How To Keep My Smartphone Cool? Top 6 Strategies Revealed

How To Keep My Smartphone Cool?

How To Keep My Smartphone Cool? question starts with More outdoor activities associated with warmer weather.

And chances are, your phone will be by your side throughout the excitement, taking pictures or serving as background music with your favourite Spotify TM playlist.

When we’re outside in the heat, we’re careful to protect ourselves from the sun (hello, SPF 50), but are you also taking efforts to safeguard your phone?

If not, you should include that on your list. Experts explain why this happens and provide some tips on how to prevent your phone from overheating as well as how to swiftly cool it down in the event that it does.

It Is much more crucial than usual to keep informed and connected in instances like these. The catch is that our cell phones can be just as susceptible to overheating as we are.

Most of the time, your phone gets warm for a fairly innocent reason, like when you’re using a high-speed charger or playing a game that puts a strain on the processor. In other instances, improper software behaviour or even a particular chip design can cause overheating.

The point is that phones frequently run hot, and they typically do an excellent job of compensating for it.

Your phone can start to struggle to dissipate the excess heat when hot summer days or a full-blown heat wave approaches. Once that occurs, it’s possible that you won’t be able to use your phone at all until it cools down, which is bad for everyone.

Here are several tips to keep your phone cool and functional when the weather is too hot.

What’s Making Your Phone So Hot?

Your phone overheating could be caused by a number of factors. One of the most frequent reasons for a phone’s internal temperature to rise is leaving it in full sunlight or an uncomfortable environment, like your automobile.

Your phone’s temperature can be influenced by how you use it and how often you use it. If you use your phone continuously throughout the day, your battery may work harder than necessary and overheat as a result.

The same is true for having numerous apps open at once; too many apps running in the background will drain the battery and make the phone feel uncomfortable and heated.

Another possible reason? Overcharging occurs when you continue to use your phone after it has achieved 100% of its charge.

It’s better for your phone to maintain a lower temperature, regardless of the cause of the overheating. Your phone may run out of power, be forced to shut down, or even completely melt down if it becomes too hot (yes, the Central Processing Unit of your phone is capable of melting in severe temperatures).

Additionally, if your phone shut down due to overheating, there’s a chance it won’t restart. You can help things calm down by doing the following.

Suggestions For Preventing Phone Overheating

1. Avoid Using Your Phone In Direct Sunlight

Keeping your phone out of the sun is the simplest approach to avoid overheating. Your phone absorbs heat and light from the sun and retains it; as a result, the longer it is exposed to heat and light, the hotter it becomes.

2. Decrease The Screen Brightness

Your battery will have to work harder and generate more heat if you increase the screen’s brightness. To prevent your screen from remaining on for excessively lengthy periods of time, reduce the brightness of your screen and think about reducing the length of the screen timeout. Consider getting an antiglare screen protector as well; it can make it easier to see your phone’s screen in the sunlight and save you from needing to increase the brightness.

3. Use A Charger Approved By The Factory

Not every phone charger is made equal. Use a charger that is compatible with your gadget from a respected manufacturer to be on the safe side. Check to see whether the charger itself or the charging port on your phone has any damage as these are additional problems that might cause overheating.

4. Offline Apps On Your Phone Shut Down

Your phone will heat up if it has too many open apps running in the background since they make it work harder. The answer is rather straightforward: If your iPhone still has a home button, double-tap it to reveal open apps.

On an iPhone®, carefully swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see all open apps. Swipe to close any you don’t need. Depending on your phone model, the menu icon on an Android TM device will appear as either three vertical dots or three vertical lines in the lower-left corner of the screen.

If you are unable to access this option, try swiping up from the screen’s bottom. Swipe away the apps you want to close in order to see the open apps.

5. Make Sure Your Apps Are Current

Numerous app upgrades come with bug fixes that can increase your phone’s efficiency, which means they’ll consume less battery.

Now that we’ve discussed how to keep your phone from overheating, let’s look at some safe ways to cool it down if it’s already hot to the touch or if your device has given you a temperature warning.

Ways To Keep Your Phone Cool

1. Blow On Or Fan Your Phone

Although it may seem odd, blowing or fanning your phone can be beneficial. A wind can assist cool off your phone when it starts to become a little too warm, just like a fan keeps a body cool.

2. Prevent Sudden Temperature Fluctuations

Although you might be tempted, we don’t suggest putting your hot gadget in the freezer or refrigerator for a short period of time. Extreme temperature exposure stresses the parts of your phone and increases the chance that it will gather moisture, which will break it.

3. Remove It – Specifically, The Case.

Your phone case won’t assist if your phone is overheated. Phones are designed to dissipate heat, but cases can trap it. To remove the case to speed up the cooling process for your phone.

4. Disable Bluetooth

The phone will continuously search for a device to connect to if Bluetooth® is turned on but no device is connected to it. The phone may heat up as a result of this.

5. Enable The Aeroplane Mode.

Your phone may be working extra hard to find a connection if it has a weak or no signal, which can cause it to warm up. Once you’re back in a coverage area, switch to Aeroplane Mode.

6. Divide Your Phone From The Rest Of Your Tech

Your running phone, tablet, and computer should not be stacked together in a backpack because this increases their risk of overheating. Instead, keep them apart to help them maintain their cool.

Can I Put My Phone In The Refrigerator?

If you just leave your smartphone alone, it will probably cool off very quickly and resume working in a matter of minutes. However, can you quickly cool down your phone by going to the kitchen if you need to use it straight away but it is overheating?

Maybe, but there are certain risks involved.

I wouldn’t advise cooling a device in a refrigerator, according to Hylle. Rapid cooling could lead to condensation and short the device if it occurs in a damp area.

Additionally, there are dangers associated with abrupt temperature changes from very hot to very cold. (It’s also likely that your phone won’t be able to connect to a cellular connection there, which could be detrimental.)

Additionally, I’ve seen several users suggest placing their phones under a trickle of cool water from a tap online. After all, manufacturers of smartphones have long boasted that at least some of their products can withstand submersion in water.

I also don’t advise it because those businesses typically guarantee how a phone will fare while submerged in a few feet of water rather than if it can tolerate running water.

I advise you to reach for something cold, such as a carry-on ice pack, a bag of frozen peas, a Capri Sun from the fridge, or whatever you have on hand. Place your phone on it, wrap it in a tea towel or a handkerchief, and leave it there for approximately a minute before taking it off once more. Continue until the phone is functional once more.

Don’t possess any of the above? Put the phone on a cool countertop or a surface similar to it. Hopefully, this slower, more gradual cooling process will enable your phone to restart promptly and with less chance of condensation-related problems.

Purchase A Phone Fan

Get a dedicated phone fan for the quickest and most efficient way to quickly cool down your phone. The main purpose of them is to prevent your phone from overheating while playing graphically intensive games, but you may also use them to chill off after a hot day.

The fact that Razer’s Phone Cooler Chroma doesn’t need a special case or attachments makes it a superb product.

It is simple to attach and detach because MagSafe is used to secure it to the back of your iPhone. In our tests, it was able to reduce the device’s temperature by roughly 13 F in just 30 seconds, but if your phone is running very hot, you might need to wait a little longer.

There is a model available for Android phones as well. Instead of using magnets to attach like the MagSafe model does, it uses an adjustable clamp that can hold phones of almost any size. If you want to put on a show as the fan rotates, both versions can display various configurations of RGB lights.

Although it is incredibly effective, it is also not very useful. Since it doesn’t have a battery, you’ll always need to have your phone plugged into a power source when you need to cool it down. Your best option is to keep an external battery with you just in case, but that, along with the phone cooler, adds considerable weight to your backpack.


We sincerely hope that this advice on keeping your phone cool has been of use to you. Don’t forget to browse our entire selection of ultra-thin, heat-friendly cases in our store.

Our cases are the ideal companion for your phone in any season of the year because they are all made by phone repair engineers who comprehend the hows and whys of phone breakage and heating.

This could prevent your smartphone from overheating if you combine it with some of the other pieces of advice and make sure you’re on the fan’s path as well. The end of that. Creative ways to keep your phone from overheating.

So How To Keep my Smartphone cool? Do you know?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Why My Phone Is So Very Hot?

Ans: Various factors cause a phone to get hot and they generally have varying levels of severity. Your phone may be hot from direct sunlight, running too many apps, malware, faulty charging equipment, internal damage, blocked ventilation, or old hardware.

Q: Is It Safe To Put a Phone In a Fridge?

Ans: “I would not recommend putting a device into a refrigerator to cool it,” Hylle says. “Rapid cooling in a moist environment could cause condensation and short the device. Also, going from very hot to very cold in a short amount of time creates its own risks.”

Q: Is It Good To Keep Your Phone Cool?

Ans: When internal temperatures grow too high, your phone could shut off, at best. At worst, the battery could expand to dangerous levels, and even combust. It’s much more common for a phone to turn itself off when it gets too hot to function, and then you’re left without a working phone.

Q: How Do Phones Avoid Overheating?

Ans: But with the proper care, it should be an uncommon occurrence with an easy solution. iPhone and Android users can keep their phones from overheating by regularly updating the phone, closing unused apps, deleting apps they don’t use, and making sure to charge and store them properly

Q: Does Temperature Affect Phones?

Ans: Battery and phone performance can also be affected by excessively high temperatures, so the aim is to keep your device at an ambient temperature. The good news is that if your phone has been impacted by the cold, just know that, usually, the effects are only temporary.

Q: Is It Bad To Put the Phone In the Freezer?

Ans: If your phone is overheating, NEVER put an overtaxed phone in the refrigerator or freezer. Although both iPhones and Androids are designed to be used at temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, huge swings in temperature and exposure to moisture can damage your phone beyond repair.

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