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How To Use The Massage Gun Correctly: Accoding To Therapists

How To Use The Massage Gun:

With the advancement of technology, it has become very easy to work in all fields. Even if you are not even familiar with any Field you can still get the grip of it because now there is nothing done by hand. So what is a massage gun? how to use the massage gun?

New machines and modules are invented to do the work of humans and it will not only help to save your time but also it will save up your power to do that work. Machines are invented even to help ladies in the kitchen like juicer blenders, and beater machines these all are just for the sake of time-saving.

Though these machines have helped people in many ways they also made everyone lazy. People don’t want to perform the task on their own now everyone wants to have a machine for everything. Even now robots are invented which is the new technology as compared to machines. Those robots will be just button operated, you press the button and everything will be done.

Many people want relaxing therapy after hard work, especially when you come home after work, All you want is to relax your body, and in this way, this massage gun will prove very beneficial as it will not require any external help from anyone you can use it by yourself.

Just like these machines, in the medical field, we have a lot of machines for different purposes like X-ray machines, MRI, CT scans, and many more. Many patients have the management of massage.

Previously This massage was given by the Doctor and this was hands-on treatment but now with the advancement of technologies massage machines have been invented at first and machine guns are available.

At first, they invented massage chairs, but those were not portable devices you can’t take those chairs anywhere with you. But these massage guns are so portable that you can just put them in your bags and go where you want. Some people just purchase this device for the reason of relaxation.

As these guns are massage guns they will relax your muscles and will give you soothing sensations. Though all of the machines used for massaging have the same purpose their working is different from one another.

So in this article, we are going to discuss how to use the massage gun and how you know the workings of a massage gun. So without wasting any further time let’s get started.

Massage Gun:

Nowadays these massage guns are so famous and popular around the world but what do you think, are these guns worth the hype? These are so popular that even professionals like athletes, celebrities doctors everyone prefer and use this device.

Massage gun which is also known as vibration therapy and percussive massage treatment, looks like a power drill, This is a portable device that uses rapid percussive therapy to loosen the tight muscles and also helps to reduce muscle soreness.

They deliver the mini thrust of pressure in the form of pulses to the target area and remove the muscle tightness.

These devices are mostly or you can say always come in the wireless form with the rechargeable battery. It is said that these massage guns are proven to be more efficient when used after the workout and at that time they will release the muscle tension.

Many people face this situation, especially the one who does the extra hard work like laborers, and office employees doing overwork, these all experience muscle pain or muscle tightness, this time this massage gun will be used to relax their muscles and reduce the tension or tightness from the muscles.

Advantages Of Massage Gun:

For a human being, there is nothing more important as compared to having peace of body and mind. Having a peaceful mind will lead you to a peaceful life. For a peaceful mind, you need to relax your body, body relaxation is very important for everyone.

And massage gun is used for this purpose to relax your whole stressful body. It has many advantages let’s share some of them

1. Stress Relief

This is the most important advantage of a massage gun, when you use it correctly it will help you to relieve the stress from your body. This massage gun will use vibrations or percussion and will help you to relax your body from all parts.

It happens in this way that these massage guns with the help of vibrations will release the dopamine and serotonin in your body which are responsible for the relaxation and happiness of your body. But for that, you need to know the correct way of using the massage gun which we will discuss in further article.

2. Improved Sleep

Insomnia is a real problem in today’s world. We have so tough routines or many things going on in our minds that we can’t even sleep or if we sleep we can sleep with peace. As we have said before massage guns will help to release the serotonin in your body and it will give you relaxation.

When your body is relaxed it will be easy for you to sleep with more peace. Also if you do it correctly and for sufficient time it will release the melatonin, the chemical which is responsible for the person to fall asleep when he needs it.

3. Increased Blood Circulation

The main component of having a healthy and active body lies within the blood vessels. The more clear the pathway the more or faster blood or nutrients will be transferred to the body and will have a healthy body.

If your body does not have proper blood circulation it will get you more fatigue and muscle issues. These massage guns will help you clear your blood vessels so that blood or nutrients will be transferred with more ease.

4. Improved Flexibility

As we have said before massage gun is used to release tension in the body, It provides deep tissue massage with the help of which all the waste present in the muscles or nerves is released and it will improve blood circulation and release tension.

This good blood circulation will increase the speed of tissue recovery and also help to enhance tissue metabolism. When your tissues are healthy and strong you will be able to perform more exercises which will lead to more flexibility of your muscles.

If you want to increase the flexibility of joints and muscles you can also use the massage gun while stretching as it will help to improve the depth of stretch.

5. Lactic Acid Release

To convert the lactic acid into the energy form your body needs oxygen and when you are working out or doing different exercises your body will suffer from the lack of oxygen.

This is so annoying that while doing the gym or sports, suddenly you feel cramps or tension in your body this is all because of a lack of oxygen which is not converting lactic acid and your body will not have the energy for exercises.

As a result of this, your body will build up more lactic acid as compared to how much it burns lactic acid.

Disadvantages Of Massage Gun:

1. Risk Of Wrong Use

You should know how to use the massage guns otherwise it will cause harm to yourself. Before using any device you should consult any person who has some knowledge about that device. this device will prove wrong for some people when they are using it wrong. It will even cause irritation or other muscle issues which will affect the healthiness of your body.

2. Can Be Bulky

Though they are portable devices it can be possible that some of them are more heavy and heavy which will be difficult to handle or use.

There are some models of massage guns that are not that portable as they are big and also very heavy. Most people prefer to use a device that they can use and handle with more ease.

3. High Prices

As compared to other hot packs or other devices they are much more expensive than others. This is one of the reasons why people avoid using these guns even having many advantages. Many models are also available which have low prices and are very cheap but those massage guns will not have that many specifications which are needed for the relaxation of your body.

4. Chronic Conditions

It is always suggested to not use the massage gun on chronic conditions like rheumatoid, varicose veins, and any other conditions. Massage guns can be worse for sprains, strains, broken bones, or large swellings. Whenever you want to use the massage gun and see the uncommon situation at that site of the body, consult your doctor and then use the massage gun.

How Massage Gun Work?

Massage gun performs their tasks with the help of vibration or percussion. These portable devices work with percussive therapy which helps to have the self massage and also self myofacial release.

These small portable devices will help to release the tension and stress from that particular part of the body where you use this device. They target the affected muscle with repetitive back-and-forth motion and then release all sorts of tension.

When you place the muscle at the specific muscle and turn it on, it will start giving out high-frequency vibrations or percussion on the muscle with a low amplitude of movement. In this way, it will release your muscles from any soreness or tension and give you more relaxation.

A massage gun is a power-operated machine without any wire, the motor is attached to the rubber and foam head which produces fast and repetitive jerks or shocks to the muscles which are known as percussion. How many shocks it delivers to the body, depends on the machine or the device but most probably 40 strokes per second are delivered to the body.

To deliver the shocks to the muscle, the head of the gun should touch that muscle part and then it will push out shocks with smooth but intensive force. These intensive forces will transfer the solid substance in the connective tissue of your muscle into the liquids and in this way, it will release the tension of the muscle.

Apart from these effects on the muscle, there is also the neurological effect which states that your muscle will not loosen up immediately when you do the massage, the vibrations will cause the sensory neurons to detect the tendon tension and it will send the message to the brain and then your brain will follow up and tells the muscle to relax.

How To Use a Massage Gun?

You can use a massage gun whenever you feel stressed or you feel any soreness in your muscles. But these massage guns are most commonly used either before the workout or after the workout.

When you use the massage gun before the workout it will activate your muscles before the workout and after a workout, it will reduce or extract any kind of soreness and stiffness from the muscle that happened because of the workout.

For using the massage gun, take the gun and place it over the muscle where you feel the tightness or stiffness, start moving the gun over the bulk of the muscle, apply some pressure but not too much, only what can be tolerated by the patient.

The device has the button or the pressure which is used to increase or decrease the required pressure.

Try to move the gun gently and stay in one place for up to 15 seconds or you can sweep the area for about 2 minutes or you can do it for 3 minutes but not more than that.

Some new machines even have a monitor which will guide you about how long you have to do it and how hard you are doing it by showing the pressure you are applying.

You can’t use the massage guns on the bony areas and also if you have an injury then first consult your doctor and then use the massage gun over it. It is recommended to avoid the massage gun over the areas with acute pain or acute injury.

Also if you are still feeling the soreness after using the device then it means that you have used the device either too long or you have applied too much pressure. Make sure you want to relax your muscles not make them suffer.

If you are suffering from any disease like DVT or nerve sensitivity then you should consult the doctor before using the massage gun.

Vibrations Vs. Percussions:

If you look at the oldest version of the massage gun, you will see that the massage guns were operated with vibration therapy.

In vibration therapy, you just mount the device and turn on the device and rest will be done by the device, It will give out the back and forth vibrations in a very small manner and will provide the little shocks in the body. Earlier, massage guns used this method to relax the muscles.

But now the recent models of massage guns go beyond the level of vibration, they are more penetrating as compared to vibrations, which is known as percussion, which is more intense.

Is It Safe?

If any person is suffering from any muscle issue whether it’s muscle damage or any other issue then the best solution for all these issues is percussion therapy. And if you want excellent results then you have to know the exact method to handle the massage gun.

And if you don’t know the exact way of using a massage gun then consult any doctor or expert who can guide you about the massage gun.

Also, you have to take care of other things you should not overdo the massage, whenever you feel that the area you are massaging is turning red or losing sensations then immediately remove the gun from the body and it will be the sign that now you have to move further and massage the other part of the body.

It is a safe device to use for muscle injuries and relaxation but with some handling care. If you know how to handle the massage gun you can easily treat your muscle by yourself.

Don’t ever make your massage gun stay at a particular place for more than 20 seconds, keep it moving so that it will not cause a rash or burn to the body.


These precautions mentioned below will be followed to see the good results of massage therapy.

  1. While applying the massage gun on your body, if you feel the pain it means you are using too much power on the massage gun, or you can lower the speed of the gun. The consultant will also give you the amount of pressure which you have to apply.
  2. Avoid using the massage gun on the nerves of your body. Also whenever you feel the electric shock on your body, you have to stop it immediately. Because if you continue doing it it will cause you burn or any other harm.
  3. Do not use the massage gun directly over the wounds or the fractures not even on the bony areas
  4. Always use the massage gun on the muscle with some safety measures.
  5. Do not use the massage gun in the areas of your body where you don’t feel any sensation like impaired sensation, as you won’t feel the effects of the massage gun and it might burn your body or cause you any other harm.
  6. If you are taking medicines for blood thinning then don’t ever use the massage gun on your body.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Massage Gun:

While buying a massage gun, you have to keep in mind certain things so that you can easily buy a good massage gun for yourself. Let’s see what are those points:

1. Do You Need The Massage Gun?

The first ever question that you should ask yourself is do you need the massage gun? Is there a need for one or you are just buying it for a show-off?

When you are searching for the best massage gun then also search for its benefits and the things that can be done by that massage gun, so that you can decide whether this gun is useful for you or not.

Also, know about the issue you are facing, it should not be like you are having a bone issue and you want to use the massage gun as it is contraindicated for the massage gun. So know your issue and also know the device you are purchasing.

So first decide these things and then go for the massage gun.

2. Decide According To Your Budget

In this economic situation, it is very important to own a massage gun that will last longer with you. You should buy the massage gun which tends to stay for at least 5-6 years. Even many massage guns are the best in terms of long-lasting.

So try to buy a device with more warranty years. Also, look for a device that is suitable for your budget. It should not be like you are earning $25 and you bought the device for $90. There are many models available in the market with different prices, you can even get the cheapest one which will be easily affordable for you.

3. Amplitude Of Massage Gun

Amplitude matters while using the massage gun, if you have a big muscle you will need the massage gun with a longer amplitude. Mainly it’s the distance that the massage gun head travels back and forth as it strikes the skin.

In terms of amplitude the Achedaway Pro is the best massage gun as it has an amplitude of 15mm and the stall force is 80 lbs. And if you are just looking for a massage gun for your relaxation then the mini massage gun will be good for you like the Ekrin Bantam which has a short amplitude with low stall force.

4. Stall Force

Stall force also known as the percussion force is the amount of force that is mainly applied by the motor before it stalls and this force is measured in terms of pounds.

The more the stall force the more strong full will be the massage. Keeping the stroke length and speed of the massage gun the same so that it will give effective results. If you want the soft massage the force will be 20-30 lbs, for moderate intense massage 30-50 lbs force will be enough for a good result, for high intense result massage you will need the force of 50+ lbs.

5. Stroke Length

Stroke length means the amplitude of the massage gun, it’s mainly the number of millimeters the head of a massage gun can move back and forth. It is just the distance traveled by the head of the massage gun during its work on the skin.

If you want to have soft tissue therapy then you will need the massage gun with 10-12mm, if you want deep tissue massage you will need 13-16 mm and lastly for high massage for rare you will get 17-20mm.

6. Speed

In your massage gun you will have two types of speed, one with the number of speed options you will get and the other one is the range of speed. If you want sound therapy, the massage gun should have more than three options suitable.

New massagers are also available that have custom speed options that you can adjust according to your choice. But for your information, those massagers are also very rare in the market.

Many new massage guns are available in the market but are more expensive their range of speed is narrow, their main range is from 1400- 2800 percussion per minute.

7. Battery Life

Battery life is the most important factor in knowing the usability of your massage gun. The massage gun which has a battery life of less than or equal to 2 hours is considered to be the good one among all the massage guns.

Almost all massage guns have removable battery systems also some of them even offer additional batteries. Removal batteries though are more convenient but those batteries require more time to charge on the other hand the nonremovable batteries do not take much time and will charge quickly.

Recommended Massage Guns:

Many massage guns are best in features and all other aspects. Everyone is better than other and have modified specifications. Many massage guns are being used commonly. Let’s discuss some of them

1. Theragun Pro:

TheraGun Pro

View Price On Amazon

You can say it’s the head of all the massage guns, this massage gun comes with 6 head attachments and also has five speeds to target different groups of muscles.

Though massage guns are not used on any chronic conditions like chronic aches or pains and also can’t get rid of it even after doing stretching exercises, for those people this is the best massage gun you will get. You can easily find this massage gun on Amazon.

If you have a hectic life routine, like doing exercises, yoga, hard office routine then you should purchase this one as it will help you to release muscle tension.

THERAGUN PRO have also another model known as theragun mini which is very travel friendly. But it has only one head attachment and three speeds. If you can’t afford the theragun pro you can have this as it is much cheaper than the theragun pro.

2. Aldom:

ALDOM Massage Gun

View Price On Amazon

This amazing massage gun comes with 6 different head attachments and three different speed options. You can also switch between the deep tissue massage and the normal general massage in this massage gun.

The covering bag of Aldom is so comfortable that you can take it anywhere with you. This massage gun is also available on the Amazon website and you can get it from there at a very cost-friendly price. And if you are a Prime member of Amazon you can get the parcel with a free shipping option.


Massage therapy is the most needed treatment for any other person. Even without any disease or any disorder, if you are tired or feel fatigued you can still have massage therapy as it will relax your whole body muscle.

Now with the advancement of technology, people also invented massage guns for portable use. You can even use this device while traveling or also this device will not harm you that much.

Massage chairs are also available in the market which will give you full body vibrations to release all kinds of stress or stiffness from the muscles of the whole body.

people buy the machines but they don’t know how to use these devices For those people we have written this article so that they will get more benefits from this device.

We also have shared some of the advantages and disadvantages of the device. Before using the device, make sure to use it with some precaution to see the perfect results.

Hope you understand all about how to use the massage gun and stay healthy don’t use gadgets the wrong way. Happy massaging 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What Is The Good RPM for The Massage Gun?

Ans: The good rpm for the massage gun is about 3000 rpm, but it is also very important to know the speed that will be effective for you because some people wants a slow speed while other prefer to have a fast speed. So from this point of view, it is your personal preference.

Q: Are Massage Guns Not Good To Use?

Ans: No that’s not true, though they can prove dangerous at some point they are not bad to use. If you use it properly with correct handling this will be the best massage gun for you.

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