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10+ Best USB-C Laptop Chargers in 2024 – According To Experts

The adage “the best charger is the one that came with your laptop” has to be updated because frequently better solutions are available for use as your primary laptop charger, a backup, or a portable trip charger.

Although you are confident that the charger that came with your laptop will function, it won’t be very useful, and there are other USB-C chargers that offer far more functionality.

The majority of high-end laptops today also or only charge through USB-C, including all the models in our list of the best laptops. However, some laptops still come with their own bulky AC power brick and barrel-shaped DC connector.

In comparison to proprietary chargers, USB-C chargers are more compact, more practical, and compatible with a wider range of devices, making them a more adaptable and portable option. When it comes to compatibility and appearance, Thunderbolt ports on laptops are identical to USB-C, the reversible connector that is quickly replacing the rectangular USB-A standard.

It goes without saying that not all laptops with USB-C ports can be charged with a USB-C charger. Support for USB Power Delivery is what counts. These are the greatest USB-C PD chargers you can use with your device, assuming your laptop can charge over USB-C.

Additionally, seek chargers that feature a Programmable Power Supply (PPS), which increases the efficiency of charging-enabled devices. PPS is not supported by all devices, however. For additional details on PD, PPS, and other technologies, see the section below our list of the best chargers.

1. The Best Single-Port 45W Wall Charger Is The Anker 713 Nano Ii 45W Charger:

Single-Port 45W Wall Charger Is The Anker 713 Nano Ii 45W Charger

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You will be astonished by the ultra-compact size and incredibly light weight of most GaN USB-C chargers, and this GaN 2 charger is the smallest we have tested.

If you are used to a typical laptop charger with proprietary power brick, socket, and cable, or even an older USB charger, you will be shocked. Check the required wattage on your laptop, and read the recommendations as 45W is not ideal for medium or large laptops.

The Anker 713 supports Samsung Super Fast Charging and Apple Fast Charge at 45W, so you may use it to charge your phone or tablet as well. However, you cannot use it to charge your laptop at the same time because it only has one port and 45W available. It’s so little that the only issue you might encounter is losing it.

Foldable plug prongs are a feature of the Anker 713 Nano II’s U.S./CA model that increases portability. Therefore, the UK model is a little bigger but is still incredibly little. Instead, UK customers could prefer the Ugreen Foldable 45W Nexode GaN Dual USB C Charger, which has two ports and foldable plug pins.

2. The Best Single-Port 65W Wall Charger Is The Anker 715 Nano Ii Charger:

Single-Port 65W Wall Charger Is The Anker 715 Nano Ii Charger

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The GaN 2 Anker 715 can power up larger laptops or fast-charge compatible phones despite being slightly larger than its 45W sister above and still being pocket-sized. For a 65W charger, its plug prongs may be folded back, making it incredibly portable.

However, if you wish to charge multiple devices simultaneously, seek a charger with multiple USB ports.

3. The Best Three-Port USB-C wall Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 65W 3-Port USB-C Charger:

Best Three-Port USB-C wall Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 65W 3-Port USB-C Charger

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While Anker’s 715 Nano II is smaller, Ugreen’s Nexode 65W has three ports, allowing you to charge many devices simultaneously with only one little charger.

The lower USB-A port can charge at up to 22.5W, which is powerful enough to fast-charge the majority of phones but keep in mind that the maximum simultaneous output is 65W for the two USB-C ports, each of which supports 65W.

Other possibilities for simultaneous charging include 45W plus two 8.5W outputs for a laptop and 20W for a second item.

In the UK, where the Nexode 65W is unavailable, we suggest the Anker 735 Nano II in the 65W three-port wall charger category. The charging capabilities of the two chargers are remarkably similar.

The four-port Ugreen 65W 3C1A is larger, measuring 1.3 x 2.56 x 2.56in (3.3 x 6.5 x 6.5cm), but it has an extra port that might be ideal for your needs: The majority of phones and mid-sized tablets can use the two USB-C ports that enable 65W and one that is oddly low at 18W.

The USB-A port can handle up to 22.5W of power and Quick Charge.

4. The Best Three-Port USB-C wall Charger Is The Anker Prime 67W Gan Wall Charger:

Best Three-Port USB-C wall Charger Is The Anker Prime 67W Gan Wall Charger

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Similar in size and weight to the Ugreen Nexode 65W 3-Port USB-C Charger, the little Prime 67W GaN Wall Charger from Anker offers three ports.

For American customers, this superb charger is tied with the Ugreen as the best three-port 65/67W wall charger, but in the U.K., where the Ugreen isn’t sold, it takes the top spot because both versions of it include foldable prongs.

Since the total charger output is 67W, using both will share that power, so you get 2x 67W instead of 2x 65W, but this additional 2W is not enough to make the Anker the clear winner. You can essentially base your decision on price; see our live pricing above.

5. Best Value: Nekteck 100W Usb-C Charger Usb-C Wall Charger 100W:

Nekteck 100W Usb-C Charger Usb-C Wall Charger 100W

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Typically, larger laptops need more power than 65W and come with a 100W charger. The single-port Nekteck 100W Charger is a good option for a backup because it is inexpensive and comes with a 2m 100W USB-C cord. But we believe that investing in numerous ports is worthwhile.

6. The Best Four-Port 100W Usb-C Wall Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 100W Wall Charger:

Best Four-Port 100W Usb-C Wall Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 100W Wall Charger

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You can’t argue with four ports that have many charging options, such as at the same time 65W for laptop powering and 30W PD for light-laptop powering, with lower outputs for phones as well as other devices. It may be bigger and twice as hefty as single-port chargers. Or just use your preferred huge laptop with the full 100W.

You may charge at 45W, 30W, and 22.5W simultaneously using three connectors. When all four are used, it can support two devices each using 10.5W and 45W of power for laptops.

Owners of that type of cable will be happy to see a retro USB-A port included, perhaps for older smartphones or other devices. Additionally, the North American model’s foldable prongs provide portability points to a larger charger. While offering the same ports, the barrel-shaped UK model appears rather different.

7. The Best Multiport 140W Wall Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 140W Charger:

The Best Multiport 140W Wall Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 140W Charger

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It is just a little bit bigger than the single-port Anker 717 charger and is the first multiport 140W charger (PD 3.1) that we have tested. There are three USB-C ports: a 140W bottom port, a 100W port above it, and a 22.5W USB-A port at the top.

Any one of the aforementioned ports, two 65W laptops at once, or 45W+65W+22.5W charging simultaneously are the available charging options.

A 1.5m USB-C cable is included with the Nexode 140W Charger, but it is only rated at 100W, not 140W. The North American version includes foldable plug prongs; UK customers will have to put up with the plug always being extended.

8. The Best Pd 3.1 USB-C Desktop Charger Is The Satechi 200W Usb-C 6-Port Pd Gan Charger:

Best Pd 3.1 USB-C Desktop Charger Is The Satechi 200W Usb-C 6-Port Pd Gan Charger

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This desktop charger, which has six USB-C ports, connects to a power outlet through a cable rather than directly, like a USB-C wall charger does. It has a total output of 200W across its six USB-C ports, but its two 140W PD 3.1 ports for quick charging of bigger laptops are a particular benefit.

The remaining 100W connections are all USB-C, so if your device requires it, you’ll need an adaptor to use a USB-A charging cord. It follows a port hierarchy of 65W/45W/20W/20W/20W/20W when all ports are active.

It comes with a power cord for use as a desktop charger, but you’ll also need your own USB-C connectors. Also, keep in mind that a PD 3.1 charging cable is required to use the 140W port.

9. The Best Hybrid Usb-A/Usb-C Desktop Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 200W Desktop Charger:

The Best Hybrid Usb-AUsb-C Desktop Charger Is The Ugreen Nexode 200W Desktop Charger

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You’d be better off purchasing the Satechi 200W USB-C 6-port PD GaN Charger, mentioned above if you need 140W large-laptop fast-charging because this desktop charger lacks the PD 3.1 capability necessary for charging at rates higher than 100W.

However, the GaN 2 Ugreen Nexode 200W 6-Port desktop charger has two USB-A ports for older USB-compatible devices. One laptop could be charged at 65W, two at 45W, a phone could be fast-charged at 20W, and the two USB-A ports could share 20W of power, which is sufficient for the majority of busy workstations.

10. The Best 100W USB-C PD Travel Adapter, According To Oneadaptr:

Best 100W USB-C PD Travel Adapter

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The 7A AC universal power outlet in this small, dual-100W USB-C PD port wall charger, which also has two 15W USB-A ports with extendable US, UK, AU, and EU plug prongs, is what sets it apart from other similar products.

Other portable wall chargers don’t have an AC power socket like this. One little GaN unit contains a large selection of ports for charging devices and laptops, as well as a travel plug adaptor, which should help keep your carry-on luggage minimal.

OneAdaptr’s white-colored OneWorld65 is a less expensive alternative with a 65W maximum and an AC power outlet if you don’t require 100W of total power. It has two USB-A charging ports, one 65W USB-C PD port, one 20W USB-C PD port, and another USB-C charging port. Two USB-A ports, one non-PD USB-C port, and 15W of power are shared.

11. The Best 100W Travel Wall Charger Is The Minix Neo P3 100W Turbo 4-Ports Wall Charger:

Best 100W Travel Wall Charger Is The Minix Neo P3 100W Turbo 4-Ports Wall Charger

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When traveling abroad to nations that have the audacity to employ multiple plug formats, this is a wonderful travel companion.

The two Interchangeable plugs for the UK and Europe that are included can each be fitted with its folding U.S. prongs. When you’re not traveling, this charger resembles a conventional charger more than the OneAdaptr OneWorld65 or OneWorld100, which are more organized, portable travel options with an additional AC power outlet.

There are enough ports for most device collections—two 100W USB-C PD connectors, one 20W USB-C, and an 18W QuickCharge 3.0 USB-A port.

The Alogic Rapid Power 67W Multi-Country Travel GaN Charger, which has three ports and is compatible with the US, UK, EU, and AU plug heads, is a good option if you require one. It also comes with a useful travel pouch.


Many laptops are equipped with USB-C as their single charging option, and you can charge your laptop with it. The newest generations of USB Power Delivery technology make it possible to charge your laptop using a USB-C connection, albeit you’ll need a high-wattage charger to get it going quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: How Do I Choose A USB-C charger?

Ans: Choosing the Right USB-C Charger

You’ll also need to consider the device you’re charging and the USB-C cable you’re using. The wattage of a USB-C charger determines how quickly it can charge your device. A higher wattage charger can charge your device faster, but only up to the device’s maximum charging capabilities.

Q: What Is The Voltage Of A USB-C Charger For A Laptop?

Ans: 20 volts

A USB-C charger can support up to 100 watts and 20 volts of power, while a traditional USB charger can only support 2.5W and 5V. This means that not only will a USB-C charger top up your devices faster, but it can also be used with multiple devices at once, as well as for larger devices like laptops.

Q: What Are The 2 Most Common Power Ratings For Laptop Chargers?

Ans: We have known that laptop chargers come in various wattages, typically ranging between 40 and 150 watts. For smaller batteries, a charger might draw around 60 watts, while gaming laptops could have higher wattage requirements

Q: What Is The Maximum Voltage For USB-C?

Ans: Without USB PD, you can support up to 5 V at 3 A (15 W) with just USB Type-C alone. However, with USB PD, you can support up to 20 V at 5 A (100 W) within the USB Type-C ecosystem. Table 2. USB specification and maximum voltage, current, and power.

Q: What Happens If I Use A 65-Watt Charger On My Laptop?

Ans: It’s perfectly safe. The wattage figure is only the maximum the charger is capable of supplying, the framework will take what it wants up to that maximum, and in any case, the battery is regulated by the charging circuit.

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