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How To Choose The Best Resistance Bands? An Ultimate Guide

Are you interested in buying a resistance band for you? Are you looking for the best resistance band on the market? To increase your physical fitness do you prefer resistance bands? Are you searching out which resistance band is best for me?

If you don’t have access to the gym and you want to do a workout at home add a resistance band to your routine. Adding them will be an integral part of your regular fitness routine. If you want to add a resistance band to your workout, you have reached at the right place.

In this article, we will explore the introduction of resistance bands, the types of resistance bands as well their benefits. We will explore how to choose the right resistance band. You will also know about the best resistance bands available in the market. After reading this article you can easily decide which resistance band is best for you and how you can benefit from the resistance band.

Let’s move further!

What Are Resistance Bands And What Are Their Benefits?

Resistance bands are actually lightweight, inexpensive, and highly versatile equipment that allows you to work anywhere. They work by providing tension to your muscles. The more you stretch the more resistance you will get. It makes the resistance bands best for beginners.

You are here to know how to choose the resistance before knowing that it is important to know about the benefits of resistance bands so you use them more confidently. Here we will discuss the most important benefits that you will get from resistance bands.

1. Enhance Strength Training:

Resistance bands are designed to replace gym equipment like weights and other machines. It is said that your muscles will respond to resistance bands and will get strength similar to the weights and machines.

So if you want to work on the strengthening of your muscles at home, resistance bands are best for this purpose.

2. Improves Mobility:

Resistance bands are helpful in providing resistance in all planes which requires more muscle activation and recreating daily movements more effectively. Resistance bands are helpful in improving mobility.

3. Increases Coordination:

Resistance bands are helpful in improving your balance and ultimately will improve your coordination. So if you want to improve your brain coordination you can use resistance bands to do that.

4. Budget-Friendly:

Resistance bands are budget-friendly, so if you want to add resistance bands to your daily routine they are easy to afford. Resistance bands are available at different prices so you can choose according to your budget.

How To Choose The Right Resistance Band?

Choosing the resistance band for you is easy but choosing the right resistance band for you is quite challenging. You have to consider the following things while choosing the right resistance band for you.

1. Buy A Variety Of Bands:

While looking for resistance bands, the first thing you should consider is the strength and tension of the band. If you are a beginner you should prefer a light band. To help you decide what to choose, bands are color-coded like yellow for light and black for heavy. Make sure that color systems differ between brands and products.

2. Consider The Quality Of Resistance Bands:

It is important to look at the quality of bands while making a purchase. You don’t need a resistance band that will get sticky or snap in the middle of the exercise. The durable band will be thicker. It is recommended that, check before each workout to look for wear and tear. If you are feeling any breaks in the rubber or damage to the band it is time to replace the band.

3. Consider The Type Of Material:

Resistance bands are available in elastic fiber or rubber latex and you should consider the one which is best for you. Fabric bands don’t roll up or slide around during the workout. That’s the reason, fabric bands are generally considered ideal for lower body exercises.

On the other hand, latex bands provide more stretch and they are considered best for upper body exercises like explosive movements, stability joint exercises as well and stretching.

4. Check Out Accessories:

The straightforward resistance band kit consists of simple band loops. But depending on what you are using your bands, or if you want to expand your collection, you can choose a band that includes different accessories, like handles, door attachments as well and ankle cuffs. If you are a beginner, the experts are advising keep it simple to encourage building your exercise habit.

5. Consider Your Budget:

While buying a resistance band for you it is important to consider your budget. Considering and specifying your budget is important as it will help you to choose the one that you can afford. Just don’t but due to its high price, must check the quality of the resistance band.

Give high attention to quality not the price and after finding the one with the best quality you can buy it.

Types Of Resistance Bands:

You are going to choose a resistance band for you, that’s why we are discussing here the types of resistance bands so you can decide which type of resistance band is for you.

Latex and fabric bands are the most popular, but there are other styles of bands that are available for different workouts and movements. Following are the primary types of resistance bands.

  • Tube Bands With Handles:

These bands are best for any exercise like dumbbells, curlups, shoulder extensions, or shoulder presses.

  • Figure 8 Bands:

These bands are useful in the same way as loop bands. Figure of 8 design comes up with soft handle grips which makes it easier to perform certain exercises.

  • Ankle Resistance Band:

Ankle resistance bands are designed to loop around the ankle as this band adds resistance to exercises like side steps and leg lifts.

  • Power Resistance Bands:

These are oversized loops and they are more than 40 inches long which makes them very versatile for bodyweight assistances, resistance, and other exercises like rows.

  • Therapy Bands:

These bands usually have less resistance and they allow deeper stretches as well as mobility training.

Best Resistance Bands:

If you want to buy resistance bands for you, to help you well we are discussing the best resistance bands available in the market so you can choose from them.

1. Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands (The Best Handled And Reinforced Set)

Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands

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The Bodylastics stackable resistance bands have built-in safety guards. Here woven cords are tucked inside the tubes that are there to prevent overstretching and they will also avert a rebound snap if tube splits.

Along with five bands increasing resistance, the set also includes a door anchor for creating the points at different heights to pull or press against, two grippy handles, and two padded ankle straps. This is a very cute common setup and Bodylastics are higher in quality.

This kit is very easy to use and comes with a detailed instruction manual which includes links to free exercise demonstration videos as well as workouts (subscription-based) available on the company’s website and application.

2. Gofit Progym Extreme (Reliable Tube Set)

Gofit Progym Extreme

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This four-band kit is well made having an instruction manual as well as a storage bag, but it lacks the tube reinforcing cords.

This kit consists of four interchangeable tub bands of increasing resistance that is used in combination, has two rubberized handles, two padded ankle straps, two door anchor, and a spiral-bound manual. It also has the best storage bag. It also includes two sturdy door anchors and it means that you don’t have to move the anchor as often between the exercises.

3. Resistance Band Training Economy Fitness Package (A Hybrid Handled/Superband Set):

Resistance Band Training Economy Fitness Package

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This type of resistance band is best for pull-ups and other superband exercises.  They are continuous latex loops rather than molded tubes. This is a band set that includes bands ranging from a claimed resistance of 5 pounds to 120 pounds males them useful for assisted pull-up precessions as well as for stretching and adding resistance to some exercises.

Depending on your needs, you will find the largest band in the set less useful. These bands have a powdery feel that makes them less stick to grip.

4. Perform Better Exercise Mini Bands (The Best Mini Band Set):

These mini bands are of the best quality and offer great utility for rehab and prehab. Their diameter is 10 inches and they perform better as mini exercise bands. They can provide you with more tension as compared to other resistance bands. These are very easy to handle and use.

Other Good Resistance Bands:

If you are looking for a fabric band to make it use it for a dynamic warm-up or form cues during exercises, like squats and deadlifts. Then Mark Bell’s slingshot hip circle is one of the best as it is well-rated by trainers as well as athletes. This band comes in three sizes based on the weight of the body; medium which is less than 120 pounds, large (151 to 260 pounds), and extra-large which is more than 260 pounds.

It has a tightly woven construction with secure stretching that feels sturdy. This band has level 2 resistance and provides plenty of resistance during exercises like lateral steps, Gluteal Bridge, and squats. Another tougher model is also available which level 3 hip circle max is.

If you prefer mini bands with large diameters then the simplified resistance loop exercise bands are famous and also inexpensive. It is the five loops set and it will be your fine choice. If you want a mini band with a larger 12-inch diameter or light resistance then it is the finest choice.

If you are looking for mini bands with maximum resistance Gymbanit ultra heavy mini bands are for those who don’t need the lighter options. It delivers a greater degree of resistance and is best for you if you are looking for heavier options.

Each of its bands gives a noticeably higher degree of resistance and works well for lower limb exercises. It will be a great choice if you are looking for a band that will provide maximum resistance to muscles.

Final Verdict:

Resistance bands are considered easy to use, versatile, and compact. If you don’t have access to the gym and want to get the resistance bands for your home, this article is enough for your guidance. We have covered up types of resistance bands as well best resistance bands that are top-rated. Several factors are mentioned here that you should consider while choosing the best resistance band for you.

We understand that it is quite challenging to choose the right resistance band for you but for your help, but we have tried our best to help you as possible as we can.

Just read this article in detail and choose the right resistance bands for your home workout. We are hopeful that this guide is enough as guidance while choosing the right resistance band for you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: Which Resistance Bands Are Good For Beginners?

Ans: If you are a beginner you should start with a light resistance band. It is advised to apply it to bodyweight exercises you are already familiar with to build comfort and ease.

After getting stronger you can increase the difficulty of your moves or attempts as well as the level of resistance you are using.

Q: How Do I Know Which Resistance Band Should I Use?

Ans: It is important to assess your comfort level by trying out the type of exercise using a light resistance band. If you want to face more challenging resistance, you should still keep proper form, posture, and techniques to progress to the next level of your resistance band. It is advised to choose the one which is best in its quality.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of Resistance Bands?

Ans: There are multiple advantages of resistance bands;

  • Resistance bands will enhance strength training.
  • Resistance bands are easy to use and they are budget-friendly.
  • Resistance bands will improve brain coordination.
  • Resistance bands help increase mobility.

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