Keyboard Danger For Private Data- AI Technology

Keyboard Danger For Private Data- AI Technology:

We always hear that our data is never safe at any place online even on laptops, computers, or mobiles.

This new technology AI, though has cleared many of our messes and made our life much more accessible, but on the other hand, it also have some misuses and disadvantages that will harm your whole data. It was said in earlier times that laptops or computers having webcams or microphones are not safe as they will be recording everything even if they are turned off. it was all about the old times.

Now with the new invention of AI technology, it has been considered that even your data or everything is not safe from your keyboards. People who are using laptops or computers have more danger in this regard as their whole confidential data is not secure, All the private messages, passwords, and credit card details and everything you input through typing on the keyboard is recorded by the keyboard and AI will have all your confidential data.

Recent research was done and it was published in a paper which was authorized by a consortium of British university scholars, It was written that artificial intelligence possesses the capability to detect keystrokes based mainly on auditory cues, and this all has an accuracy of 95%. these things are spreading at a very high speed as AI technology is developing nowadays.

Those people also described how it all works and how your keyboard can have all the data that you enter through its alphabet.

They named it the “acoustic channel attack”, They investigated this AI thing of the keyboard by putting the auditory input like the cell phone and placing it adjacent to the laptop or an unarmed microphone on a video conferencing platform like Zoom or any other so that they can capture the auditory input typing sound.

Then, the sound which was captured is processed through a deep learning artificial intelligence model which is already trained to detect the auditory pattern of keystrokes and will reveal the content of typed text.

While using this method, the people who were investigating this whole thing identified that the keystrokes available on the MacBook Pro analyze the associated sound through the mobile phone which is in the nearby area of the laptop. And the recording which was done via the Zoom call, identifies the accuracy and it was still 95%.

That paper clearly stated that “ with the recent development in both the performance of (and access to ) both microphone and DL models, the feasibility of an acoustic attack on keyboard begins to look likely.”

If you want to secure your data and save yourself from this type of AI thing then you have to use a strong password with multiple cases so that the AI can have trouble detecting your password as the password with full words will be easy to see. You can also add other small security measures which will make your credentials safe.

Though AI has made our life easier at the same time this AI has made our life much more messy. Through this AI technology, even our data is not safe from the keyboards, even the keyboards can detect or record our all private credentials without our permission. If you want to secure your data then you have to make a strong password or use another safety measure.


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