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Safety Tips For Riding Hoverboards (Learn Before Drive)

What Are the Safety Tips For Riding a Hoverboard??

Hoverboards have become a new global trend, with their origin back in the 1980s films. It is equally famous among kids, teens, and adults People are seen hovering over these skateboards everywhere across each region of the world, even in the places where they are banned. It is one of the best outdoor activities to glide on a hoverboard during summer vacations or weekends.

Maintaining your balance while riding is essential to ride safely and soundly. It gives you a smooth ride without any clashes or injuries. It’s not as mumbo jumbo as walking on a tightrope, you just need to follow some simple tips, to be an expert rider. Practice and practice make a man perfect.

Here are some Hoverboard safety tips that you need to follow before riding Hoverboard. 

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Purchase a UL-Certified Model:

Before making a purchase, make sure your desired hoverboard stands by all UL standards. Underwrite laboratories conduct various safety tests like Short circuits, Thermal tests, etc before marking a hoverboard safe. So, check that certification before making a purchase.

Choose A Safe Place To Ride:

Hoverboards are no doubt a fun ride and everyone, either a kid or an adult is well within his/her right to enjoy its ride, but safety is prior to the fun. Busy roads with massive traffic are not absolutely the right place to ride these fun scooters. So, for a safer fun experience, one must select an appropriate terrain.

Some people take hoverboards for skateboards and think the same tricks will be gonna work with them too, like riding on ramps or running downstairs. These careless attitudes meet with losses then.  So, if you want to ride on a road, choose the ones with very little traffic and ride on the sideways. Playing grounds, parking places, and your neighborhoods are the best places to ride these scooters. Choosing a safe place will save you from anti-life risks.

Practice Before Landing On the Road:

Practice and practice make a man perfect. If you are a beginner, it’s not a wise choice to quickly begin riding in public places. Start from un-crowded and private places.

It would be very dangerous to jump on the board. Practice mounting on the scooter with one foot on the footpad and on the pavement. However, figuring out how to step on the scooter with one foot on the board and the other on the ground, in turn, is trickier than it shows up from the outset, however with adequate practice, it will turn out to be easier. Here are some tips for beginners to follow for a balanced ride

  •  Step up with one foot on board and one on the ground.
  • Use your dominant foot.
  • Don’t keep your legs closed, it will help you maintain the balance.
  • Stand straight with no bend in your backbone or knees

Don’t Charge Over Whole Night:

In the few past years, some news was broken by the media about hoverboards catching fire and exploding. It was due to the overcharging of the battery. At night, it just implies that no one is checking the procedure. Since the vast majority of them require only a few hours to completely charge.

So a fire that breaks out can happen that can’t be put out. However, these days hoverboards are much safer and UL-certified but it’s better not to leave the board for charging overnight to avoid unexpected calamities. Precaution is better than crying over split milk.

Ride At Slower Speeds:

Riding at slower speeds will reduce the risk of accidents and you will have a more smooth ride even on rough and uneven terrains and bumps. Especially, if you are a beginner, you must go at slower speeds. It will help you control the hoverboard easily.

Don’t Forget To Wear Safety Gear:

Whether you are a beginner or an expert rider, safety gear is a dire need for both of the riders. As a hoverboard rider, you must take safety measures for your bones first, because any accident or motor or battery run down can occur anytime and you may stumble upon the road, and hurt yourself.

Especially when you start gliding over hoverboards, you tumble on many times, losing your balance. So, wearing safety gear is an absolute necessity.

Don’t Ride At Night:

Avoid using these self-balancing scooters at night because there are more risks at night than in the daytime. You can smash into any other vehicle, and suffer great losses.

Although some hoverboards have flashing LEDs they are not enough to beat the night darkness. So, it’s preferable to avoid a nighttime ride.

Final Words:

Riding a hoverboard is a fun ride until or unless you follow safety tips. Many countries like the US don’t allow hoverboard rides because people especially teenagers don’t take safety measures while riding.

So, choose a more stable hoverboard with large-sized wheels, and more foot space, and follow the above-mentioned safety tips for a safe and secure ride. Say safe and happy!

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