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How To Choose Cordless Phones 2024: An Ultimate Guide

How To Choose Cordless Phones:

So, how to choose cordless phones, as nowadays telephones are replaced by smartphones but there are still people available who prefer to use a home phone for standard calls or the occasional international chat. Even after the arrival of NBN, still some people continue to use their landlines.

Landlines are still used after the advancement in the world of technology, most families have a landline and especially the corporate sector prefers to use cordless phones. are you looking for the specifications and features you need to check before making a purchase?

Are you ready to use the cordless phone and looking for guidelines that how can you choose the cordless phone? if yes! This article is a complete guide for you. You will be able to choose the cordless phone easily.

A cordless telephone is a wireless telephone that transmits and receives signals from a base station. It is basically a portable telephone in which the handset is also portable and communicates with the body of the phone by radio.

The base station of the telephone is connected to the telephone network through the telephone line. It serves as a charger to charge the handset batteries. The range is limited, usually, it is to the same building or some short distance from the base station.

When buying a cordless phone, it is often difficult to see the advantages and disadvantages of different types of models of cordless phones. If you want to know how to choose a cordless phone, in this article we will explore the features to look for while buying a cordless phone.

Benefits Of Cordless Phones:

Before choosing the cordless phone you should be familiar with the benefits of cordless phones let’s explore them.

Cordless phones allow you to connect to extra antennas which gives you a bigger coverage area and provides you a bigger range. Nowadays cordless phones allow you to have multiple handsets that are connected to the same base. With a cordless phone, it is easy to provide more utility to your overall phone line system.

With a cordless phone, you can move around freely without staying near the base. It provides you with all the freedom you need. Cordless phones are versatile and they can fit perfectly in any kind of setting so if you are looking to improve your life at home or want to secure your business solutions, having a cordless phone will help you. All these are benefits provided by the cordless phone so if you want to use the cordless phone you must go it.

Features To Look For In A Cordless Phone:

While choosing the cordless phone, you have to consider the following features;

1. Volume:

If you feel hard while hearing, it is important to look for a phone that provides extensive volume adjustments on a handset and has high handset speaker volume.

2. Controls:

When your phone will have large marked keys and a backlit keypad it will be easy for you to make a call in low light.

3. Headset:

When your phone will have a headset jack which will allow you to use a headset hands-free with a microphone.

4. Call Waiting:

This feature in your phone will let you know when someone is trying to call you while you are talking on the phone. check with your phone network to see if there is an additional charge for this service.

5. Bluetooth:

Bluetooth technology is important as Bluetooth technology is used to bring a mobile phone into the home environment. It allows your phone calls to be made on a cordless landline handset.

6. Text-To-Speech:

Text-to-speech can announce the number when you dial the keypad. It can also make an announcement of the name of the caller. While choosing the cordless phone for you, go and check whether it has text to speech feature or not.

7. Sleep Mode:

When your phone will have sleep mode you can easily set the phone not to ring during a specified period and it is very handy for a good night’s sleep.

8. Call barring:

Another feature that should be in your cordless phone is call barring. Incoming and outgoing barring will provide a level of control in case you don’t want to accept calls from certain companies or individuals. It will also prevent your household members from calling specific numbers without permission.

9. Paging:

The ability to page from the base of the handset is used mostly when you leave the phone lying around the house. It will be best if your phone has this ability.

10. Conferencing:

When your cordless phone will allow you a conferencing call, it clearly means that users on an extra handset can join the phone conversation where all the parties can hear and listen to the conversation.

11. Phone Book:

Ok, the phone book feature has its value, as it will allow you to store the contact phone numbers in the memory of your phone. phone book helps you to make the contact list.

12. Tele coil, or T coil:

Tele coil or T coil is also known as hearing aid compatible and it means that you can feel the caller’s voice directly from the phone to your hearing aid. It helps you to filter out the background noise when listening through the handset speaker.

13. Batteries:

All cordless phones should have rechargeable batteries as some models can make use of AAA NIMH rechargeable batteries that are not so expensive and they are readily available.

14. Digital System:

DECT 6.0 and ECO DECT are the marketing terms for the virtually identical technology and DECT 1.8 is the frequency range that is reserved for cordless phones operating within the 1.8-1.9HZ band.

How To Choose Cordless Phones?

You have decided to use a cordless phone but don’t know how to choose the cordless one for you. We recommend that any model of cordless you select has every one of the following features.

Step 1: Critical Features:

Some of the most important features and functions are crucial for cordless phones. it is not the best deal if any one of them does not have these features. These features will dramatically improve the value of the phone and we would say that choose a phone that consists of all the following features.

1. Illuminated buttons and backlit screen:

Your cordless phone must have illuminated buttons as well as a backlit screen as it is incredibly useful when your phone can work in poorly lit environments. Using it for a call at night, or saving any contact information can be demanding at night. While choosing the cordless phone for you make sure to check that your phone has illuminated buttons and backlit screens.

2. Handset locator:

If your phone will have an untethered handset it will give you freedom of mobility from a base station and it will also give you the freedom to misplace the handset or for the handset to wander off. A handset locator is necessary because it will allow you to page the handset from the base and can easily and quickly reunite it. It will be better if there are locators that play a loud tone for a considerable duration and make your search time much better.

3. Expandable handsets:

Yes! Your cordless phone must consist of an additional handset as it is a great feature to have and you can’t know exactly know where you would like to place a handset around your home until and unless some experimentation and tweaking have taken place. You will love it if it would be more convenient to add a handset in a different room and the only models that allow expandable handsets afford you the flexibility to do that.

4. Large buttons and hyphenated dialing:

Your phone must have large buttons as they make it easier for anyone to use it. It will provide benefits to those that have limitations in dexterity. We have seen that the models which automatically hyphenated the number when dialing are much easier to read and enter the numbers mistake-free.

5. Hearing Aid compatible:

This feature is self-explanatory somewhat, and while you may not need it. This is the feature that makes cordless phones more convenient so if you don’t need this feature just don’t ignore it. You may have someone in your home who will make use of this feature.

6. Caller ID announce:

The caller ID announcement feature is important as it will help you to avoid squinting to read the screen of the phone while receiving the call. Some of you will not prefer to have this as they don’t need this.

Step 2: Technophile Or Technophobe

Are you looking for the latest cordless phones with amazing features and you want a traditional simple cordless phone which is easy to use and reliable?

Cordless phone technology has become more advance over the past 50 years and it is developing day by day. The highest-end models have amazing features and they can act as a home intercom system and connect to mobile devices some of them even have device-specific applications. These new advanced features are very nice and they usually come with a hefty price tag and require some careful consideration about whether or not you will make use of these features. We would say that these features are a neat addition.

Cordless phones that are the latest and greatest are sometimes complicated and you can’t end up using them for a long time. For those who want to choose the most bare-bones models, they are available. These phones come up in a good range and have good sound quality and yes they are easy to use. DECT 6.0 technology is best in delivering sound quality and the range is acceptable for most people.


Most people prefer to use the cordless phone even in this advanced world of technology. Cordless phones are safe to use and most people prefer to use them due to safety and security. The cordless phone is not similar to wireless phones. As you want to choose a cordless phone, all the guideline mentioned above that is necessary for you to consider while choosing a cordless phone.

Make sure that the handset is returned periodically to the base unit for recharging and the base unit must be physically connected to both the telephone line and the electrical outlet. You can choose the cordless phone now. All you have to do is to follow the guideline we have provided you, and we are hoping that it will be helpful to you in choosing the cordless phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How Much GHZ is A Cordless Phone?

Ans: Virtually all the cordless phones that are sold in the US use the DECT 6.0 on the 1.9GHz band, though legacy phones can remain in use on the older 900 MHz, 2,.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz bands.

Q: What Is The Maximum Range Of Cordless Phones?

Ans: Most cordless phones offer the same range. It is because they all use DECT technology to send out the signals from a base to the handset. You can expect up to 50 meters range for indoor usage and it is up to 300 meters outdoors.

Q: What Is The Battery Life Of Cordless Phones?

Ans: The average battery life of the cordless phone is up to one to two years. But in some cases, it may not be able to charge up within a year. It is due to the reason that the battery has been charged before and left to discharge to a low voltage.

Q: Can I Replace The Battery In A Cordless Phone?

Ans: Here we will recommend that you replace the batteries of your cordless phones every two or three years. If you want your batteries to last long, you should let them run down completely at least once a month and then recharge them to the maximum capacity.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Charge The Cordless Phone?

Ans: To charge your cordless phones completely you should allow 16 hours to fully charge your handset battery. If you want the optimum daily performance of your battery, you have to return the handset to the base of its telephone or charger when you are using it.

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