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How To Pair an Apple Watch With Your iPhone in 2024!

How to Pair Apple Watch

How to Pair Apple Watch, Apart from Apple’s iPhones and AirPods, an Apple company’s milestone achievement is Apple smartwatch. To use Apple Watch, you will need an iPhone, as it shows only compatibility with iOS compatible smartphones.

Is Apple Watch Compatibility With Your iPhone?

Apple has launched a diverse range of the best smartwatches, equipped with different levels of functionality and setups. Before choosing any of them, make sure your iPhone will support the selected Apple smartwatch? If you buy, acknowledging this thing before, no need to worry, we can assist you in it. Don’t open the box; go through the following details about which Apple watch is compatible with which iPhone version that ultimately clear all of your confusion.

  • Apple Watches the First Generation: This shows support for iPhone 5 and above that has iOS 8.2 or above.
  • Next is Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2:  They work efficiently from iPhone version 5 and above with 10 or above running iOS.
  • Apple Watch Series 3: This smartwatch comes in two versions: a cellular plane (LTE) and a second without a cellular plan ( no LTE). Therefore, you should have an iPhone 6s and above with running iOS 13 and above for any of them. But their old version may work with iPhone 6.
  • Apple Watch Series 4: They also have two models, and the smartwatch with cellular plane show compatibility with iPhone 6 and above, while its non-cellular version can support iPhone 5, but both of the models have similar running iOS 12 or above.
  • Apple Watch Series 5: The latest version of an Apple smartwatch that requires iPhone 6s and above along with iOS 13 or later.

Once your doubt about the Apple Watch and iPhone’s compatibility clears out, then bring your eye on the Bluetooth settings, Wi-Fi, or cellular network turn them on.

Steps To Pair Apple Watch With iPhone in 2024:

If you face failure in pairing up the Apple smartwatch with your iPhone, definitely making something wrong. No, need to worry; we came to make you successful in this task.

By following the below simple steps, you can easily pair your Apple Watch with the iPhone:

Switch On Apple Watch:

Take an Apple Watch, put it on your wrist comfortably, then turn on the smartwatch; you are new and don’t know how to turn it on? Press and hold the button resides at the watch’s right until the Apple logo appears on the black background that will appear on the screen for a few minutes. And then select your language.

Hold iPhone on Closer Proximity of Apple Watch:

After turn on the Apple Watch with fo the message ” Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch,” that will appear on the iPhone, and then tap on Continue. If you don’t find any message like above, open up the Watch app on the iPhone, tap on All Watches, and then go for Pair New Watch. Keep your iPhone near to the Apple Watch until you finish these steps.

Hold iPhone above the Animation Appear on Apple Watch:

Place the watch face in the middle of the viewfinder that comes on the iPhone, and wait for the message “Your Apple Watch Paired.” But if you cant use the cam or can’t see the pairing of animation, then touch the Watch manually and follow the directions that appear on the watch screen.

Setup as a New or Restore Your Backup:

If it’s your First Apple Watch, then tap on “Set up as a new Watch,” while on the other hand, you have to tap on “Restore” your Apple Watch from the backup. Moreover, if you have the previous backup, you can choose to load it onto your Apple Watch. After reading Terms and Conditions, select Agree again to proceed further.

Sign In to Apple ID:

If the system asked to enter Apple ID and password in Apple Watch app, and then specific features that need cellular phone numbers wouldn’t support cellular models of Apple Watch until you signing to “iCloud.” After that, you will be asked to switch on “Activation Lock,” When this lock appears on your screen, it means that the Apple Watch is already linked to Apple ID. All you need to do is add an email and password for Apple ID to initiate setup.

Choose Settings:

After this, Apple Watch will display the settings on the iPhone. It will show Find MY, Location, Wifi Calling, and Diagnostics for the iPhone; if you turn on all these, it will automatically be turned on for Apple Watch. You can also choose additional settings like Route Tracking, text size, Siri, etc.

You can set your choice password containing 4 to 8 digits to add up more security levels. And another security option that only requires your wrist is its “Wrist Detection.”

After all this, you can add personalized apps and features and enjoy the Apple Watch with iPhone pairing. Have Fun!

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