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How To Choose A Home Wireless Speaker For Your Home?

Do you want to choose a wireless speaker for your home? Do you need guidance in buying the home speaker for you? Are you searching for tips or information you should be familiar with buying a wireless speaker for you? If yes! This article is going to help you in finding the best home speaker for you.

Wireless speakers have nowadays evolved to deliver excellent sound quality and it retains the ease of use as they have vast and varied connectivity and their compact and one-box design makes them more popular. Nowadays wireless speakers are usually clever products so with the use of the latest streaming technologies inside and sometimes it has personal voice assistants built into them.

As you are confused that there is a huge variety of wireless speakers in the market so how will you pick the best one for you? No worry! We are here to guide you. In this article, we will explore the factors you need to look for while buying a wireless speaker and the steps to choose a wireless speaker for you.

Features To Look For In The Wireless Speaker?

These features are important to look for when buying a wireless speaker for you.

  • Additional Speaker Support:

Some of the wireless speakers offer extra features and functionality like the stereo separation. It means that two or more wireless speakers can be paired up together to create or form one multi-speaker sound system.

  • Speakerphone:

Many speakers include microphone support which allows you to use the speaker to talk to someone instead of having to pick up your phone. this is called a handy feature and is used for conference calls.

  • Dust/Water Resistance:

It is also a handy feature that helps you to extend the life of your wireless speaker if you want to take it with you to the park. The higher the number, then the greater will be resistance. If your speaker has an X in place of a number it doesn’t consist of a rating in the category.

How To Choose A Wireless Speaker?

To choose a wireless speaker for you, you have to follow all the steps mentioned below.

  • Choose The Right Shape And Size:

The size and shape of your wireless speaker should be your priority. Wireless speakers usually come up in many sizes and shapes, as they can be big and have boxy units, they also can be small and cylindrical. Some of them are built to be rugged and waterproof and others try to put their styles and designs high in their priorities.

The point is here, wireless speakers can look like anything and come up in many sizes. As you are questioning how can you choose a wireless speaker for you?

There are multiple options available, for your bedroom and worktop a sensible size speaker such as sonos one or amazon echo, amazon echo dot com and the audio per addon will be ideal.

If your speaker is taking the proper place in your living room and needs to fill a larger space with music, there are bigger eye-catching units like Band W formation Wedege, BandW Zeppelin, and Naim Mu so Qb 2 will be best for you.

If you want to enjoy an even spread of sound all around you, you should look at omnidirectional speakers like Amazon echo studio or anything from the ultimate ears range of wireless speakers.

Another option is available for you if you are adventurous and that is ultimate ears wonder boom 2 and waterproof build will withstand all manners of knocks and bumps or rain. It will be fitted in your rucksack, too.

  • Choose Your Main Music System:

If you are looking for a wireless speaker to be your main music system you have to spend some money. Another thing you have to do is to create space in your room. For example; Naim Mu-so Qb 2 will be a little expensive but yes their sound quality is good. They are the best alternative to a dedicated hi-fi system and it comes packed with plenty of streaming and also playback features, hence it makes a great style statement in your living room also.

You will also want to temper your sonic expectations and it will depend upon the shape and price. Just don’t expect to get huge, room-filling, dynamic as well as sound articulate from the small portable speaker.

  • Portable Or Mains Powered Speaker:

Portable speakers usually consist of a rechargeable battery so you are not just tied to a main socket. You have to simply pick up the speaker and take it with you. As it will depend upon how big it is, the main mean to another part of the house or to the garden or way to the beach.

Just take note of the battery life of the speakers. Five hours will be best if you are using this in your garden close to the power supply but you will probably need 78 hours or more if you are taking it with you on your holiday. Portable speakers are not cheap in their quality and price.

The ultra-portable and rugged JBL charge 5 will last for almost 20 hours on the other hand Dali Ketch G2 clock is considered an impressive 30 hours on the full charge.

Alternatively, mains-powered speakers inevitably tend to work best at your home and they don’t require to move around so much. They are bigger and more expensive as compared to portable speakers. The Devialet gold phantom is the best and is demanding enough to need a constant source of power to drive the speakers and want to full performance potential.

Stream Your Music:

After deciding the type of wireless speaker or where you will put your wireless speaker and for what purpose you will use this most of the time. The next you have to do is to stream your music and you will be thinking how you can stream your music and what is the best method for it.

How will you send your music from your smartphone or the laptop to speaker? Will you make use of standard Bluetooth? What’s your plan to connect your music to your speaker?

Many wireless speakers come up with either one or a combination of wireless methods so here are the main streaming protocols you have to look for.

1. Bluetooth Speakers:

Bluetooth is one of the most common tech as you will see in wireless speakers. It is the quickest and the easiest way to allow your devices to talk to each other wirelessly as it will take a couple of seconds to make a connection or pair up your smartphone to the wireless speaker.

You will see Bluetooth in nearly all wireless speakers and it is considered the sole method of streaming in portable and affordable models and is on most smartphones, tablets, and phones. Bluetooth doesn’t care if you are using Apple devices or Android devices. standard Bluetooth has a range of about 100 meters but uses the speaker in the house.

2. Airplay 2 Speakers:

Airplay 2 is Apple’s way of streaming files wirelessly and it is working best on IOS products. In case of setups, Airplay 2 will piggyback your home Wi-Fi network so you have to make sure that your iPhone, iPod, and iPad and you’re your wireless speaker are available on your network.

Airplay 2 is allowing for multiple room audio across multiple speakers and you will also find Libertine, Devialet, BandW, Naim, and also Sonos speakers.

3. Wi-Fi:

If your speaker consists of an Ethernet port and has built-in Wi-Fi, you can plug it in straight into your home network. The advantage of this is that you can stream higher than MP3 quality tracks from any source that is also connected to the same network like your smartphone, laptop, or your network-attached storage device.

All these kinds of speakers will be pricey and it is worth seeking that if you want a convenient but top-notch wireless music system.

4. Spotify Connect Speakers:

If you are a frequent user of Spotify, it is worth looking for a wireless speaker that consists of a list of Spotify Connect as one of its features and increasing numbers of speakers do. These speakers have Spotify embedded in them which means that songs won’t be streaming to your smartphone app but to Spotify own servers in the cloud. ‘

5. Multi-Room Speakers:

Many wireless speakers nowadays consist of multi-room ability or at least they can pair two speakers together to enhance the double up the sound or use that in stereo. Sonos and Audio Pro are the gold standard for the best multi-room streaming across your home, but several speakers offer similar abilities.

The more speakers you will buy the more you can dot around the house. You have to link them up and you never need to miss a second of sound. You can also arrange this in your every room is playing a different song which is considered best for the music-loving family.

6. Smart Speakers:

Wireless speakers have built-in voice control and make use of personal assistants currently available and smart speakers are becoming popular now a day. If you are looking for a speaker solely for the smart aspect of it then control the music and elements of your home by using voice commands.

Smart speakers like Amazon echos, google nests, and the Apple Pods are considered ideal for adding a touch to your home.


Choosing a wireless speaker is not a difficult thing to do but yes if you will buy it after knowing the factors you have to consider or what important steps you can follow to choose a wireless speaker, surely you will find the best one. we have discussed the factors you need to consider and also the step-by-step guideline to facilitate you well.

All you have to do is to follow the tips and guidelines mentioned in this article but make sure that you have decided the purpose of buying a wireless speaker. Another thing to remember is that you have to make your budget before buying a wireless speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Bluetooth Speaker And A Wireless Speaker?

Ans: With a Bluetooth wireless speaker, you can stream your music from your phone to the speaker. On the other hand, Wi-Fi speakers will access the music from the internet or the computer on your home network. You can control your Wi-Fi speaker with your smartphone, all you have to do is to stay within range of your Wi-Fi router’s signal.

Q: Which Speaker Gives The Best Sound Quality?

Ans: The JBL Boombox 3 is considered the best-sounding Bluetooth speaker. This premium device brings out an impressive sound quality that is suitable for everything from classical music to EDM and hip top.

It gives a balanced frequency response which ensures that voices and all the lead instruments reproduce clearly and accurately. So if you are looking for a speaker which will provide you with the best sound quality then JBL Boombox 3 is recommended to you.

Q: How Much A Watt Bluetooth Speaker Is Good For A Home?

Ans: Any speaker having a wattage of 150-500 will be best for a great music listening experience and it will be easily fitted in your pocket.

All the sounds consist of frequency which is a measure of how high or how low the sound is. It is measured in Hertz. For the speakers, it is important to understand that frequency is best for better sound delivery.

Q: Is A Wireless Speaker Better Than Bluetooth?

Ans: Wi-Fi can transfer data at a much higher speed other than that of Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth devices will not download huge files, and their weaker data speed is still considered best for audio communications.

If you are searching for an out wireless speaker that is best for you or Bluetooth so for your information it is stated that Wi-Fi is better than a Bluetooth speaker.

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