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How To Choose Best USB WiFi Adapter in 2024

In a world where we can get the solution to all the problems in just a second. How can we not fix the issue regarding the connection of Wi-Fi in the laptop? On a laptop or computer, all the features we use have some back support like drivers or something like that. here’s the complete guide on How to Choose the best USB Wi-Fi adapter, Let’s dive into it.

Wi-Fi connection also has the Wi-Fi adapter which supports the connection of Wi-Fi in your laptop. But if the Wi-Fi adapter is facing any issue, it will cause your computer to miss the signals and won’t be able to connect to the Wi-Fi.

In this situation, our people with amazing minds have developed a device that will assist your laptop in connecting with the Wi-Fi.

The device is known as the USB Wi-Fi adapter. This is the device that will help your computer to get better signals and better connectivity.

But for a USB Wi-Fi adapter, you have to understand some features which you have to look in the USB Wi-Fi adapter while purchasing it. All those factors will be discussed in this article. We will guide you on how you can choose the best USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop.

Best USB Wifi Adapter:

In simple words, you can say that it is the device that will help your laptop or computer communicate with your wireless router. You can get access to Wi-Fi with the help of this adapter. You can connect that USB Wi-Fi adapter to your laptop or computer through the USB port.

Each laptop or computer has multiple ports you can Install a USB Wi-Fi adapter in any of them. And it will be connected to your laptop which will help your device to get connected with the Wi-Fi in the surrounding area.

Some factors play a key role in getting the right USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop or computer. Let’s see what those factors are so that you can buy the correct USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop.

How To Choose Best Wifi Adapters:

All the computers or laptops have built-in Wi-Fi adapters. Even the latest versions have this feature. But sometimes it happens that for any reason, your laptop’s Wi-Fi adapter stops working.

Or it might not pick up the signals of Wi-Fi. It’s not always about not picking the Wi-Fi signals but any other issue can be happened. So, at that time what will you do to connect your laptop to your Wi-Fi so that you can easily avail of the internet service?

for this situation, the USB Wi-Fi adapter is introduced, which will connect your computer to the Wi-Fi if it is having any issues. But before using this device make sure that the problem is in the Wi-Fi adapter, because sometimes it happens due to weak Wi-Fi signals.

So before using a USB Wi-Fi adapter first check your Wi-Fi signals if it is intense then it will be because of the laptop Wi-Fi adapter.

Now you have to use the USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect your laptop to the Wi-Fi. Not everyone has a USB Wi-Fi adapter in their home.

So, you have to go shopping to buy the USB Wi-Fi adapter but be careful while buying the USB Wi-Fi adapter. As you enter the shop you will see the variety of USB Wi-Fi adapters. Never pick the one that looks cool by its appearance. You have to check many factors while purchasing the best USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop.

Otherwise, it won’t help out your laptop with this problem. So, let’s see what factors or points you have to keep in consideration while buying the USB Wi-Fi adapter for your device.

1. USB Port:

The first thing you have to check is the USB port of your laptop. Check your laptop USB port that which type of is it. Mainly laptops have 2 types of USB ports, USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

If you have an older laptop which will be of before 2015 then it will have USB 2.0 and the speed which you can get in this USB 2.0 port will be only 60 MB/s. while if your laptop has USB 3.0, then you can have a speed of 640 MB/s.

However, this thing does not matter only if you have a broadband subscription that is below 60 MB/s, and the router will be using only 802.11n and its maximum speed will be 56 MB/s. though it is not an important factor still you have to keep an eye on this while buying the USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop.

2. Antennas:

We all know this thing that any device or thing looking beautiful does not make it more effective. You can get the example of a car, if you have 2 computers one with lots of gadgets like separate microphone, joystick and all, and the other one does not have extra equipment, but the one with extra gadgets does not work properly as compared to the other one, which will you use? the one which will work better.

So, in the case of USB Wi-Fi adapters, never fall for the looks, having many antennas does not mean it will catch more signals.

You have to look more inside like the features of a USB Wi-Fi adapter. In antennas which thing matters is the size and the type of antenna, antennas are of two types, internal antenna and external antenna.

Among these two antennas, the external antenna is preferable and also more effective as compared to the internal one.

The external antenna will provide you with more or better coverage and connectivity. Also, if you are having any issues with the signals, you can adjust the direction of the antenna and put it in the direction according to where it will get strong signals.

So, while buying a USB Wi-Fi adapter, always consider the one with external antennas. So that you will get better coverage.

3. Range:

The range is also another factor that will play a key role in getting the best USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop. Even when you are buying a Wi-Fi router, the first thing you check is the range of that router, and how long it can transmit the signals.

So that you can easily avail the internet service everywhere. In the USB Wi-Fi adapter, you also have to check the signal range of the adapter. If you don’t know what the good range of an adapter is, then just remember that any USB Wi-Fi adapter that will offer signals in the range of about 15 meters or indoors is a good one.

Also, many other adapters will give you more range as compared to this one, but though the long-range adapters will provide you a stable connection it will cause more interruptions as you move in the house.

So always consider the USB Wi-Fi adapter which will at least have a range of 15 meters.

4. Wireless Standards:

The next thing that you have to consider in a USB Wi-Fi adapter is the wireless standards. All the adapters have different wireless standards, and most of them support the 802.11 n wireless standard which will give you a speed of more than 150 Mbps.

Though it’s, not a very fast speed, if you are looking for the one which will give you the fastest speed then you should buy the USB Wi-Fi adapter which comes with the wireless standard of 802.11 ac, this is the standard which will provide you the fastest speed.

So always go for the adapter which has the standard of 802.11ac. But along with this, don’t forget that the fastest speed wireless standard will cost you more money or you can say that the faster the wireless standard, the more money it will cost So if you can afford the high price tag of the adapter then you can buy this.

5. Compatibility:

Whenever you are connecting two different things, you always check the compatibility that either that device is compatible with your material. The same thing happens in the case of a USB Wi-Fi adapter. You have to check whether that adapter is compatible with your laptop or not.

Because some things are restricted for your laptop, if those things are present in that adapter, it means that it is not compatible with your laptop. Just like if you have the Windows operating system in your laptop, you can use a variety of USB Wi-Fi adapters with it, but if you have a MacBook or any other laptop that works on a different operating system then those adapters will not work with these laptops.

So, the MacBook has its specific USB Wi-Fi adapter. In this way, you have to check for the compatibility of the USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop. Never choose an adapter that is not compatible with your laptop otherwise it might create more problems.

6. Security:

Never ignore the security part of the USB Wi-Fi adapter. Even the small USB has a security system so why not a USB Wi-Fi adapter? When we talk about the security system of a USB Wi-Fi system, always prefer to buy the USB Wi-Fi adapter that supports the WPA2 security system.

This one will be the best for your privacy and to secure your all data. This security system will help your laptop to add up the extra protection in your laptop device that will protect it from any other issue.

Also, there is an adapter that has the feature of supporting passwords and secure authentication, this choice is also good if you want. So, while purchasing the USB Wi-Fi adapter always check that it supports the WPA2 security system. The security system should be on the checklist while buying the USB Wi-Fi adapter.

7. Wireless Frequency:

You should make a choice that which frequency you want to use, You have two options for wireless frequency, 2.4 GHz and the second one is 5 GHz. Both the frequencies have their advantages and disadvantages. You can choose the frequency by observing all the situations.

Like if you are living in a house that has a lot of walls and in your surrounding area you don’t have any interferences from other routers or signals then you can easily use the 2.4 GHz frequency. This will fulfill all your needs and requirements.

I you are going to use the 5 GHz frequency then you have to encounter signal issues, Although it is the fastest one it will cause signal problems when you are moving into your home. So always look for the frequency that will be suitable for your house.

Also, if you have the surrounding interference in your home, it will stop the signals of your adapter and will cause disruption. So be careful while buying the USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop in terms of frequency.


The laptop is an electronic device that can be stopped anytime anywhere for any reason. Sometimes when you get the issue of Wi-Fi not connecting or the laptop doesn’t get the signals of Wi-Fi in your home it means that something is wrong in if section of your laptop.

First, confirm that it’s the issue with the laptop. Then you can get the solution of a Wi-Fi adapter. You can have a USB Wi-Fi connecter which will help you to get better signals and connectivity of your laptop to Wi-Fi. This is the device that will connect your laptop to the surrounding Wi-Fi through the laptop USB port.

All the USB adapters are not compatible with all laptops so first confirm the compatibility then buy the adapter for your laptop.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the factors that you have to keep in mind while buying the best USB Wi-Fi adapter for your laptop. You have to keep an eye on all these factors because all of them are equally important.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: What are the best options for USB Wi-Fi adapters?

Ans: According to some reviews and research some of the best USB Wi-Fi adapters are:

  • Netgear Nighthawk AC1900
  • TP-Link Archer T4U V3
  • Asus USB AC68

Q: How can I install the USB Wi-Fi adapter on the laptop?

Ans: Follow the following steps:

  • Connect the USB Wi-Fi adapter to the USB port of your laptop. You will get a pop-up message that will inform you about the new device detection.
  • Download and install the driver for the adapter.
  • Restart your laptop and connect to the Wi-Fi network using your adapter.

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