Latest Apple Watches get a Siri upgrade with watchOS 10.2

Apple has released a significant update to its smartwatch operating system, watchOS 10.2, bringing with it a major upgrade for Siri on the latest Apple Watch models. This update allows Siri to access and log Health data directly on the watch, providing a more convenient and streamlined experience for users.

Siri gets smarter with Health data access

Previously, Siri on Apple Watch was limited in its ability to access and manage health data. Users had to rely on their paired iPhones to access this information through the Health app. With watchOS 10.2, Siri can now directly access and log data from the Health app on the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. This means users can now ask Siri to:

  • Log health data: Say “Hey Siri, log my blood sugar reading” or “Hey Siri, log my workout for 30 minutes.”
  • Track progress: Ask “Hey Siri, how many steps have I taken today?” or “Hey Siri, what is my average heart rate for this week?”
  • Get insights: Ask “Hey Siri, how is my sleep quality?” or “Hey Siri, am I trending towards my fitness goals?”

This enhanced functionality enables users to track their health metrics and progress more easily and conveniently. They no longer need to switch to their iPhones to access and manage their health data, making it a more seamless and integrated experience.

Additional features and improvements in watchOS 10.2

Beyond the Siri upgrade, watchOS 10.2 also includes several other noteworthy features and improvements. It allows to swipe to change watch faces. The popular gesture for changing watch faces has been reintroduced after being removed in a previous update.

It confirms ending workouts in which users can now choose to confirm ending a workout, preventing accidental stops. It also prioritizes volume. In Fitness+ workouts, users can now prioritize the volume of either music or trainer voices. Furthermore, the update addresses various bugs and issues reported by users.


watchOS 10.2 brings a significant upgrade to Siri and several other improvements for Apple Watch users. The ability for Siri to access and log health data directly on the watch is a major convenience factor, making it easier for users to track their health and progress. Additionally, the reintroduction of the swipe gesture for changing watch faces and other new features enhances the overall user experience. With watchOS 10.2, Apple continues to refine and improve its smartwatch platform, providing a powerful and versatile tool for users to stay connected, healthy, and productive. Team

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