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How To Return An Amazon Gift 2024: Without Sender Knowing

Are You a person Who doesn’t know how to return an Amazon gift? Did you get an Amazon gift from your dear ones? But unfortunately, because of your picky nature, you don’t like it or you already have that item. And you don’t want to hurt your friend by saying that you don’t like it or you already have it. Now you are stuck. Do you have any idea what you should do? Don’t worry we will guide what you can do in this circumstance.

Whenever you get a gift from Amazon and now you don’t get that much happy with your gift you can exchange it. Yeah, you read it correctly you can exchange your gift or just can return it and get the same amount of money in your Amazon account. In this article, we are going to guide you about how you can exchange your gift on Amazon or how to return it easily. But before that, you should have some know-how about Amazon so first let’s see what is Amazon.

What Is Amazon:

Amazon is basically the world’s largest retailer app on which you can do the biggest selling or also purchasing. In the beginning, Amazon was just a book-selling company which is used to sell books but with time it has become the world’s largest internet-based business enterprise platform which majorly focuses on providing e-commerce, digital streaming, and cloud computing services.

Amazon is the world’s largest company which is situated in Seattle, it has individual software and has its own website with personal customer service. Amazon was first founded by Jeff Bezos in Bellevue Washington on 5 July 1994. Bezos has selected its name Amazon because of being foreign and different. Amazon launched its first web series (AWS) in 2006 in order to provide online services for clients and also for websites.

Amazon also released its first tablet computer which is known as, the Kindle Fire in 2011. And in 2014 Amazon Fire TV stick was launched which is a main part of Amazon’s extensive line of streaming media devices. Amazon also started an online fine art in 2013 which is an Amazon Art Marketplace, which has featured original work by famous artists like Claude Monet and Norman Rockwell. Amazon Alexa was also a popular virtual assistant just like the google assistant rolled out to customers in 2015 and in 2016 Amazon launched its updated version of Alexa equipped Echo Dot in 2016.

If we talk about the covid time, in that pandemic many people relied on Amazon even more than usual, and after covid, the trend is likely to keep growing.

How To Return An Amazon Gift:

It looks so nice or exciting whenever you get a notification and when you open it and saw a gift from Amazon or your loved ones. But all the excitement or happy face goes to waste when you opened it saw that it’s nothing more than an unusual clutter, although the efforts of the giver are always appreciated, We can’t do anything about it unless sending it back. Sometimes it happens that they send you a thing which you already have, you can store it for future use but if you don’t want it you can send it back. When you get a dress as a gift but of the wrong size or color you get so hurt that you only have the option of returning it. The returning process can be annoying but if you see the name of the Amazon logo on the parcel then it is great news for you as it’s a gift from Amazon.

The returning gift process at Amazon is so much straightforward that anyone can do it.  And the best part of returning your gift on Amazon is your gift gives won’t ever know that you have sent it back to Amazon.

Here’s how you can send the gift back to Amazon without even  your gift giver’s knowledge:

1. Returning A Gift:

  1. Firstly you have to visit the online return center of Amazon for that go to the website, this website will take you to the Amazon Online Return Center. On this page you can return your received gift which was bought from Amazon. Once the page is opened. Click on the middle button which says “Return a Gift”
  2. Once you select the option “Return a Gift”, a new screen will open and prompt you to enter your account details, and your Amazon account credentials. If you already have an account on Amazon then just enter the details and click “Submit”.
  3. if you don’t have an account of Amazon then first create it then log in to your account
  4. After submitting you will be prompted to enter a 17-digit order number. Which you can easily get on the bottom side of your packing slip. Insert that 17-digit number and press “Enter” to go to the further process.
  5. Your order number will look something like 167-2573947-0473825, if you can’t locate your order number on your packaging then you can call Amazon customer service support and provide them your details of the package, they will help you to know the order number of your package
  6. You will see the image of your parcel which you get as a gift, on the right of that image you will see the button saying “Return or Replace Items”. Click on that button will bring you to the next page in the return process
  7. Now they will ask you the reason why you are returning your gift. You can write that gift is defective, doesn’t suit you, or is not the thing that you wanted, you can also provide the additional details in the box below the drop-down menu
  8. Now they will return your gift and will add a credit which will be equal to the price of that gift to your Amazon account but only if you want a refund. But if you don’t want the refund and you want a replacement then click on the “Replacement” option. But if you initiate a refund, then return your gift within 30 days
  9. Once you have selected whether you want a replacement or refund, you will go to the next tab which will give you different options of how you can choose to ship back your gift. You can either drop your gift item at a UPS, USPS, or DHL or you can have someone pick it up for you. Choose any method which suits you and carefully read the instructions.

2. Returning Items Through 3rd Party Sellers:

  • Go to the website Amazon which is and click on the button saying “Sign in” which you will see on the top right corner of your screen. It will ask for your login credentials, and provide your username or password.
  • Click on “Orders” to view all of your recent orders which you have purchased. Locate the items that you purchased from a third-party seller.
  • Select the refund so that you will request a refund of your order. After doing so you will be directed to the page that will ask you the reason why you are refunding the item. Choose any reason from the list that you are returning that parcel. And also provide some details on returning your parcel
  • After submitting the order you will get receive an email from Amazon within a week that will inform you whether your request is accepted or rejected
  • Follow the instructions given in the email to ship back your parcel

3. Packing Or Shipping Back The Item:

  1. When you get the refund online, you have to printout the refund label or if you don’t have the printer you can simply send the label to a person who can print it for you
  2. The next step will be packing your item in a box so that it will be secure or protected from any damage during traveling and also don’t forget to include any paperwork that can claim that the order belongs to Amazon.
  3. Cover up the whole label with clear strips of tape so that it won’t be hidden or also it will be protected from any damage while its transported back to Amazon.
  4. Next step is to drip off the item or parcel. You can either drop off your parcel at the shipping location or you can leave the parcel out during the designated time for the UPS driver to pick it up. Once your item is shipped your process of returning is completed.

Returning Gift On Amazon Without A Receipt:

woefully there is no way you can return your gift on Amazon without its receipt. Amazon return gift works only when you have the 17 digits order number which mainly belongs to the product. If you don’t have the order number it will not be possible for Amazon to get that product back because you don’t have any proof that the product belongs to Amazon. Or there is one way which is to ask the giver to send you the receipt or the order number but they will absolutely understand that you are returning their gift that’s why you are asking for the order number which will be totally a bad impact on the giver.

Time You Have To Return The Gift On Amazon:

if the sender sent you a gift directly from Amazon to your address then you have only 30 days to return your parcel. But if you get the gift from any third-party seller then they have their own return time frame. If you want to know about that you can check the Return to Third Party Seller page for more details about the time frame of returning any parcel.

Which Items From Amazon Can’t Be Returned:

Amazon has some rules and regulations according to which there are some items that are totally nonreturnable and they also mentioned while you are purchasing it that the following item is nonreturnable. Nonreturnable items include:

  • Any jewelry product
  • customized products
  • any health or personal care products
  • grocery items
  • downloadable software
  • gift cards
  • items that ate hazardous materials or that use flammable liquids


Amazon gifts have the advantage of returning options. Not all apps or websites have this option. Amazon offers you to return your gift within a certain time limit but you should have the receipt of that gift otherwise it won’t be accepted.

When someone gifts you something it is not a good thing to return it or tell them you don’t like it can you please exchange it or also that you already have this item? So in this condition, there is also another way to exchange your gift or return it if it is bought from Amazon you can simply return your gift to Amazon without even telling the person who gave you the gift.

In this article, we have discussed in detail how you can return your gift instantly without even telling your friend who gave you. This article is wholesome of returning Amazon gifts without telling the giver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long It Will Take For Amazon To Refund?

Ans: The process of refunding can take up to 7 days or it can be 10 business days. It will be issued to you in 7-10 days maximum. There are some conditions in which a refund will take more time than usual depending on your return or refund request circumstances. Once Amazon issues your refund, it takes some additional time for your financial institution to make funds available in your account.

Can I Exchange My Item Instead Of Returning It?

Ans: It totally depends on that store’s policy. As some stores offer an exchange policy for your gifts. If you have a gift receipt many stores will allow you to exchange something. If you received any gift and now you want to replace it or exchange it then you have to return the gift and place a new order for new ones.

Can I Return An Amazon Gift Card For Cash?

Ans: Amazon has no such policy of exchanging the gift card with cash instead you have other ways to exchange your gift card for cash. You can sell your unwanted gift card for cash on various websites or trade it for an Amazon gift card which is as good as cash.

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