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Choose The Best Security Cameras For Your Home in 2024

Are you concerned about the safety of your home? And Are you feeling insecure as you don’t have any security cameras in your home? Are you ready to secure your home while using security cameras and looking for ways to choose the best one? If yes! Don’t worry we have covered what you need.

Yes! It is not easy to keep an eye on your home; home security cameras are such a blessing nowadays. Security cameras are streamlined video cameras and they are connected to your home Wi-Fi network to send you alerts, video clips, and live videos to your smartphone which allows you to monitor the activity while you are away from your home.

Most of the models have built-in spotlights or floodlights to shine a light on intruders. In this article! We will explore the type of security cameras as you have to make a decision about which type is suitable for you. We will explore some important things to consider while choosing the best security camera and you will be guided on how to choose the best security camera for your home.

Security cameras are DIY devices which means that you set up and monitor them yourself rather than hiring a security guard or security company to work for your home security. They save you from installation and you have self-control and you monitor through alerts and video feeds that pop up on your phone.

Read this article thoroughly to know which camera is best suitable for you!

Types Of Security Cameras:

Before you start, how to choose the best security camera for your home, you should be well familiar with the types of security cameras most commonly used.

1. Video doorbell cameras:

It is a popular type of outdoor camera; it will replace your traditional doorbell with one that has the camera inside. Whenever the camera detects the motion or when the doorbell is pressed then it will start recording. Some video doorbell cameras feature two-way audio in your smartphone or smart speaker. Video doorbell cameras can record interactions if you don’t answer the ring to review the footage later. It is much easy to install especially for seasoned DIYers. Some of them require batteries but in multiple cases, you can hardwire it right in.

2. Outdoor cameras:

Outdoor cameras are available in the market as wired and wireless cameras. These cameras are mounted on the house or some other nearby structure. Wired outdoor cameras are hardwired into the electrical system of your home. Wireless cameras are not; you can typically plug them into the wall or they are powered with batteries.

3. Indoor cameras:

Indoor cameras are also available as wireless cameras and wired cameras. These cameras are designed specifically for the ones who are more concerned with what is going on inside the house when they are not at home. Also,  Indoor cameras are plug-in devices and they require Wi-Fi or an internet connection to provide you with an alert and live video feeds.

4. Wireless cameras:

It is available for indoor and outdoor use, wireless cameras are connected to the Wi-Fi network and store the footage in the cloud. They are quite easier to install and they don’t need a cable connection. These are special indoor cameras that dispense treats to your pet or baby, cameras record the temperature and air quality.

5. Floodlight cameras:

These are outdoor cameras along with floodlights that turn on when the cameras do. It helps to capture clear video footage, especially at night time. These cameras can also be hardwired to the existing lighting wires and they can be powered by an outlet if they are wireless.

Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best Security Camera:

If you are going to choose the best security camera for your home make sure to consider the following things;


As most security cameras are very easy to install, connect to Wi-Fi, and set up. But some cameras especially the part of large home security systems will require professional installation. So before purchasing the best security camera for you consider contacting tech expertise.

Mobile App:

While choosing the best security camera it is important to check whether it has a mobile application to control, your camera remotely or not. As your home security camera must have a user-friendly application to get notifications. check the reviews of customers about an application before making a decision.


If you want an outdoor security camera, it is important to consider the durability of the camera. Make sure that your camera is designed to, withstand temperature changes and severe weather conditions.


It is important to check whether your cameras require Wi-Fi and If yes, which type of network. In addition, you should also check the connectivity to other ports and docks. It will determine whether you have the structure to make a connection with it.


As it is obvious that not all the cameras are powered the same way. Some are plugged in, others require power through batteries and some are rechargeable. Outdoor cameras mostly have solar panels. It is important to figure out the power option as it may create a mess upon installation.

Video resolution:

As when you want to watch the camera footage of your security camera, you will surely need the best resolution. You have to choose the product which offers a video resolution of 1080p or higher as it will provide more enhanced detail of facial features and other actions.

Field of view:

When the field of view will be larger as it will be easy to capture every bit of action even on losing some part of the camera screen. The field of view between 130 degrees and 160 degrees will be best for you. So you have to choose the camera which will have the best field of view to cover your entire property.

Night vision:

Night vision is an important security camera feature that helps you to produce the best clear images long after dusk and well before dawn. So while choosing the security camera it is important to check whether it has a night feature available or not. Arlo Pro 4 can provide you with the video quality of night capture as clearly as it provides you in daylight.

How To Choose The Best Security Camera For Your Home?

So if you buy a security camera for your home, you will try to find the best one. We are here to guide you on how to choose the best security camera for your home.

1. Choose Your Camera Type:

First of all, you have to choose the type of camera you need and it will depend upon the place where you want to fit it. If you want to fit the camera inside your home, multiple security camera options are available. If you want to fit the cameras outside the home, you have to decide whether you want a wireless security camera or another one.

For monitoring the front and back door it is recommended to choose the video doorbell. Because it can be powered through doorbell wiring. If you want to monitor another area of your wealth and property will love to choose a wireless security camera. And yes there is an option available for you if you want that your area should be monitored that already has a hardwired floodlight and consider swapping it out with a floodlight security camera.

It Is important to note that all video doorbells and floodlight cameras are designed to serve the elements. But not all wireless security cameras are weatherproof. so you are advised to check the specifications of the camera if you want to put it outside your home.

2. Pick Your Power Source:

Battery-powered wireless security cameras, video doorbells, and floodlight cameras are offering the most flexibility in terms of placement in and around your home. Yes, there are many options available other than the ones I have mentioned. But depending upon the type of camera and how heavily it is used you have to recharge your camera from weekly to once every few months or at least do it twice a year.

The hardwired cameras and doorbells neatly sidestep the problem of charging. But it may limit your placement options unless you are ready to run the extension cord or hire an electrician. It is important to keep in mind that the power source you are using could limit the number of models you can choose from. This is especially for video doorbells as they are not battery-powered models available in the market.

3. Compared Cloud Storage Plans:

Before choosing the camera you want, make sure to find out how much cloud storage it comes with and how much additional storage costs. Most of the manufacturers opt for cloud storage where the footage is remotely stored on the server instead of memory cards as the video files are very large and contain maximum large data and the manufacturer can take additional money from the subscriptions.

Without cloud storage or local storage if you are missing an alert for a potential intruder you will have no idea if someone tries to break in. Multiple of these cameras will not let you download the clips to send to helping authorities unless you pay up for them.

The manufacturer provides the amount of free online storage and the cost of these storage plans will vary according to the model and manufacturer. Like, the battery-powered Google Nest cam comes with 3 hours of free cloud storage.

Google Nest is charging up to $5 per month for 30 days of motion-triggered storage for an unlimited number of cameras at one location. In comparison with ring cameras and doorbells, they offer no free storage but the ring charges only $4 per month for one camera for 180 days of storage.

It is important to note that most of these plans store only video clips that are triggered by motion, not continuous video feeds. But some brands such as Arlo, and Google Nest offers continuous video storage plans.

4. Consider Your Privacy:

As these security cameras are providing you peace of mind, it is worth remembering that to provide you peace of mind they provide a view into your home and connect to your internet. If you can watch and visit your home online, it may be possible for others to take a view too. Manufacturers may also have access to the video.

It is not a problem due to which you will think not to go for security cameras. Not! It is important to set up your unique name and set the password which is difficult to guess. Many cameras are offering two-factor authentication which is an additional layer of security that send you a one-time use passcode via text message, phone call, email, or an authentication application.

You will input your passcode in addition to the username and password to log in. So, if a hacker cracks your password they will not be able to access your camera unless and until they gain access to your one-time passcode.

If your camera is offering this, just don’t ignore it, and be sure to activate it. As I have mentioned earlier that these security concerns never mean that you should not buy a security camera but yes your privacy is important. Of course, you want your privacy maintained and don’t want these cameras to ruin your privacy.


Choosing the best security camera is necessary as you have decided to set the security camera for your home. But you don’t know which security camera will be best for you and you are in search of the best guideline. It is obvious that every security camera has different specifications and provides benefits accordingly. All you have to do is to choose the type of camera you want and then choose other specifications and features you want that your camera should have.

We have provided the best guidance for you and hope that it will be helpful to you while deciding which security camera is best for you. After making a decision, go and check online and reconfirm that is it providing the same features and benefits you need. Choose the best security camera for your home today for more security.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS):

Q: Which Cctv Camera Brand Is Best For Your Home?

Ans: The following brands are considered the best for home security cameras;

  • Simplicam is the best security camera overall.
  • Lorex is the easiest to use.
  • The ring is best in DIY installation.
  • ADT is the best complete security system with cameras.
  • Arlo is best for video resolution.
  • Nest is the best google home camera.

Q: Which Cctv Camera Is Best For Night Vision?

Ans: The active defense cam is one of the best night vision security cameras. It is Wi-Fi enables and consists of person/motion detection features.

Q: Do Security Cameras Run All The Time?

Ans: Most home security cameras will work continuously but there are some which have settings to allow you to choose when they record. If you want your security cameras to run all the time, choose the one which has enough power to work for 24 hours.

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