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How To Check Balance Of Visa Gift Card 2024

So, How to Check balance of Visa Gift card, Nowadays our wallets are full of cards whether it’s a credit card, debit card, visa card, or any other card. Though this card seems useless it plays an important role in our lives. But before buying any card you should know about the type of card and what that card will do. A Visa gift card is a pre-loaded card with which we can do a lot of shopping and can spend it anywhere. This article is wholly about visa cards and visa gift cards and how we can use these cards and also some other things related to visa gift cards.. Let’s start with the visa card.

Visa Card – What Is It?

You might have seen the Visa logo on a credit card or debit card but before now we didn’t even know what is that logo. But hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to answer this question that what that logo means and what it represents.

Visa is the whole network of payment that is used to do the payment of something you have bought. When you purchase something visa processes the payment, immediately communicating with your respective bank. For that, you have to swipe your card on a machine regardless of how you are shopping whether you are doing it in person or on your laptop, tablet, or cellphone. Though there are many payment networks like Mastercard, American Express, and Discover but the most widely used one is visa card and also somehow Mastercard.

Visa Card:

A Visa card is a payment card just like a credit card or debit card, but it uses the Visa network and is branded by the Visa company. At first, the Visa company discovered a card that was known as a credit card, but with the success of the credit card, they started to launch many other cards which include debit cards, prepaid cards, and also gift cards. The company has some rules and regulations that the company does not issue the visa card itself. Though the visa card contains the logo of the visa it is not issued by its company. Instead of its original owner these Visa cards are issued by partnered financial institutions.

First credit card was launched in 1958 when the Bank of America launched BankAmericard credit card, this card brought the company great success that the card expand operations internationally in 1974. In 1976, this BankAmericard became the Visa card. This card is the only card that is accepted worldwide and obviously, when you are shopping for a credit card you will prefer the one which is widely accepted. As Visa card is the single transaction processing network that provides for all of its payment card products, because of this reason all financial institutions prefer to partner with Visa card.

Each Visa card has its different rules and regulations or you can say terms or conditions and it totally depends on the owner of the card how he sets it. In the agreement section, a service agreement is added which includes the bank transaction fees and Visa network charges. For the process of transactions, all Visa cards totally rely on the Visa payment processing network. if a person or any company are doing a partnership with Visa so being the primary payment processing network it allows its users to take the payments electronically, debited, and credited.

Visa card has its own specific number which is different for all cards, it is basically a 16-digit number that is printed on the front of your Visa card with the microchip and this chip is helpful for the protection of your payment from any card fraud. Your card also contains your signature on the magnetic stripe which is present on the back along with a panel.

Types Of Visa Cards:

as we have already mentioned in our article many different types of payment cards are named with the name of Visa along with its logo. Not just the logo these cards also use the Visa payment processing network. These cards are Visa debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards and the gift card. A person having any one of these cards should know what these cards are and how we can use them and what for. Let’s start with Visa credit card.

1. Visa Credit Card

many financial institutions are available in the market that are issuing these cards to different customers whom they deem creditworthy based on their credit reports. These Visa credit cards provide many benefits to its user and it also keep a check for security matters. These cards can be used at any merchant and Automated Teller Machines (ATM) all over the world.

In Visa credit card we have 3 options which are traditional card, signature card, and Visa infinite card. Traditional Visa card is the primary card with basic offers and little though effective benefits for its user. On the other hand signature Visa cards offer more benefits along with more rewards for its users. Visa Infinite card offers all the premium services and also the benefits to persons who are creditworthy cardholders.

If you have seen a Visa credit card you must have noticed that this card contains the name of its owner which is printed on the front of the Visa credit card along with its specific number. Also, the Visa credit card has a three-digit code which is a validation code printed on the back of the card, this code is for security for the owner of the card.

2. Visa Debit Card

It’s also like a credit card which provides its user with access to their daily banking accounts, and even they can check their mini statement or the savings they are doing in their account. With the help of a Visa debit card, you can easily make purchases at retailers or do any amount of transaction either from the branch of the bank or from the Automated Teller Machines (ATM). Each Visa debit card has its PIN which is a Personal Identification Number which they have to use whenever they are doing any transactions. This number is only known by the owner of the account or the card.

Just like the Visa credit card, the Visa debit card also comes with the name of the owner on the card along with the 16-digit code printed on the card but this card also has the expiry date of the card which is dated the front of the card and the CW number on the back. This means that a Visa debit card has a certain time limit and after that, it will be blocked or of no use. When its expiry date is nearby you can go to your respective bank so that they will renew your card.

3. Visa Prepaid And Gift Card

Visa prepaid and Visa gift cards, both are issued by Visa. These cards are available at any retailer and it also comes with the 16-digit account number which is printed on the front of the cards.

Prepaid cards are not like credit cards and they are not linked to any account. These cards come with a loaded amount of money which will act as the credit limit. This means the money loaded in the card is the only money you can use. You can’t spend more than that amount of money. If you are willing to reload the card you can also reload the prepaid card easily for future use.

Visa gift cards is just like prepaid cards they also come with pre-loaded money. Some of the visa gift cards can be used anywhere as the visa is accepted work widely. But we have some Visa gift cards which can be used at a specific retailer. As we have mentioned above a prepaid card can be reloaded but unfortunately, the visa gift card can not be reloaded once it is empty. All the gift cards have a special PIN number which is printed on the back of the card.

How To Activate Visa Gift Card:

we all love to get a Visa gift card as you can use it anywhere because Visa is accepted worldwide. Whenever you get a Visa gift card during your holidays or on any occasion, it feels like you are all over the world. Visa gift cards can be used anywhere, you can make any purchase. For using the Visa gift card firstly you have to activate it. So let us see how you can activate your Visa gift card and start spending your money.

Activation By Phone

  • Look closely at your Visa gift card it will give you a toll-free activation number which will be on the sticker on your card or it will be any letters. But there might be a case that your card won’t have any letter or number, in this situation dial the customer service or the activation phone number which is available on the back of the card. If you have bought the card personally, it might be possible that your card is already activated and you can use it immediately. But if you have ordered the card online, those cards need activation to get access to the amount.

The phone number that is written on the card will direct you to the gift card issuer’s customer service team but not to Visa directly.

  • When you are talking to the customer service agent, make sure that he can understand your words and read out loud the number or you can also enter them on your keypad. That agent will ask you to create a 4-digit PIN to enable purchases.

Once he gets all the information from you, he will activate your card. And now your card is ready to use. While choosing a PIN make sure you are choosing a strong PIN so that it won’t be recognized by any other person. If you are searching for a card number, look for it on the front of a card or on the back of the card. You will also get the expiry date of your card printed on it.

If you are having an automated call, simply press “0” repeatedly. This will help you to get access to the live customer service agent.

  • if you have any queries about the activation of your card, or it happens that your card activation is unsuccessful in this condition, call, chat, or email Visa’s customer service. You will get the number of Visa customer service on the back of your card or you can also google it immediately.
  • Call Visa support at 1-800-847-2911
  • Email Visa through the online contact form
  • Click on the “start chat” for live assistance online

There are some other methods for activating your Visa gift card like

  • Activating online
  • Registering the card

How To Check Balance Of Visa Gift Card

When you are using a Visa gift card, first you have to activate it so that you can avail all the money in it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get access to the money. As we have already mentioned that Visa gift card is a pre-loaded card whose money can not be withdrawn. When you buy the visa gift card the seller tells you the amount of money in it. And after that, while spending your money you have to check the balance in your Visa gift card by yourself. Checking your Visa gift card balance can be done in different ways but for that, you have to learn all those ways. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can check your Visa gift card balance.

When you turn your card you will see the issuer’s website or any link. Open up that link, opening that link will lead you directly to the page where you can see the option to check your gift card balance. While going on that option it will ask you some questions like the card number, expiry date, and also the CVV handy to retrieve this information. So to check your Visa gift card balance, you will need these things correctly.

Let’s get started

1. Checking Your Visa Gift Card Balance Online

  • If you want to check your Visa gift card balance online you have to go to the respective website of Visa gift card which can be mentioned on your Visa gift card. Or this can be accessed at the URL

  • When you open this website you will see a tab that says “Check balance”. Click on that tab and open it, scroll down in that tab, and you will get three tabs which will be registered as “Register Card”, “Check Balance or Transaction” and the last one saying”Personalize Pin”. In all these tabs, you already know which tab you have to open, for checking the balance or transactions you have to open up the second tab which is “Check balance or transactions “
  • when you open that tab immediately the website will immediately redirect you to that screen that will ask you about the information on your card. Mainly it will ask you for the card number of your card. If you don’t know your card number, don’t panic, as your card number is always mentioned on your Visa gift card either on the front side or on the backside.
  • after asking card number now the website will ask you the date on which your card is expiring, this date is also mentioned on your card enter that date in the box given on your screen and proceed further
  • the last thing they will ask you is the three-digit code which you have selected while registering your visa gift card. If you don’t remember it, flip your Visa gift card and on the back side of your card, you will see your three-digit security code on the white strip. On this strip, you will see your respective card number and at the end of your card number, there will be your three-digit code. Enter that code into the website to proceed further.
  • when you have entered correctly all of your card info into the website hit “Check my balance”. After clicking that option you will be redirected to a screen that will show you your Visa gift card balance as well as all the recent transactions you have done.
  • it might be possible that you will face some errors and the website will not show you your Visa gift card balance, in that condition, go back and re-enter the card’s information correctly. It can be the possibility that you have entered something wrong in that information. After re-entering that information if you still can’t check your balance then you have to jump to the second method to check your Visa gift card balance.

If you have bought the card from any company or you can buy it from some retailer still its box contains the company from where it belongs. knowing that brand or company you can also check your Visa gift card by visiting their website page or their company page. Some of the brands that sell these cards are :

  • Visa Vanilla Gift Card
  • com
  • Gift Card Mall
  • Commerce Bank
  • Navy Federal
  • Walmart

Visiting their web pages will help you to know the whole information of your card and you will get to know the remaining balance on your Visa gift card

2. Calling Toll Free Number

  • If you turn in your Visa gift card, you will see the number listed there, that number is the toll-free number that will provide you with customer service support. If your online system is not working you can simply call on that number and check your Visa gift card balance by asking customer service.
  • when you call that number, the person on the other side will ask you for some information related to your Visa gift card. The information will be just like you have entered on the website like visa gift card number, expiry date, and three-digit code. Provide them with the correct information on your card.
  • Sometimes it happens that your visa gift card does not have any number listed on it or if that number is not working, in this condition call the general number of a visa gift card which is (866) 511-GIFT. Call that number and get the information about your Visa gift card balance.

How To Add The Pin To Your Visa Card

when they ask you to select any 4-digit PIN, choose any digit but make sure that it is easy to remember for you but difficult for others to remember. This PIN will be the official PIN of your card which is very specific.

How To Add Your Visa Gift Card On Your Mobile Phone

if you want to have an online Visa gift card and want to avoid a physical Visa gift card. Then you can simply add your Visa gift card to the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet app on your smartphone.

For Apple Wallet

  • Open up your Apple wallet app and tap on the plus icon “+” in the upper right corner of your mobile phone
  • select “debit or credit card”
  • in this option, you have 2 choices, either you can scan your card or you can out all the card information manually
  • add up your billing address and then save your information
  • now your Visa gift card should appear as a payment option in your Apple wallet
  • now whenever you are doing online shopping from your phone, the Payment section will always ask you whether you want to make the payment from your Visa gift card balance.

For Google Wallet

  • go to directly Google Wallet app and tap on the plus icon “+” at the bottom of your screen
  • select the option saying “payment card”
  • select “new credit or debit card”
  • either you can scan your card or can provide all the information manually
  • after entering all the information select the “save”
  • now your visa card should appear as a payment option in your Google wallet
  • now whenever you are doing online shopping from your phone, the Payment section will always ask you whether you want to do the payment from your Visa gift card balance.

How To Check Balance If You Have Added Your Card To Your Smartphone Wallet App

It’s very easy to add your Visa gift card to your mobile phone’s wallet app but don’t forget that after doing this you won’t be able to view or edit the card information you have entered so make sure to enter it correctly while filling it. If you get a Visa gift card digitally, then they will also send you the email of the original link with the help of which you can activate your Visa gift card and also you can check your card balance from that link.

What Happens If The Visa Gift Card Is Overspent

when you are shopping and your payment limit exceeds the amount available in your Visa gift card then 2 things might happen first the most embarrassing one is the decline of your purchase and the other one is the purchase will go through but you have to pay the remaining charges either through cash or any other method.

Where Can’t Visa Gift Cards Be Used

you cannot withdraw the money available in your Visa gift card so this card won’t work on any Automated Teller Machines (ATM), or it can’t be used outside of the United States or with non-U.S vendors.


A Visa gift card is a type of Visa card that is either issued by the Visa company or any other retailer. A Visa gift card is a pre-loaded card that has a limited amount of money that you can spend anywhere buying anything. But to purchase your visa gift card it has to be activated. Deactivated cards are trash. So after buying your card make sure to activate it immediately. In this article we have discussed what is a visa gift card and how that card is used in different places also we have mentioned how we can check our visa gift card balance because if we can’t do this we won’t be able to know that when are card is going to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My card is active, but why can’t I pay online with it?

Ans: For purchasing a Visa gift card first make sure it is activated and also registered. Registering your card is as important as activating it. Call the customer service number or go to the issuer’s website to register your card as soon as possible

Are there any charges to buy a Visa gift card? Can we order one online to mail to another recipient?

Ans: The cost of the Visa gift card depends on how much balance it has and from where you are buying it. Its charges are as low as $ 2.95. And yes you can ship a physical card to another recipient

Where can I use my Visa gift card?

Ans: You can use your Visa gift card anywhere like supermarkets, gas stations, and even online. Many brands are also available that accept this card such as Amazon, and iTunes but small stores don’t support this system of Visa gift cards.

What should I do if my Visa gift card is stolen or gets lost?

Ans: If you have noticed that your Visa gift card is missing or not be able to find it, immediately call the retailer to inform them to cancel your current Visa gift card and to know the process of getting a new one. You can also report missing and lost cards by calling the Visa customer support service. The visa representative will immediately block or deactivate your visa gift card

Can I get a refund of my money which I did not use from the stolen card?

Ans: If you have informed your retailer then they will help you to recover your money from that stolen card but only when you prove that you have purchased this card or that card belongs to you originally. They might ask you different questions regarding your Visa gift card to get to know that the lost card was yours only.

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