Initiate Group Calls With Up To 15 People – Whatsapp Alert!

Initiate Group Calls With Up To 15 People – Whatsapp Alert!

Making calls on Whatsapp is the most common use of Whatsapp. WhatsApp is a chat app. Which is also used to call someone. WhatsApp has a lot of other features which are not available in other apps.

On WhatsApp, you can make calls with different people and also call two people at a time means you can create a conference call. But it was just limited to two people not more than that. This means only three people can have a conference call with each other at a time.

Beta, now allows you to create a conference call between up to 15 people.

According to WABetaInfo, which was reported before the invention of this feature, you can create the conference link between up to 32 participants but it was not on WhatsApp.

But with the advancement of new technologies and new inventions now you can create a call between up to 15 people on Whatsapp without any hindrance.

WhatsApp is an app that is used worldwide widely, and it has many advanced features Also with time new features are coming day by day. Because of this, Whatsapp is becoming everyone’s favorite app.

Initially, you can just add 15 people in your group call but in total, you can add up to 32 participants in your group call. This means you can start from 15 and then after some time, you can add up to 32 people from your contact list.

With this new feature, you can easily add up to 32 people to your call without any interruption. It will be easy for any office meeting which you want to hold online.

According to some unknown reporter, it is stated that the ability of Whatsapp to initiate a group call with up to 15 members is still being tested by some beta testers, that will install the latest version of Whatsapp beta for their iOS model from the TestFlight app.

There is also many chances of an increase in the number of members initially from the call means you will be able to start the conference call with even more than 15 members but this is just the approximation.

Though this feature is a high level of advancement but still on WhatsApp you can send videos with its original high quality. This is not possible.

The receiver will get the video with blurry vision. Earlier this month it was reported that the messaging platform was rolling out a feature on iOS beta that allows users to send WhatsApp video with quality but not the original one.

The main default sending for all the videos is the standard quality of videos. Even on iPhones, you won’t be able to send the original quality of the video.

Whatsapp is launching its new features day by day and also all the features are liked by the users. And now Whatsapp has launched the new feature of creating group calls with up to 15 people.

Previously you could add up to 32 people but it was not possible to initially create the link with 32 people, you have to add them after creating the link. But now you can add 15 people initially and then add the rest of them.

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