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How Fast Are Hoverboards in 2024?

Are you getting late from school, colleges, or offices daily due to heavy traffic? Tired of getting stuck in heavy traffic every day? Want a ride to solve your problem? Have you heard about hoverboards? Are you a new rider of the hoverboard? Not able to ride a hoverboard?

Due to lots of traffic, many people mostly don’t prefer cars or 4 wheeled vehicles because it takes time to reach the destination in traffic.

As the population of each country is increasing day by day vehicles on roads and traffic are also increasing. which makes a huge rush on the roads. Workers are getting late for their jobs, students are getting late for their school.

In every difficult circumstance, our genius scientists somehow invent things which solve our problems just like in this situation they invented an electronic 2-wheeled vehicle which will accommodate less space on roads and it also doesn’t need more space to cross.

Just like bicycles or motorcycles, these hoverboards also save you time from getting stuck in traffic you can easily reach your destinations. In most advanced countries like China, you can see people are still using bicycles not only for environmental protection but also for their convenience. Bicycles or motorcycles will save you much more time as compared to sitting in your car for hours waiting for traffic to end so that you can go.

What Is A Hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a new electronic vehicle used for personal transportation, it’s a waft board used for personal purposes. It was first described by M. K Joseph author in 1967 in a science fiction novel.

In 1984, they used the hoverboard in a video game named Shoot ’em arcade video game. The hoverboard was invented many years back but was rejected by many parents society because they consider it a very dangerous ride for their children.

A hoverboard is one of the newest and coolest inventions for our young generation. Previously children used skateboards for their rides which was very tiring and time-consuming but hoverboards left it behind and made their ground very strong. These are also called SELF-BALANCING SCOOTER.

These hoverboards are two-wheeled vehicles that are self-controlling and run on batteries. This self-controlling scooter was first described many years back but didn’t get the fame but a few years back it’s back again in the market and this time hoverboard came into existence and became very popular.

The best and main part of the hoverboard is that it lets you travel the world without pedaling or pushing off the hoverboard and wasting your energy.

How Does The Hoverboard Work?

These hoverboards are built in such a way that each wheel consists of its sensors or everything. A hoverboard comprises several components each of which serves its specific function. Some of the main components of a hoverboard are:
The main components are

  • Wheel sensor
  • Gyroscope
  • Main logic board
  • Battery
  • Tilt sensors

Now let’s take a closer look at every component of the hoverboard.
The most important component of the hoverboard is the wheel sensors because without wheel sensors wheel will not be able to sense the speed or anything which will disturb the function of the hoverboard.

Hoverboard both wheels have electric motors fitted in each as well as sensors that control the speed of the hoverboard and its tilt. Its sensors detect the rpm ( revolutions per minute) of the wheel and further send it to the gyroscope to proceed.


A gyroscope is a device that maintains or measures the orientation of the hoverboard and also angular velocity. These gyroscopes and speed control boards send the signals or information from sensors to the logic board of the hoverboard.

The other name of the hoverboard is gyro scooter, this component is very important in hoverboard. A mechanical one consists of concentric metal rims with the rotor at the center on the other hand electronic gyroscope which is used mostly is a little bit like a mechanical one.

The Main Logic Board:

The main logic board is just like the CPU of the hoverboard, it’s a central processing unit of this board. This logic board has a main component which is a Microprocessor. This microprocessor sends and receives the signals or data from all sensors available in the hoverboard and sends the processed data to the motors including the logic for required movement which provides continuous adjustments giving you a balanced vehicle.

Power coming from batteries is also managed by the logic board and it takes care of it so it doesn’t burn out or any other hazard occurs. So basically this board calculates the status, ride speed, tilts of the wheel, and the relative speed in real-time.

The Battery: 

Batteries for the hoverboard are easily available in markets. There is a variety of battery packs available that can be used in hoverboards but mostly the battery that is used for this application is 36V 4400mAH. You can also make your battery packs but for that, you have to handle it with extra care so in that case, it’s better to avail the batteries which are available in the market.

The Tilt Sensor: 

The speed or tilt sensors measure the speed of the wheels which are in motion in rpm(revolutions per minute) and then they send the data to the gyroscope or the main logic board to maintain the speed whether increased or decreased.

Hoverboards are mini vehicles that are loved by everyone. But the question that arises in our mind is what can be the speed of the hoverboard, how fast it can travel, and how long does its battery travel?

The hoverboard can travel up to 6-12 miles per hour. Their speed may vary differently because it depends on different factors like riders’ weight, specifications of the hoverboard, and surface condition. These all factors have a huge effect on the speed of the hoverboard. But most probably every hoverboard travels 6-12 miles per hour.

Many hoverboards are manufactured by different persons so each hoverboard has its specifications so they all have different speed limits. Nowadays many hoverboards are manufactured in different sizes with different specifications

Let’s take a look at some hoverboards that are different in size, and this will also help you to choose the best hoverboard for yourself at the speed of your own choice.

4.5-Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

The smallest one of all hoverboards is the 4.5 inches hover which is specifically manufactured for children to enjoy and have fun. These hoverboards have an average speed of 3-5 miles per hour which is very normal for children.

As this is specifically made for children that’s why their speed is kept low for the safety of children. Fast-speed hoverboards will make children unbalanced and can cause serious injuries. So they are not safe for children.
If you are searching for a hoverboard for your small child then this hoverboard is the best of all.

6.5 Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

This 6.5-inch hoverboard is the ideal one of them all because of its size it can be used by both teenagers and children and because of its compact size, it can travel up to 6-8 miles per hour. This hoverboard is loved by everyone that’s why this is the ideal one.
These hoverboards are for those adults who want thrill and enjoyment in their life outside their house. This 6.5-inch hoverboard has a medium speed limit so it’s not a dangerous one you can travel your city by riding it easily.

But before buying any hoverboard whether it’s a 4.5 or 6.5 buy it from some authentic company or brand, because it’s a matter of your life if any damaged part of the hoverboard will cause you serious injury.

8-Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

This 8-inch hoverboard is the most common hoverboard used by all children, teenagers, or adults with medium speed. This hoverboard is good for all ages. its average speed is 7-9 miles per hour depending on the factors like surface or rider. If the surface is rough or the rider who is riding the hoverboard is overweight then the speed will eventually be compromised.
If you are above 20 and you are searching for a hoverboard for yourself then this one is best for you.
Due to their huge sizes of wheels, they can easily travel on rough roads and they also can bear more weight as compared to other small-sized hoverboards.

8.5-Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

This huge hoverboard with 8.5 inches can travel 10 miles in just an hour Many manufacturers are making hoverboards of this size but with different speed limits or different features so you can try which suits you better. As it’s a huge one it can travel easily 10 miles per hour while bearing heavy weight. These hoverboards are best in all aspects they can carry heavy weight without compromising the speed limit.

10Inch Hoverboard Speed Limit

This huge hoverboard of 10 inches can travel up to 8-12 miles per hour. As all companies are manufacturing different hoverboards with different specifications speed may vary because of their different specifications. These kinds of rides are convenient for tall riders because they provide a convenient ride for the bigger riders. This 10-inch hoverboard gives you a decent speed limit and also some off-ride activities because of its huge bigger-sized wheels.
So if you want a tough ride for yourself with some off-ride activities then this 10 inches hoverboard is best for you. For better performance and an amazing speed limit, this hoverboard is best for you.

Segway Hoverboard Speed Limit

Segway is the most advanced and highly equipped hoverboard recently and depending on its specifications and its size it’s the most powerful hoverboard which can travel up to 6-13 miles per hour . This is the top speed of a hoverboard. They are specifically made for hard work for tough routes and because of their bigger-sized wheel, they can travel on rough roads very smoothly.
If you are looking for any high-speed mini vehicle which can travel on any route whether it’s smooth or rough then this one is the best choice for you. Compared to other hoverboards they provide an excellent travel range.

Speed of  Off-Road Hoverboards

These hoverboards can run at speeds ranging from 2mph- to 13mph. As its name indicates road hoverboards these hoverboards can travel on rocky, uneven soil, sandy or rough land without any hindrance. Its speed varies differently as it depends upon the battery, motor, and durability of the wheels.
There are some off-road hoverboards for kids which travel with a speed range of 2-6mph but these hoverboards are only for those kids who can handle it and are used to riding these hoverboards on uneven rocky soils.

Factors Affecting The Speed Of Hoverboard

Each hoverboard is made with a different battery type, a different motor, and different wheel sizes. So you have to look carefully when you go for a hoverboard. If you want to ride the hoverboard in your home or your surrounding park or streets then you should go for an average-speed hoverboard.
But if you have to ride it on uneven rocky tough routes then road hoverboards will be very good for your ride. Some factors affect the speed of your hoverboard so when you go to purchase the hoverboard keep these points in your mind

1. Wheel Size

Wheel size is the most important factor that affects the speed of a hoverboard if you are buying a hoverboard for your small kid then you should go for small wheels sized board because the big-sized wheel will give you more speed so if you want protective hoverboard for your kid then go for small wheel sized board.
The wheel size of the hover is directly proportional to the speed of the hoverboard, the bigger the wheels the faster the speed.

2. Battery Type

All hoverboards have batteries with different efficiencies of charging some charge faster some charge slower. Less power battery reduces the speed of the hoverboard and a more powerful battery will give rise to the speed of the hoverboard. So if you want a fast-speed hoverboard check its battery before buying it.


Each hoverboard is made to bear a different level of weight some can bear more weight but some cannot. Kids’ hoverboards are designed to carry low weights and adult hoverboards are designed to carry more weight. so if the board itself is heavy it will not carry out high speed so lightweight hoverboards are easy to run faster as compared to others.

The Balancing Process Of The Hoverboard

The tilt or speed sensors help the gyroscope to determine how much the rider is leaning forward these signals are sent to the logic board, logic board tells the motor to spin more when the rider leans more forward. The whole idea is to allow the rider to control the hoverboard’s speed with their weight.


Hoverboards are the most recent invention of scientists. This mini e-vehicle will provide you with a decent speed with a convenient travel range. There are many hoverboards available in markets with different specifications and different sizes. this article will help you to guide which hoverboard will be suitable for your situation. Because they all have different specifications. They can travel at the range of 6-12 miles per hour according to their specifications, size, and battery.
After this article, I hope you will get a good idea about hoverboards and their speed limits. Team

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