you have no other choice but to move around and can also do the leg stretches and exercises. You can say goodbye to neck pain or back pain if you use the standing workspace in the correct manner.

l When your body will be relaxed then your mind will automatically go in the relaxed condition. While sitting your body gets bored and also gets achy because of your time-sitting posture. Having he standing desk for your work can make you stay active or focused. 

l When you will be relaxed or your body will be happy automatically your energy level will go higher as compared to other times and you can do your work with more effectiveness.


Having desks and chairs is being running in offices for about many years. But now people have changed this trend and installed standing workspaces in their offices so that employees can work in standing positions which will also make them stay more focused on their work and they will not be dull.

But installing the standing desks in your office needs some hard work as you cannot just install any desk for the standing position you have to consider the body of the person who is going to work on that table. In this article, we have mentioned all the points which you have to keep in mind while building up the best-standing desktop for your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Build The Standing Desk?

Ans: The price which you have to spend on the standing desk depends on some factors like if you want the fancy desk you have to pay more but if you want the normal simple one you will pay less. The average cost will be between $200 to $1000.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Build The Standing Desk?

Ans: The time you will need to build the standing desk depends on how complex you want your standing desk to be if you want the simple one you can even get it in 1 to 2 days and the complex one will even take months.

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