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How To Choose The Best Headphones in 2024? Wired And Wiresless

How To Choose The Best Headphones?

Are you habitual of daily running and are in search of the best headphones for running? Are you tired of daily changing of headphones and looking for the best headphone for running? Are you searching out how to choose the best headphone for running? Are you searching, how to know which headphone is best for running? If yes! You are finally here, as you will be best guided to choose the best headphone for you to use while running.

People use headphones in order to focus on running and want to avoid the disturbance in the surrounding. People love to go running with music as there are many reasons to listen to music while running. People find their running more enjoyable with music.

People consider music a motivation for them while running, so the right headphones and accessories can create a big difference in the performance of people while running. You are searching out how to choose the best headphones for running? Right!

Don’t worry! After reading this article you will be able to choose the best headphones for running.

In this article, we will explore the most important things you should consider while choosing the right running headphones for you as well as what can often be overlooked when shopping for the right pair. We will also explore the different types of headphones so that you can choose, the one which is suitable for you.

Let’s explore more to choose the right headphone for running.

Things To Consider When Choosing Running Headphones:

As you are going to shop for a new pair of running headphones, you will usually consider the basics like battery life, eight, and water resistance but you should also consider the comfort, safety, and stability of your new pair of headphones in order to make sure that you are choosing the right one.

  • Battery Life:

The battery life of sports headphones is important to consider just like the battery of your smartphones. When the battery life will be longer it will ensure that you just don’t have to worry about the headphones losing charge while running.

It will be extremely useful for long-distance runners or racers. They will last longer, which means that you don’t have to charge your headphones all the time.

  • Water Resistance:

It is highly important to choose headphones that are water-resistant so that they can last as long as possible. It will be easy for you to plan your run in any weather conditions means that any sweat will not affect the functionality of your headphones.

  • Weight:

To perform the best while running, a runner should choose headphones as light as possible. When you will choose a heavy pair of headphones you may feel uncomfortable and it will distract you from your running goals.

Just don’t think that the heavy weight of your headphones makes them more portable, do choose the lighter ones with amazing features.

  • Comfort:

Yes, the comfort of your running headphones is very important. If you will run with uncomfortable headphones it may hurt your ears and will make your run less enjoyable. When your headphones will be irritating they will distract you and will surely affect your performance.

  • Stability:

Running is a dynamic sport, it means that your body will move up and down a lot while running. So it is important that your headphones should be securely fitted in your ears in order to avoid falling out or moving around.

  • Safety:

As you are running for a competition, another runner comes up close behind you or wants to overtake you. When you will choose the best pair of headphones they will allow you to hear what is going on around you, such as traffic, others, and safety.

Headphones For Running: Which One Should I Choose:

There are many things to consider while choosing the best headphone for you which we have mentioned above, but the main you should consider is whether they should be wired or wireless. It is important to consider whether they must be of in-ear, over-the-ear, or open-ear variety. We will tell you the advantages of disadvantages of all of them so you can easily decide which one is best for you.

Wireless Headphones Vs Wired Headphones:

  • Sound Quality:

Wired headphones generally provide you the better sound quality than that of wireless headphones. Digital files are compressed so much nowadays, it really does not create so much difference to the sound quality whether you are choosing wireless or wired headphones.

  • Battery Life:

Wireless headphones have limited battery life and it is their greater disadvantage. So it is advised that you should charge them frequently. Wired headphones don’t require charging as they are always ready to use.

  • Portability:

Both wireless as well as wired headphones are easy to bring along with you while running. But if you want to avoid hanging cables fluttering in the wind, then you should choose wireless Bluetooth headphones. Another advantage of wireless headphones is that you can place your smartphone wherever you want.

  • Price:

Wireless headphones are more expensive than that wired headphones, but both types are available in all price ranges. You have to choose the one which is affordable for you.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Types Of Headphones:

When you are choosing a new headphone for sports, it is important to choose one that is designed for sports. These models are designed and optimized to fit that increasing the likelihood they will stay in place and they are typically made up of materials that can resist sweat and rain.

is important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of headphones so you can easily choose the one which is suitable for you.

  • In-Ear Headphones:

In-ear headphones also known as earbuds, are small headphones that are placed inside the ear. It is the most common type of sport.


In-ear headphones are super easy to bring on the run as they utilize very little space and weight. They are cheapest but you can also choose the flagship models which are very expensive. If you are wearing glasses then in-ear headphones are best to choose. Another advantage to choosing them is that, during the colder seasons, you can easily wear a hat.


Sound quality is worse than in on-ear and over-ear for the music. Some of its models are delivering the best quality. Finding the pair of headphones that will fit your ears perfectly will be difficult to find. If you are facing the fall of your in-ear headphones you can use the ear hook around your ear.

Many runners feel uncomfortable using in-ear headphones. Many of its models shut out virtually all sound, which is not optimal if you are moving in congested areas.

  • On-Ear Headphones:

On-ear headphones are placed over the ear and they are also used in sports.


On-ear headphones are relatively light and compact and the risk of falling off or sliding down is significantly smaller than in-ear headphones. Runners usually find on-ear headphones comfortable while running especially for longer periods. Another advantage is that they don’t block all sound and will allow you to hear the traffic.


On-ear headphones don’t work well if you are wearing glasses and if you are faces heavy sweating, the foam may well get moist. On-ear headphones will be a little comfortable on use on very long-term use as they push against the ear a little.

  • Over-Ear Headphones:

The very common type of headphones is over the ear, which are very large and close tightly around the ear. They are widely popular for everyday use as well as for sports.


Over-ear headphones beat and compete with the other types of headphones in two areas sound quality as well as comfort. Because of their sizes, this type delivers the bass and depth of music which other types can’t. At the same time, over-ear headphones are super comfortable to use.


They are quite large and seem a little bit clumsy as if you want to use them for running as well as other activities where the activity level is high. Over-ear headphones are well-designed for fitness, strength training, and other activities. But if you are insisting you can choose this for running.

Many over-ear headphones are breathable and sweat resistant, some headphones even come with replaceable ear pads so you have to set them for training.

  • Open-Ear Headphones:

The new type of headphones is open-ear headphones. It m means that you are not blocking the ear canal and thus leaving the ear open while listening to the music. The most common open-ear headphones are those work with bone conduction. It is completely safe and it works well in practice.


The main advantage of this type is that your ears are not covered and it ensures that you can hear the sounds of traffic and your surroundings like while running or cycling. They are best in terms of comfort as nothing will irritate your ear. People who have partial hearing loss should choose this type.


The quality of sound is worse than other types of headphones. But the sound will still be good enough for most people’s needs. If you are turning the volume very high, the headphones will vibrate. They are not comfortable but it feels a little weird at first.

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Choosing the right headphones for running is not quite easy, but with assistance and guidelines, you will find it easier to choose the best headphones for you while running. Make sure to choose the one which is comfortable for you. We have tried our best to inform you all about different types of headphones including the advantages and disadvantages.

We have covered many things that you have to consider while choosing the best headphone for you. We are hopeful that this article is enough for you to differentiate the headphone which is suitable for you while running and which is not. Just specify your needs and then choose the one which is suitable for you in case of budget as well as your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: Are On-Ear And Over-Ear Headphones Better For Running?

Ans: Full-size over-ear headphones are considered to be more comfortable than on-ear headphones for everyday use. But on-ear headphones allow more airflow.

So they are best for running. Both on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones stay on your head equally well. A few models are also offering water and dust resistance just like virtually all earbuds too.

Q: Which Headphones Are Best For Marathon Running?

Ans: If you are running in a race you have to check whether you are allowed to wear the headphones or not. If they are allowed then you have to check, what kind of headphones are allowed. You will be allowed to wear the headphones in which your ears will be open.

It means that bone conduction models are allowed to use for marathon running. So if you want to choose headphones for marathon running, you should choose open-ear headphones.

Q: How To Choose Headphones For Workouts?

Ans: When you are choosing headphones for a workout, the most vital factor to ensure is that they are comfortable on wearing and provide a secure fit. When the headphones will be comfortable, the more confidently you will focus on your run.

Headphones are available in different sizes you have to choose the size according to your ear. You can also add support to your headphones like ear wings or ear hooks to maximize comfort. So while choosing headphones for running, you should consider that they will be comfortable for you.

Q: Are Wired Heard Phones Good For Running?

Ans: Running earbuds and headphones are good but they need to fit well and they should be water resistant. If you are running outside they must have integrated safety features which is where bone conduction headphones shine. You will feel easy to listen to music while using wired headphones.

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