How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Smartphone Battery

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Smartphone Battery

How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Smartphone Battery? Do you know about the health of your smartphone battery? are you charging it again and again? is it becoming a headache for you?

Using smartphones has become an essential part of normal life. Without this modern device, nothing can be possible in this century. If you want to contact someone, you need a mobile phone, you need to search on Internet while traveling , you need a mobile phone.

Also mobile phone itself has proved that this device is beneficial in all fields of life. You will need it in every step of your life.

But changing mobile phone every 1 month is not a very suitable thing to do. Also many people don’t even prefer this. Mobile phones contain all the data which cant be transferred or shared every month so people always try to buy the model which will last longer or also try to use the device in more careful way so that its lifespan will be longer.

Enhance The Life Span Of Your Smartphone Battery

Battery is the main thing which will be the cause of changing the mobile phone. Because no one likes to charge their mobile phone every 3 hours. If you also want your mobile phone’s battery to stay longer with you.

You have to be careful about somethings related to your mobile phone. In this article we are going to share about the information on smartphone battery and also how you can get the ever lasting smartphone battery. Lets get started with our article.


Smartphone is the mobile phone which works on the OS of mobile phone. Mobile phones are small portable radio telephone. Mobile phone is a device which uses radio frequency link to make calls and receive calls, but the main important thing is user should be within the service area to get the phone work properly.

This radio frequency link form a specific connection to switching system of phone operator, which provides access to public switched telephone network (PSTN).

As time passes, in mobile phone advancement many new phones invented which also has a feature of SMS,MMS, internet , email. You can also do the photography of high quality and gaming on new phones.

There are two type of phone one that are very simple one which only have a specific basic functions like attending call or dialing call these are known as FEATURE PHONES. And the phones which provide advanced features like access to internet, SMS, MMS are known as SMART PHONE.  

Cellular network of cell sites are scattered in whole cities or countries which are then connected to the each mobile phones. These cell sites have specific base transceiver stations which communicates with the phones available in its range.

When you are using a headphones , it will transmit radio waves in all directions and then connect with the nearest cell site’s base station. Headphones also work on same way as mobile phone.

After receiving the signals base station sends the radio waves to mobile switching center (MSC) which serves as a router and connect mobile phones to the PSTN. When you are mobile saying no service that’s mean your mobile is out of range of the any cell sites.

Battery Health

When you are using any electronic device, it is very important to always keep a check on your device that either its working properly or need any handling or what. When you are using your mobile phone it is essential to always check for its health values so that you can get the issue solved immediately.

When you are living in your house you always check for any damage happened to your house or not . just like this if you want your mobile phone to stay longer with you, you need to take care of it.

Every mobile phone gives you the option to check the battery health or overall health of your mobile phone which many people don’t even know that this option exists in smartphones.lets see how you can check the battery health of your mobile phone.

Go to the setting app of your mobile phone, and search for the option of Battery, select it. You will find this option in the top menu also you can get this option by searching it on the top search bar and can scroll down the settings app

When you open that option you will find many information about your battery. You can check from there. If still it is not giving you the information that you are looking for then look for the option BATTERY USAGE.

In this option, you will see the battery status of your mobile phone and also which apps are using most of the power

If you want to close the app forcefully, tap on the app and you will get many options like disable , force stop, or pick an optimizing setting

Increase The Life Of Smartphone Battery

Many people are nowadays searching for mobile phones which will last longer in battery concern. Because it is not possible every time to charge your battery while you are traveling. You also have noticed that if you have the same mobile phone for more than 3 years , its battery does not last as long as it did when it was a brand new device.

After three to four year of continuous use , your phone will even cant stand the whole day of 24 hours with single charge.

Though battery capacity reduces with time, but still there are some things which you can do to make your mobile phone battery last longer. Kets see some of the tips and tricks which are very important for your mobile battery to last longer.

1. Partial Charging

We always heard this myth about mobile phone charging that you need to fully charge or discharge your battery so that you have to erase battery memory. But his thong does not work with lithium-ion batteries. This is not the proper way to charge your battery of new smartphones.

You just have to make sure that you charge your mobile phone partially as it will be also beneficial for cell longevity. The main thing behind this is lithium-ion batteries draw and operate current constantly and at low voltage especially when the battery is about to die.

With time this voltage increases as the cell charges up. You have to level off the current when the charge is about 70%. when you are operating your mobile phone at low voltage it will increase the lifespan of your mobile battery. In short, charging up your mobile battery in 30% to 80% range keeps the voltage lower and increases the health of your battery.

2. Power Saving Mode

Always try to enable the power saving mode when you think that you need your mobile phone battery to last longer with you as it will stop the functions that are eating up more battery.

If you are using a Samsung device then simply follow these settings to enable power-saving mode

Settings> Battery And Device Care> Battery

Below the battery usage option you will see the power saving mode, enable that option so that your phone battery will be saved. You can also do that, close all the unnecessary apps in your mobile phone and always try to close the app completely before jumping to other app.

3. Avoid Heating Of Mobile Phones:

Always keep in mind that heat is the enemy of a long-lasting battery. Just like high voltage, high temperature is also the killing factor for the long-lasting battery. The normal temperature for the ideal mobile phone battery is 25- 40 degree Celsius which will retain almost 85% to 96% battery capacity.

When the temperature of mobile phone rises , its capacity will fall to almost 65%.  always try to avoid the high temperature while charging your mobile phone, as it will be the worst for your mobile phone.

4. Avoid Fast Charging

Many people think that buying the chargers which charge their mobile phone faster will be helpful for them as they don’t have to wait longer, this thinking is totally wrong.

Fast chargers are not good for mobile batteries as the high current or voltage will lead to hotter device and will increase your device temperature which is not good for your mobile phone.

5. Adjust Screen Brightness

It is not compulsory to use mobile phone with lowest screen brightness but with full brightness it will also drain your mobile battery and also not good for your eyes health. Always use the normal brightness so that it will be comfortable for you and your mobile phone.

6. Airplane Mode

It is highly recommended to enable airplane mode on your MOBILE PHONE when you are not using your internet. Like when you are typing a document or editing any document and you don’t need internet service, then it will be best to enable airplane mode on. As it will also help to save more battery percentage of your mobile phone.

These are some steps below that are useful in enhancing the life of your mobile phone’s battery:

  1. Try to charge your phone’s battery before draining it to zero
  2. Don’t let it shut down automatically because of the battery
  3. Do not connect your mobile phone to your charger all the time
  4. You should keep your mobile phone’s battery in an ideal range which is 40-80%
  5. Don’t use fake chargers or other mobile phones, try to use the original charger
  6. Try to close all the background apps which are draining your battery percentage
  7. Don’t charge your mobile phone again and again
  8. Give your mobile phone some rest


Keeping your mobile phone maintain is a very important thing to do. Taking care of a mobile phone does not require much more things you just have to make sure that your mobile health is good. And also have to follow some tips and tricks so that it will stay in fit condition.

The battery of the mobile phone is a very important part of it. If it’s not in an excellent state it will harm your many activities like you can’t use your mobile phone much more, you have to charge it again and again which is very annoying and also sometimes you can’t even do this.

In this situation, we have written this article which will be helpful for those who have battery issues and who want their mobile phone to stay with them a little longer. This article is wholesome for the battery life of your smartphone.

We have shared some tips and tricks with the help of which you can increase the lifespan of your mobile phone battery and it will also stay longer even after one charge. So if you are struggling with the battery of your mobile phone and want to make it stay longer with you then you have  to follow those tips which we have mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Charging your mobile phone all the time, is it OK?

Ans: Leaving your mobile phone connected to the power supply is not always a good idea. When it’s charging then it’s alright but once it’s charged to 100% unplug your phone from the power supply. You have to unplug your mobile phone and then connect it again once its battery is all drained out. It will help your mobile battery to last longer.

Q: Which app drains the most of the mobile phone battery?

Ans: The main apps which drain your most of the mobile phone battery are steaming, social media apps or messaging apps. As these apps are using many resources from the mobile phone like location, background, microphone, and camera.

Q: Can I use the power saving mode on my mobile phone to avoid the drainage of the battery?

Ans: Always try to enable the power saving mode when you think that you need your mobile phone battery to last longer with you as it will stop the functions that are eating up more battery. Also, it is very beneficial for your mobile phone’s battery.

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