How To Pair Smart Watch With Android Mobile Phone

How To Pair Smart Watch With Android Mobile Phone

Are you a smartwatch lover? Are smartwatches a big part of your day? Do you love wearing watches to your favorite places? Why do you need Smart Watch when your phone is already so comfortable?

Let’s Start from the basics, what is a smartwatch? So, basically, the smartwatch is an electronic computing device that is similar to a wristwatch. It is a wireless set. Most of smartwatches have the ability to connect via Bluetooth.

The smartwatch is the wireless connection of the smartphone. It is functional, it gives access to text messages, pulse rate, and heart rate and you can even make calls. Smart Watch also shows you a digital display. It is easy and very comfortable to wear.

Some of the benefits of the smartwatch are they give easy access to your mobile phone. It does not just tell us the time it gives us the best feature. Smart Watch can also act as a stopwatch. In a smartwatch we can set up alarms the watch’s speakers and vibrations will wake you up.

When we are traveling smartwatch also shows us directions. Smart Watch sends you vibrations to show where should you go whether it is right or left.

You do not need to focus on your phone all the time for directions. Smart Watch responds to calls and messages quickly you do not need to take your phone out. You can receive your social media notifications. Smart Watch sends you reminders that you set up for the activities that you want to do during the day.

Smart Watch counts your steps, heart rate, pulse rate, and many other things. It also has sports features including jogging, walking, etc. You can set up your time for exercise. It also provides you access to breathing exercises. In short, we can that it is our health monitoring system.

Besides all these advantages smartwatch has some disadvantages too. Smart Watches are expensive. It has limited battery timing. Sometimes you forget to charge the watch and use it almost every day,  it result in the end of the battery without showing you.

Some of the smartwatches do not provide us with accurate information I.e. heart rate, pulse rate, etc. It has a small screen, you can just see notifications, calls, text messages, etc. with less effort. It may be too small to watch a movie.

It gives you easy life but it is not necessary. If you wear it a day or two then it won’t stop your work. It gets outdated within a year or two. More interaction with water can damage the wristwatch bands easily.

Smartwatches are one of the most usable gadgets nowadays. Almost everyone like to wear it I.e. kids, women and men. Kids can damage it after using it one or two times. However, smartwatches are too expensive so you cannot buy them after two or three-time use.

Everyone cannot afford it. So we are here to help you to come out of your stress regarding this. We talked about some of the smartwatches that are not too expensive and Everyone can easily afford it.

Smartwatches have the ability to locate your smartphone and your smartphone can also locate your smartwatch while connecting. Smartwatches have smart notification systems available. Which shows you notifications of calls and text messages and other social media apps.

Some smartwatches allow you to receive calls and talk through your Smartwatch while connecting to Bluetooth. It has connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi LTE. Some of them have online payment method available which allows you to buy anything and pay from your smartwatch.

How To Connect Smartwatch With Your Android Mobile Phone

Smartwatches are now part of a trend nowadays. People prefer a smartwatch over a simple watch as it provides you the whole track of your day what you are doing, the task you have to perform, and all the things. It also gives you all the notifications about your tasks.

And it also monitors your vitals and steps which you have taken during the whole day. There are different methods that you can use to pair your smartwatch with your Android mobile phone. In this article, we are going to guide you on how you can pair your smartwatch with your Android mobile phone.

Prepare Your Smartwatch

Following are the steps that you have to take for preparing your smartwatch so that it will be ready to be connected to your Android mobile phone

  1. Open the smartwatch you have, and find its app store, many smartwatches don’t have this feature but if it has open it up
  2. And search for the option of “Bluetooth”
  3. Once you locate the word Bluetooth, open it up and select the option saying “Add new device”
  4. After this, enter the following information into the bar under “Name”
  1. Then select the option “Next”
  2. It will show you the whole list of devices, select your Android mobile device and then click “Next”
  3. Then you will see the “Use Existing profile” and then choose the option “Next”
  4. Select the “Finish “
  5. In the end, the smartwatch will ask you to confirm that you want to connect your Smartwatch to your Android mobile phone.
  6. Select the option saying “Yes”

Things You Will Need For Doing The Whole Process

  • Internet connection
  • Smartwatch
  • smartphone
  • Bluetooth connection between your Android mobile phone and your smartwatch
  • google play store which is installed in the android mobile device

Connecting Smartwatch With Your Mobile Phone:

Nowadays most people use multiple devices like their phones for calling and for work purposes and the tablet for the fun purpose. Also, people wear a smartwatch not just for the time but also for its best features and to check their fitness tracking. But do you know that you can interlink all these devices with each other through Bluetooth? Let’s see how you can connect your smartwatch to your Android mobile phone

  1. The Android device you have will also have the Google play store
  2. Open up that google play store on your Android device
  3. In the Google play store search for “Bluetooth” and it will give you a variety of options
  4. Select the “Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy” app and install it immediately if it’s not already installed on your Android device
  5. Then open up that installed Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy app and start scanning your device
  6. Your phone will immediately detect your smartwatch if it’s in the range of a smartphone
  7. Tap on it and pair the device
  8. Once it is paired you can easily enjoy the whole thing.

You will get all the notifications of your mobile phone on the screen of your smartwatch. Then you don’t have to carry your mobile phone at all times in your hand as your smartwatch will tell you all the notifications you will get on your smartphone

Benefits Of Pairing Your Smart Watch With Your Android Mobile Phone

There are lots of advantages to pairing your smartwatch with your Android mobile phone. Following are the advantages or benefits of pairing your smartwatch to your Android mobile phone:

  • You can easily control your mobile phone through your smartwatch. And this is the most important benefit of pairing a smartwatch to an Android phone
  • you can easily do phone calls l, text messages, or use any other app by using your smartwatch
  • you don’t have to put your mobile phone out of your pocket again and again to check the notification
  • you will get all the notification of your android mobile phone on your hand through smartwatch
  • there are many smartwatches that have the feature of fitness tracking. You can easily track your fitness on your smartwatch
  • you can check your total step taken, calories you have burned, and also your vitals including heart rate on your smartwatch
  • Smartwatches mostly come with different sensors for example some smartwatches have GPS sensors that will detect your location and people can also track you down whenever you are missing or your watch I’d miss through location
  • some sensors are heart rate detectors that can detect your heart rate and you can check when your heart rate is high or when it’s low
  • you can easily check your emails on the smartwatch which you get on your mobile phone
  • it also has a main feature, that you can call your mobile phone through a smartwatch whenever your phone is lost or unable to find it
  • you can also erase your whole data of android using a smartwatch and also can lock your phone through the smartwatch


Wearing a smartwatch is now part of fashion. Many people wear these devices just for the sake of fashion but they also get many facilities because of these Smartwatches. These smartwatches can be paired with Android devices and then you can get full control of your Android mobile phone on your Smartwatch.

In this article, we have shared the whole process of how you can pair your smartwatch device with your Android mobile phone easily. If you are stuck on how you can pair your smartwatch with your Android then this article will be helpful for you in all aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use any app for my smartwatch?

Pairing your smartwatch with your Android device will give you different benefits which also include using different apps on your Smartwatch. You can download different apps from Google play store on your watch. But make sure your smartwatch is connected with Wi-Fi or on LTE to search and download apps.

Which app is needed to connect the watch?

For connecting your Smartwatch with the Android mobile phone. First, connect your Smartwatch to your mobile phone with the Wear OS app. There are some smartwatches that run Wear OS 3 that are not compatible with the Wear OS app.

My smartwatch is not connecting to my Android mobile phone.

If this happens with your Android mobile phone, then the first option to solve this issue is to check for any update on both devices either its Smartwatch or the mobile phone, and make sure that both these devices have the latest version of the software also clear all the caches. Because caches on the smartwatch or the mobile device can create Bluetooth issues.

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