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How To Choose Perfect Blender For Kitchen: Guide To The Perfect Choice

How To Choose Perfect Blender For Kitchen?

Are you looking for the best blender for either of your cooking plan?  And Are you ready to get benefits from a blender and want to get the best one? Are you ready to enhance the beauty of your kitchen by buying a blender? If you are making summer brownies or winter soups, yes a blender will be best for you. For what purpose do you need a blender, all you want is that your blender should be perfect. We are here to guide you well and help you in choosing the best and perfect blender for you.

Blenders usually come up in different sizes and shapes and have different features so we understand that picking up the best out of them is not an easy task. A blender is a kitchen appliance that is used basically to mix, crush and emulsify food and other substances. Different blenders perform different functions and have different features. You may be thinking that which type of blender should I buy?

In this article, we will explore different types of blenders along with their different features and characteristics of them to make it easy for you to choose the perfect blender for you. So if you want to get a perfect blender for you, you have to read all the information we are going to provide you.

Let’s move toward the main purpose of this article!

Type Of Blenders:

You will be thinking that, what are different types of blenders, so for your information; there are three types of blenders. Countertop blenders, immersion blenders, and personal blenders. All these different types of blenders perform specific functions and provide different types of benefits.

Blenders vary in size, shape, design, and features, so we have decided to provide you with complete information about all these types of blenders so you can easily choose the perfect blender for you.

Factors To Consider While Selecting The Type Of Blender:

Now you will be thinking how can I select which type of blender is best for me don’t worry you have to consider these factors while choosing a type of blender for you.

Purpose Of Using Your Blender:

What are your plans to use your blender will tell you which type is best for you. If you want to use your blender for crushing ice then KitchenAid k150 or another classic model that includes ice crush features will be best for you. If you want to make a smoothie with fresh and fibrous greens, you should choose K400 or high-performance series blenders. For making soup, bisques you should choose Kitchen Aid pro line series blenders having thermal control jars.

To emulsify your mayonnaise or salad dressing, the traditional blender will be best. for whipping up cream, an immersion blender is the right choice.

1. Lifestyle:

If you don’t have enough space to buy and set up a traditional blender, you may want a compact size and convenient immersion blender.  You should choose the one with a food chopper accessory if you make use of a food processor to chop nuts or vegetables then you will get a double-duty small appliance.

2. Power:

You have to focus on the horsepower of blenders to identify how powerful the motor is. You can mix soft ingredients in any blender but if you want to use a nut butter or grating cheese you have to choose a high-power motor.

3. Warranty:

Of course, you will need a warranty as you are buying a new blender. The warranty of Blender may vary from a single year to up to a decade.

4. Price:

Choose a blender which is matching your budget and your needs. So make sure to consider your plans while choosing a blender. The price of blenders varies according to their features and quality.

How To Choose The Perfect Blender?

As we have discussed the basics about blenders and their types, but to choose a perfect blender you should be familiar with the specific features of all the types of blenders and how you can decide which type of blender is best for you.

1. Countertop Blender:

A countertop blender is the most popular type of blender which includes the base containing the motor, a clear pitcher, or a jar having a plastic lid. These are considered traditional blenders and you see them in coffee shops or the smoothie shop. This type of blender is offering multiple blender speed settings that are designed for mixing, blending as well as chopping.

While purchasing a countertop blender you have to consider the following factors;


Blenders usually come with jars that consist of different capacities and normally between 4 to 8 cups. If you want to blend something in larger quantities, then you should buy a large model like kitchen aid which is considered a high-performance series blender.


The strength of the motor is described by wattage and it determines how much power it can bring.  So if you are searching for a blender in which you can try green smoothies by making use of vegetables, make sure that you are choosing high-powered blenders like Kitchen Aid or the Pro-Line series.

Type Of Pitcher Or Jar:

Jars or pitchers of blenders vary in size or shape, some of them have double-wall thermal control that is used for hot soups and sauces. It keeps them warm while most of them consist of single-walled jars.


You will love to use a blender jar lid having a removable center cap so you can easily add ingredients while running it. KitchenAid countertops have removable caps with measurement guidelines so you can add ingredients in precise amounts. They also come with a tamper that pushes the ingredients safely toward the blending vortex.

Pre-Programmed Settings:

Blenders usually have settings for common use. The KitchenAid k400 model consists of three pre-set programs; ice crush, ice drinks, and smoothies to deliver the ideal performance for every task. The pro line series blender includes programs that are for smoothies and juices.

Variable Speeds:

Some blenders consist of buttons to move between 5 different speeds like the KitchenAid k150 speed ice-crushing model. Some of them have dials to move from high speed to low speed or like KitchenAid high-performance series.

Precision Controls:

Blenders like K150 and k400 models are designed and structured with a soft start feature which initiates the motor at a slow speed to pull the full food into the lade and then increase the speed. The intelli speed motor control maintains the selected speed.

2. Immersion Blender:

Immersion Blender

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Immersion blenders are also named hand blenders which allow you to mix directly in the bowl or cup of your choice. This is compact and can be easily stored. It is suitable for those who have a small kitchen. It doesn’t have a jar with a set capacity, so you can choose the quantity of ingredients for blending.

Immersion blenders are handheld and they are available in cordless configuration so you can place them anywhere in your kitchen.

You have to consider the following factors while choosing an immersion blender;

  • Several Speeds:

Immersion blenders vary from two to nine in speed. Some models have variable speed so you can easily ramp up for mixing and chopping. The range of speed will allow you to blend the harder ingredients into a smooth consistency.

  • Length Of Blending Arm:

Immersion blenders usually consist of 8 blender arms that are good for standard pots and smaller containers or more shallow pots. If you making a large cup of soup, then a large blending arm of 12 will allow you to reach the bottom of the pot.

  • Accessories:

Immersion blenders come up with a different variety of accessories and features as it consists of a blending cup having a lid, a pitcher, a whisk attachment, or a food chopper that can be powered with a motor of the blender.

  • Interchangeable Blending Arms:

KitchenAid cordless variable speed hand blender consists of interchangeable blending arms and bell blades. You have to simply twist off and on the switch, the bell blades will quickly and easily crush the ice, puree the soup and many more.

  • Colors:

If you want a blender in your favorite color and want to match your appliances with each other, this factor is necessary for you to consider. KitchenAid variable speed corded hand blenders are available in 10 colors to allow you to choose the one you like. The new cordless hand blender also comes in 7 colors which include blue velvet for a modern take.

3. Portable Blender:

Portable blender

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A portable blender is also named a personal blender and it is suitable for those who love brownies or smoothies. They are best for single-serving protein shakes, milkshakes, and soft ingredients like yogurt and fresh fruit. It is designed for those who love liquid breakfast and needs the blender while traveling.

The Kitchen Aid brand is now offering the personal blending jar and also the small batch jar expansion packs. The small batch jar is designed for making sauces, for making blending baby food. They also have convenient sealed lids which allow you to blend and store more content in the same container.

All these expansions are considered great as you can make small batches or smoothies for one, but at the same time, you want to keep the versatility and larger capacity of the full-size blender.

You will be happy on getting this information that some immersion blenders are also used as personal blenders. The KitchenAid 2-speed hand blender and the new cordless hand blender are used as personal blenders and they both consist of a 3-cup blending jar with a very secure lid.

So if you are looking for a blender to make a morning smoothie to use now or later, all you have to buy a personal blender and then add ingredients into it, after blending completely rinse off all the sticks and blades and then enjoy your smoothie or a protein shake. You can take this personal blender with you to a gym or an office.


Choosing the right blender for you is a difficult task because of the availability of multiple options. You are thinking about how I can choose the best blender for me, we have discussed all the types of blenders along with different specifications and features. All you have to do is to read them to identify which blender you need.

Just don’t focus on price, first of all, specify your needs and then choose the blender according to your needs. Choose a blender that is affordable for you as well as fulfill your needs. Make sure that you have enough space to adjust that blender in your home. Choose the perfect blender, that ensures seamless blending performance for all your culinary creations.

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Q: How Many Watts Should A Good Blender Have?

Ans: Generally, 500 watts are enough for a typical blender like making milkshakes and blending smoothies. So if you are going to buy a blender for you, you should consider a blender with a minimum of 500 watts.

Q: How Long Do Blenders Last?

Ans: The average life span for the blender is 5 years and it is specified for a personal blender. But yes many factors play into how long it will last. You have to take care of your blender if you want your blender to last long like you have to clean it properly before and after the use. Companies also offer a warranty but you have to take care of your blender to use it for a longer period.

Q: What Is An Immersion Blender And Why Do You Need One?

Ans: An immersion blender is considered ideal for many cooking uses like it quickly blends soups, smoothies, and more with fast cleanup. Immersion blenders are most commonly used if you can’t adjust the traditional blender in your home.

Q: What Is More Important For A Blender?

Ans: The most important thing for a blender is the processor, and CPU and one of the most important pieces of the blender workstation is the CPU handles tasks like modeling, animation, rendering, and physics simulations.

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