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How To Use The Best Phantom Drone? An Ultimate Guide

Are you going to buy a phantom drone for you? Don’t have any idea which one will be best for you? Are you looking for guidelines to choose the best phantom drone for you? If yes! This article will surely help you choose the best phantom drone.

Phantom Line is not new in the market, phantom 4 Pro is the latest consumer-class drone in the line which is released back in May 2018. The fourth generation of phantom lines has flown since 2016. The important thing to note here is that the physical design and overall frame of the phantom line which is unchanged from the very start. But the majority of changes live within the camera, flight control, and software.

As far as purchasing a new drone, the phantom line is currently selling the later Phantom 4 drones. You can still some Phantom 3 drones. They can fly but you will likely find more options in a newer and smaller drone.

Choosing the best DJI drone is not an easy decision. There are many options available as newer and older to some extent. In this article, we are going to explore different types of Phantom drones as well as there are many things to consider while buying a drone for you.

Let’s explore these things!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Drone:

As you are thinking to buy a phantom drone for you, you should be familiar with some important which are important to consider. It is important to consider things such as flight features, flight time, and controller. Here are the top things you should consider before buying a drone for you.

Flight Time For Different Types Of Drones:

Battery life is very important which allows you to stay in the air for a longer period. To determine the lifetime of the battery, the weight of the drone is very important. I’m going to tell you about some of the best lifetime f drones that are available in the market right now;

Drone Flight time DJI
I Air 2S

DJI Mini 3 pro

DJI mini 3

UPair one FPV

DJI Mavic mini

DJI Mavic 2 zoom

DJI Mavic Pro

31 minutes

34 minutes

51 minutes

18 minutes

30 minutes

31 minutes

27 minutes

The flight time I have mentioned above is stated by manufacturers but yes the flight time will vary according to the conditions of the flight. The flight time of the drone depends upon how much it is carrying and the sorts of operations that you are performing as well as environmental conditions such as wind and gusts.

The flight time is also influenced by how aggressively you are flying your drone. If you are an aggressive drone flyer then you should expect the battery to drain faster and for you to have short flight times.

Battery technology is improving day by day. It means that over the coming years, you can expect flight times to get longer and longer. When the drone will be expensive, the more likely it is to have a flight time of greater than 30 minutes.

  • Camera Type:

When you look at the specifications of the drone, you will try to find out the camera with maximum resolution. The maximum resolution of the camera will inform you how many pixels the camera can capture in photos and videos. Most mid-range drones come with a fixed camera such as the Mavic series.

It means that you can’t change the camera but there will be no issue if you have chosen the camera according to your need.

The higher-end drones can swap different types of cameras but yes they are expensive. The camera will come up with a lens, sensor, iso range, shutter speed as well as different photography modes.  All of them are important to make a decision about which drone is suitable for your requirements.

  • Lens:

While choosing the best phantom drone for you, you must be familiar with all the components of the lens.

  • Field Of View:

The field of view is expressed in degrees and tells you how wide the drone can capture an image or video.

  • 35mm Format Equivalent:

It is a comparison of the field of view that is seen through a digital camera lens when compared to the field of view produced by the elder 35mm film cameras.

  • Aperture:

It is also known as f stops and it controls how much light is getting into a sensor and the depth of field.

  • Shooting Range:

The shooting range will tell you how far and close you can focus on an object.

Every different camera on a drone will have a diverse array of values. Drones are not typically used for portraits or any close-up shots so manufacturers can make a lens that is suitable for a long-range focusing with a wide field of view and it is for those fantastic landscape shots.

  • Gps:

GPS is an important feature to consider while buying a drone for you. Drones that are equipped with a Global positioning system can fly more accurately and they will be easily returned to the point from where it is taken off in case of any control imbalances as well as any issue in the battery.

Different Types Of Phantom Dji Drones:

We will explore all the models of the DJI consumer lineup and it gives you a brief knowledge of their features. We will look at consumer models, as you will find this article a complete guideline for you.

1. Best DJI Drone Overall:

DJI mini 3 pro

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It is tiny and lightweight and DJI mini 3 pro is the best drone for the needs of many people.


  • It is under 250g and tiny.
  • It is 34 minutes flight.
  • It is a 4k 60fps recording.


  • It has less wind resistance than larger drones

DJI mini 3 pro is one of the best drones for almost all consumers. It is compact as well as lightweight so we can say that it is handy to take with you. It has tri-directional obstacle avoidance sensors which then offers great peace of mind for beginners and also for autonomous flight modes like active track and master shots

2. Best Dual Camera DJI Drone:

Air 3 DJI

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The Air 3 is used to double up the cameras and boost the flying abilities. It then makes a perfect middle ground between Mini and Mavic series drones.


  • It has a dual-camera system.
  • I can fly up to 46 minutes.
  • It is up to 4k60 and 4k/100 recording.


  • It has a lower resolution than Air 2s.

So if you looking for something more professional with a much higher wind resistance then DJI Air 3 is considered best. As it has a dual camera system, you can select between the standard wide-angle drone shot and the much closer 70mm equivalent telephoto.

It then adds a whole new dimension to your drone shots and it will then make your footage stand out for the crowd.

3. Best Budget DJI Drone:

mini 3 DJI

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The Mini 3 is now cutting a few features from a pro version but yes it comes at a significantly low price. It will be a great pick for those on a tighter budget.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It can fly up to 38-minute flights.
  • It is up to 4K 30fps recording.


  • There is no obstacle avoidance.

The DJI mini 3 was released after the pro model and it is essentially a cut-back version coming in a more attractive price point. It also uses the older transmission system so it can’t go as far. So if you are looking for a small drone that can take great-quality photos and videos.

4. Best DJI Drone For Professionals:

Mavic 3 Pro

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The Mavic 3 Pro is considered as best consumer drone and it also boasts three cameras for ultimate shooting versatility.


  • It has a triple-camera system.
  • It can fly up to 43 minutes flight.
  • It is up to 5.1k 50fps recording.


  • It is very expensive.

As it has 3 cameras you can always find the right focal length for the situation at hand. It is an expensive drone but if you are too serious for filmmaking it can be the best investment. But for average users, it will be too large and too expensive.

5. Best Value Pro DJI Drone:

DJI Mavic 3 classic will be best for you if you want all of the features of the Mavic 3 Pro with a single camera. It is essentially the same drone as the Mavic 3 Pro but there is a key difference being that it has only one camera. Its main camera is most impressive on Mavic 3 Pro anyway.


  • It is cheaper than the pro version.
  • I can fly up to the 46-minute flight.
  • It is up to 5.1 k 50fps recording.


  • It is still quite pricey.

6. Best DJI FPV Drone:

If you want to make use of drone for a great fun then DJI Avata will be the best way to find your feet with FPV flying.


  • It is an amazing FPV flying.
  • It can fly for up to 18 minutes of flight.
  • It is up to 4K 60fps recording.


  • FPV flying means crashing often.

The DJI Avatar is considered a different type of drone as compared to other models. These types of drones are typically flown with video goggles on your head and it gives an immersive flying experience.

It is not about fun flying as Avata is capable of capturing stunning shots that are not possible with DJI’s other drones.


Buying a phantom is a challenging task but by considering the factors mentioned above, you can easily make the best decision for you. It is important to consider the purpose of choosing a phantom drone for you along with range, flight time, camera quality, stability and control, GPS obstacle avoidance, and price regulations, all these will be important to consider while buying a drone for you.

By choosing the right drone for you, you can enjoy safe and secure flying experiences. Before choosing a phantom drone for you, you should specify your needs as well as your budget.

It will be important for you as you can easily make the best decision for you as to which drone is best for you. Just don’t panic and choose the suitable drone for you to get the pictures and videos you want.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s):

Q: What Is The Range Of The DJI Drone?

Ans: DJI drones consist of a set of ranges as they can travel from the controller. They can go roughly between 4.3 and 9.3 miles away. You can check the specific maximum distance of the drone before you buy.

Q: How Long Does A DJI Battery Can Last?

Ans: DJI needs a lot of power to fly and capture the photos and videos for you. High power will be required for the operation of high-quality cameras. It means that battery life is. Every drone is different and their batteries last between 25 and 45 minutes.

DJI has organized this and it has ensured that their battery packs are easy to replace. It means that you can easily buy Multiple DJI battery packs if you want to use your drone for a full day of shooting.

Q: Does A DJI Drone Come With A Warranty?

Ans: DJI comes with an amazing warranty which is called DJI Care which is sold as one year plan. The DJI mini consists of a two-year warranty plan. DJI Care will send you a new drone, no matter what damage has been inflicted on your drone.

Q: How Easy Is A DDJI Drone To Fly?

Ans: Flying a DJI drone is always an easy skill to pick up but it is challenging to master this skill. DJI has spent a lot of time, refining its controls so that any one of them can pick up and play each of their drones.

Some drones have more complex controls than others. But these drones consist of basic operations that are very easy to learn.

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