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How To Choose the Best Electronic Dictionary in 2024

Are you ready to use an electronic dictionary instead of a paper dictionary? Is it difficult for you to carry/keep a heavy paper dictionary with you? Are you ready to get the benefits of an electronic dictionary? Is it time taking for you to find out the meaning of the targeted word in the paper dictionary? If yes! It’s the best time to make use of an electronic dictionary.

Ok, you have decided to use an electronic dictionary but don’t know anything about it. Don’t worry we are here to help you in choosing the best electronic dictionary for you. As there are many options available in the market so it is difficult to choose from them.

In this article, we will explore different types of dictionaries and their benefits as well as some difficulties in using electronic dictionaries. We will discuss some features to consider while choosing the best electronic dictionary for you.

Let’s dive into further details!

What Is An Electronic Dictionary?

An electronic dictionary is an electronic reference source that contains a library of words along with their meanings, spellings, and etymologies. Most of the time electronic dictionaries serve the same function as regular dictionaries but yes they are searchable and they allow users to find a specific number of information about the words.

On the other hand, these dictionaries work in the background of other programs like word processors and functions to ensure proper spelling. When the word is typed in a word processor program doesn’t match any of the words stored in an electronic dictionary and the word is marked and it is the time for a writer to check the word. Some electronic dictionaries also serve as thesauruses or serve as translation tools.

You can easily find an electronic dictionary on different devices and also in many places on the internet. Electronic dictionaries are also available as some portable battery-operated devices. Nowadays phones, as well as personal digital assistants contain integrated electronic dictionaries that are used to check spelling as well as for reference purposes.

A portable electronic dictionary is considered most convenient than a paper dictionary. To use the electronic dictionary you just have to type the word to see all the information related to this word.

There are multiple electronic dictionaries available on the internet that are easily accessible to anyone around the world having internet access. An electronic dictionary is updated most frequently when there is a need to update it as there is no need to publish a new edition to make little changes that are possible in the available dictionary.

Different Types Of Dictionaries:

To choose the best dictionary for you, you should be familiar with different types of dictionaries. The main three types of monolingual, bilingual, and bilingulized. So while choosing the best electronic dictionary for you, it is important to keep in mind these types. Choose the best one which meets your needs.

  • Monolingual Dictionaries:

A monolingual dictionary defines words in a single language. Current dictionaries and learner’s dictionaries as well as historical dictionaries are further categories of monolingual dictionaries. Current dictionaries provide the current meaning of a word. These are basically the words that people think about that word on hearing.

Learners’ dictionaries provide the definition in simple language. Historical dictionaries provide a list of all meanings that a word has ever had.

  • Bilingual Dictionaries:

Bilingual dictionaries provide the translation of headwords in different languages. The language of headwords is known as the source language. A bilingual dictionary is multidirectional sometimes, which only translates from one source language into the target language.

It can also be bidirectional which translates from language A to language B and from language B to language A.

  • Bilingualized Dictionaries:

Bilingualized dictionaries are also known as semi-bilingual dictionaries that have the definition of a headword in the same language as a headword and also provide translation in a target language. Some Bilingualized dictionaries provide translation of headwords and some translate the definition and some of them do both.

Benefits Of Using Electronic Dictionaries:

As you are going to choose the best electronic dictionary for you so it is important for you to know about the benefits of using electronic dictionaries. After knowing the benefits you will confidently consider the electronic dictionary over the paper dictionary.

Electronic dictionaries are considered more convenient because they are more portable and flexible as compared to normal printed or paper dictionaries. People just don’t like to carry bulky printed dictionaries and they can use electronic dictionaries anywhere anytime, whenever, wherever they want. Paper dictionaries are difficult to use as people find it difficult to flip out pages in order to reach the targeted word.

People find electronic dictionaries more convenient either on mobile phones or on computers. You can easily use it in the classroom just without flipping out pages and the most obvious point is that you don’t have to carry heavy books, as it is available on your mobile device.

Electronic dictionaries enable you to learn new vocabulary regardless of place and time. Along with vocabulary, you will also learn the difference between British and American pronunciations.

The electronic dictionary provides clear vocabulary instruction as compared to the paper dictionary. It then helps you to identify the meaning as well as the origin of the targeted word more efficiently. Electronic dictionaries also offer hyperlink which connects users to other informative websites. Electronic dictionaries are available on the mobile phone as applications that are considered more convenient for users.

Difficulties In Using Electronic Dictionaries:

As we have discussed the benefits of using electronic dictionaries now let’s know about different difficulties while using electronic dictionaries as it is important to make you informed before so you can easily tackle them.

One of the major difficulties you can face in using an electronic dictionary is internet access. Limited internet access is one of the biggest problem people faces while using an electronic dictionary. So if you want to get benefit from an electronic dictionary you should have a stable internet connection so you can use an electronic dictionary without any problem.

Another problem that people face is getting incomplete definitions of words and insufficient information while using electronic dictionaries. This is not a major problem if you don’t get the exact information, you can go for another option or another type of electronic dictionary as there are many options available.

Things To Consider When Choosing Electronic Dictionaries:

You are searching that how to choose the best electronic dictionary, so to choose the best electronic dictionary for you, you have to consider the following things.

1. Size:

When choosing an electronic dictionary for you, it will be tricky to use size. If the size of the dictionary is too large then it may create difficulty because it will not be portable. If the size of the dictionary is too small then it will be difficult for you to enter a word. Go and choose an electronic dictionary that is large enough to use easily and small enough to store anywhere.

2. Power:

Most of the electronic dictionaries run on batteries. Some electronic dictionaries run on AAA batteries and others run on small disc portable batteries which you find in the watch, if you find electronic dictionaries that use an adapter it is important to make sure that adapter is available with the purchase and it is easily available.

3. Database:

If you are selecting an electronic dictionary for your child, it will be enough to choose an electronic dictionary of 30,000 words. But if you are choosing for yourself, it will be best to choose a database with 100,000 words. You just have to understand the capabilities of your electronic dictionary. If it can serve as an encyclopedia and thesaurus as well it will be best for you.

4. Suggestions For Misspelled Words:

It is recommended to choose a model that can find a word if you spell it incorrectly. In this way, you will not be frustrated when you will have to repeatedly guess a word with an unusual spelling.

Features To Consider While Choosing An Electronic Dictionary:

To choose the best electronic dictionary, you have to consider the following features. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Autocomplete:

Some dictionaries suggest words as you type so if you think that this feature will be helpful to you then you have to choose the model which consists of this feature. This feature usually saves time and most people consider saving their time.

2. Screen:

When choosing an electronic dictionary for you, it is important to consider the screen. Why it is important to consider a screen? The screen should be large enough so you can easily use the electronic dictionary. The screen should be one that can be used to read the content in all directions/ situations whether you are reading in dim light or bright light.

3. Extras:

The main function of the electronic dictionary is to help you with reading comprehension. But depending upon the device, you can complete many more. Some extras available will include a calculator, translator, anagram solver, quotation dictionary, ability to convert text into speech, and many more. Make sure to consider the model that consists of the features which you are waiting or looking for.

4. Price:

If you are looking for an electronic dictionary for your kids, it will be best to spend a maximum of $20. But for a model which consists of a larger database, as well as advanced searching options and other handy features you have to pay around $50. If you are looking for an electronic dictionary with bells and whistles you have to spend $300. Make sure to choose the dictionary which is suitable to your budget.


Electronic dictionaries mean the quicker search for word meanings as compared to printed dictionaries. Electronic dictionaries are providing a number of benefits to their users as mentioned above. If you are going to choose the best electronic dictionary for you, it’s not quite easy but you have to follow the instructions mentioned above in this article.

As electronic dictionaries are more convenient to use so just go for the electronic dictionary to learn the meanings of words as well as learn the new words. Go and select the electronic dictionaries now by following the guidelines mentioned above. We are hoping that this article is enough guide for you to select the right electronic dictionary for you. It is highly important to specify your needs and specify budget before choosing the best electronic dictionary for you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: Can An Electronic Dictionary Help Me With Crossword Puzzles?

Ans: It is basically dependent on the model. If your electronic dictionary consists of solve function, you can easily enter part of the word to get suggestions on what the whole word might be.

Q: Do I Need An Electronic Dictionary That Features Word Games?

Ans: If you want to improve your vocabulary, is necessary for you to start learning and using the words you don’t know already. One of the easiest ways to introduce yourself to new words is by playing word games and also solving puzzles. If you have no interest in increasing or improving your vocabulary you just don’t need to play word games. Having an electronic dictionary will be enough to learn about the meaning of words.

Q: What Are The Different Ways In Which Electronic Dictionaries Can Be Found?

Ans: Electronic dictionaries have different forms. Which include different software installed on tablets or desktop computers, mobile applications well as web applications. You can easily find electronic dictionaries in all the forms mentioned above.

But if you are looking for the easiest way in which electronic dictionaries can be found? The answer is your smartphone where you can install applications or you can also use websites with the help of your smartphone. It is most preferred as you keep your phone always with you so try to keep your dictionary in your smartphone in any form you want to keep it.

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