Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

As we’re living in the 21 century, which is called an era of technology, and undoubtedly technology has improved our lives in all aspects either it’s medical, social, electronic or sporting ideas with the sole purpose to make our lives more quality, active and full of ease.

One of the 20th century’s inventions is Electric bikes or E-bikes, the upgraded version of motorcycles fitted with an electric motor that can deliver from lower to higher driving force but have paddling capacity. Since 2014, they have steadily become more famous that in between 2016 to 2017, their demand breaks records for up to 8X sales reported in the It is not seized; it still has a high demand.

In the year 2018, the world e-motorbike market had earned up to $21 billion; in 2019, annual technology, media, and communication prediction of Deloitte stated that e-motorbike sales would reach 130 million motorbikes from the year 2020 to 2023, and it will be reached $39 million bikes by 2025. Therefore, motorbikes left behind all the other vehicles by the end of 2020. And the current trend makes this prediction real.

Yet, before investing in electric motorbikes, everyone wants to know whether it is worth buying to spend money or not?

Why Are Electric Electric Bikes Worth Buying?

Easy Pedaling:

Basically, electric bikes operate on batteries but have the pedaling capacity and often throttle. As the cycler pushes the pedal, a mini motor participates and consequently gives the cycler boost hence let you cycle on hills or harsh lands without being chattered. What makes e-bikes pedal different from the ordinary one? Cycler can easily control bike’s speed by his feet, therefore makes the pedaling acceleration smoothly with least power. Apart from pedal-assist specs, some e-bikes also have a throttle that associates the motor with the push of a button, but e-bikes with throttle features do not come under the umbrella of real cycling bikes.

Fast, Easy and Longer Ride:

As electric bikes have a vast array of applications, they are solely not made for sports only, instead, they can be used for daily journeys to work, shopping stores, and to go to school. Electric bikes make the journey with the least effort, but their powerful motor lets you reach the designation on time as it is estimated to be 2X speed compared to traditional bikes. Moreover, its higher speed range can cover more distance in less time comparatively.

In Transport Research Laboratory, their issued report revealed that regular bikes shed out for about 25 times in 12 months with 46% usage once or twice a week, comparatively, electric bikes have an average double use of 30% in a single day, and 81% once in a week means that electric bike has more usage capacity.

Boost Fitness:

Suppose you think electric bikes require less input effort than regular bikes and therefore are less effective for fitness. In that case, you’re mistaken, as I told you above electric bikes has pedaling feature that will help you in making you physically fit and active. If you are physically fit it ultimately, you’ll get emotionally fit.

Research conducted in the Switzerland University of Basel, according to the report, Electric bike riding has similar health benefits just like regular bikes, thankful to pedal-assist feature. If you are more concerned about fitness, then the customization option is always live; go for more exercise features.

No Extra Cost:

Electric bikes are great alternatives to vehicles, saving many diesel and petrol costs. It keeps the extra expense and contributes to the fuel resources, as petrol and diesel are non-renewable and limited natural resources. If you have an electric bike, it has a delightful effect on your bank account. So, e-bikes are the best option for regular traveling.

As e-bikes powered by batteries that have an affordable price tag. How many miles you can cover on the single complete charge battery depends on the quality of the battery you purchased. But on average, it has been estimated that you can cover up to 18 to 50 miles on a fully charged battery. The electric bill is for less than the overall cost of the fuel.

Replace Driving:

Electric bikes are becoming a vital smart counterpart, and consistent improvements in this unique innovation make their way towards the most promising transport system.

Electric bikes are becoming an ideal replacement of the motor vehicles that cost too much and pollute our environment more day by day.

According to the survey conducted, 28% of riders said that they buy electric bikes to replace motor vehicles, and other reasons to purchase e-bikes include: cargo transport, carrying kids, avoid parking and traffic issues, and of course, environmental concerns.

The major pro of e-bikes is its fast speed and longer distance covering range. With e-bikes, your driving trip can be shorter than 5 to 10 miles.


Global warming is a serious climatic issue that increases over time. It’s our responsibility to save our mother Earth. A major reason for global warming is harmful smoke gases released by automobiles. How can we all contribute? The answer is electric bikes; this replacement profoundly affects Earth’s overall health.

Safest Ride:

The majority of bike road accidents occur while crossing roads or round-about. But small motors on electric bikes let the rider boost the acceleration to come out of danger safely.

Furthermore, you are not the only person on the road. Many automobiles move along with you on the road, and they also tried to overtake you, so with an electric bike, you can go smoothly with the traffic flow, therefore ensuring your safety on the road.


Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

After highlighting some of the major benefits of electric bikes, I will favor electric bikes. They facilitate the man and contribute to saving the environment from getting more polluted and saving the world’s limited fuel resources.

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