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How To Extend Your WIFI Signal Range in 2024

Are you unable to connect your mobile phone to your WiFi in your yard? Want to increase the range of your WiFi? WiFi signals are not reaching your phone outside the house?

Can not enjoy your party without WiFi? Having an issue while using your WiFi connection at your main door?

Well, WiFi signals have their own range, and out of that range signals become weak and you can’t browse anything.

In this 22nd century if you are finding life without WiFi then you are in the wrong century because nowadays life without an internet connection is impossible and using mobile data is not preferable for people.

Because it drains more battery and is also money-consuming. Internet connection with WiFi is the most preferable one.

WiFi connection networks are faster as compared to mobile data but as usual, it has some cons like it has a specific range out of which you can’t reach that connection.

At some point, you will get the connection but it won’t work. WiFi is part of normal daily life nowadays. When a person wakes up the first he searches for is his phone and then he checks for any email messages or calls.

What is WIFI?

WiFi is basically a combination of wireless network protocols, which are mostly used for local area networking of devices and internet access. WiFi is the network that is mostly used worldwide in homes, offices, and industries. In today’s world WiFi network is also available in airports and railway stations.

WiFi stands for WIRELESS FIDELITY, WiFi is a wireless technology that gives access to the internet in different devices like laptops, computers, and mobile phones. WiFi uses a device like a router to make a connection with devices. Connecting to that WiFi router will give you access to an internet connection. In offices, schools, and colleges WiFi is the main component without there will be no work done.

WIFI Standard?

For wireless connections to communicate with each other there should be some sets of standards. Wireless LAN is classified under the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802.11 standards. WiFi Alliance certified the IEEE standards as – a nonprofit organization created to certify IEEE 802.11 products
There is a variety of WiFi standards:

⦁ 802.11a
⦁ 802.11b
⦁ 802.11g
⦁ 802.11n
⦁ 802.11ac
⦁ 802.11ax
The standards that are mostly used in wireless networks are 802.11n, 802.11ac, and 802.11ax. Each standard has its own speed, GHz frequency, bandwidth, and indoor range which will be different from others. Wireless having different standards will function differently its speed will be different its range will be different.
The latest and the greatest one of WiFi is WiFi 6 which has a standard of IEEE 802.11ax. If you are looking for faster WiFi or want to upgrade your WiFi then we will recommend you this WiFi.

How does WIFI Communicate Between Devices?

To communicate between devices WiFi uses radio waves or radio frequency, its frequency is mostly measured in Giga Hertz (GHz) the frequency bands that WiFi uses for signals are 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

WiFi devices can be dual-band devices in which you can choose the frequency of your choice. Both frequency bands will give you different results. 2.4 GHz band will give you more WiFi coverage but its speed will be slower and the 5GHz frequency band will give you less WiFi coverage but with the highest speed.

Frequency bands have multiple channels so devices can send or receive data. The main purpose of these WiFi channels is to reduce the interference and overlap between your WiFi device and other devices. Interference or overlapping will cause your internet to slow down. WiFi devices get access to WiFi channels on their own automatically.

Benefits Of WIFI

WiFi has now taken over the world and is now the world’s most popular way of accessing the internet. WiFi provides many advantages to its users.

The following are the advantages of WiFi:


One of the main advantages of WiFi is its fastest speed, you will get the WiFi with the best speed without any blockage. Its speed is faster than DSL connections or dial-ups. In some cases, cable connection is also slower than WiFi.

This makes a great opportunity for people to access the WiFi because of its good or fastest speed. You can watch movies, and videos without any streaming issues. However the speed of WiFi depends on certain factors like the type of router, the number of devices connected to it, and the distance between the router and the device connected.


As it’s a wireless network you can get access to it anywhere anytime. Its mobility factors make it preferable because you can not connect to a data cable every time.

This is good for those who want to work from their bed. You will get the internet on your bed every time. With a WiFi connection, you are not bound to a specific place or location.

You can move to any place at any time with your connection. This advantage gives it more points over a wired connection but you just have to be in the range of that WiFi network to get a good signal.


Its convenience factor makes it more valuable. Setting up a WiFi is not a very difficult task to do it’s just a work of 5 minutes and it also does not require any special equipment or software. You just need a wireless-enabled device and an available network.
Once you are connected to a WiFi network you can get access to the internet without worrying about network issues. WiFi is more convenient for those who want to connect their multiple devices with WiFi.


WiFi also has great flexibility. You can change the WiFi password or username whenever you want, you can also change the settings of your network like encryption, enabling, and disabling you can change each and every setting at any time.
It can be used with a wide variety of devices like laptops, LEDs, mobile phones, or any other device. It’s a great choice for people who want to use the internet while relaxing.


WiFi network is the most affordable one in other internet connections. You can get a free WiFi router when you sign up for a broadband service. But also if you already have a wireless-enabled device there will be no additional cost for using WiFi.

You can get a WiFi connection at a very low affordable cost. If you can not afford the costly internet connection you can get WiFi because it’s very cost-friendly.

If you can get access to WiFi anywhere so anyone can get access to your internet this can be harmful because as many users your WiFi gets your WiFi will be slowed down. As you move away from your router your WiFi signals will be slowed down which will create disruption in your internet connection.

WiFi signals transmit in radio waves so they can be disrupted by other devices like microwaves, and baby monitors. There are some places that are restricted to WiFi if a WiFi network is available in that place but you can not have a WiFi connection in that restricted area.

How To Extend WIFI Range in 2024:

You are having a barbecue party in your yard. The music is great. There is plenty of meat and sausages on the grill but then you notice that there is still something missing that is people cannot use their mobile phones because of poor internet connection in your house.

If you are trying to search for the reasons for your poor internet connection, then you have to also search for solutions to broaden the range of WiFi connection.

Some people say WiFi repeaters are the best way to broaden the WiFi range outside, others say that setting up a cable will give you a solution for your poor WiFi signals. Let’s dig into the solutions for extending the range of WiFi.

WiFi networks have their own beauty of using it indoors or outdoors. Following are the ways to extend the WiFi range:

1. Choose the correct Location For The Router

If you are experiencing a slow internet connection the first thing you do is move closer to your WiFi router or access point. So if your connection is weak because of poor signals moving closer to the router will increase your internet speed significantly.

Locating the router at a good place will give you good signals of WiFi indoors and outdoors. Mostly the center of your house is the best place to position your router as it will transmit its signals in all directions equally. but if you want your signals to transmit mostly to the outdoor regions then you can place your router at the main door or at any window facing the yard of your house.

2. Use The Right Equipment

Before setting up your WiFi connection make sure you are setting up the correct device of WiFi. your WiFi router should be of excellent quality. It’s best for you to connect a good number of gadgets and WiFi routers.

There are many gadgets available in the market today that support the connectivity of WiFi networks. There are different equipment available in the market with different features so before buying any gadget make sure it’s suitable for your WiFi router.

3. Avoid Using WIFI Extenders

WiFi extenders which are also known as WiFi repeaters are devices that are used to broaden the network in your homes or offices. When connected to the router, repeaters pick the signals from existing WiFi boost them, and then amplify them.

But if we look closely these extenders are not good for improving the range of WiFi outside your house. It may create new unnecessary networks which interfere with one another causing the house internet connection unstable.

4. A Unified Management System

If you are interested in extending the range of your WiFi in your homes or offices, you should consider installing a unified management system. It will give you the accessibility to control all the wireless networks available in your home or office.

Having this unified management system will ensure that your WiFi routers transmit the same signals allowing you to switch to another network when you are moving to a different place in your house.

5. Use The Cable

It’s surprising how using a cable broadens the range of WiFi signals but it’s one of the best ways to improve a network’s reach outside the building. Firstly you have to check whether your router has a free Ethernet port. If it has then you just have to connect it to another router using Ethernet Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable.

Then you can place that new router that you connected at any desired place where you want a WiFi signal. for the much longer distance, you can also use optic fiber cable, but these installations are very expensive and also involve obtaining digging permits which will be a long process.

Before using any technique for extending the WiFi range first check your WiFi signal range while using WiFi signal testing apps. Temperature, humidity, or rain also hinder the WiFi signals. It may also reduce the power or range of WiFi signals. You should choose the equipment with good power.

After buying the router place it at several different places to check the range of the router. You can also try the inexpensive method of using a power line adapter which uses your already existing in-wall wiring to extend the signals of WiFi.

You can just plug some into the outdoor socket to get the signals but it’s very difficult to find a weather-resistant and affordable power line adapter.


Mainly this article was to give you a brief idea about how to extend the WiFi signals range. There are several ways that give you the chance to use your WiFi connection outdoors. You can have your party in your yard with the excellent speed of WiFi. Who doesn’t want the good speed of WiFi wherever they go? So in this article, we mentioned some of the ways with the help which you can extend your WiFi range and use your WiFi in your street, sitting in your neighbor’s house. With the various tips mentioned above, you can extend your WiFi signal range easily. Team

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