Is iPhone 15 launched in Pakistan? Official Launching Date Of IPhone 15 Ultra

Everyone has been eagerly waiting since the day the news broke out about the launch of the iPhone 15 or you could say the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Until now no one knows on which date the Apple company is going to launch its brand-new product. Though it is not even confirmed now everyone is muttering about the date of 12 September, which is the date given by the company for their upcoming grand broadcasting event.

So, until the date of 29 August, everyone was thinking that maybe Apple was going to introduce their branded product at their upcoming event.

But on 29 August 2023, they confirmed that they are going to launch the iPhone 15 ultra which includes, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, iPhone 15 pro, and the most happening iPhone 15 pro max. The company itself declared that it would announce the launch of the iPhone 15 ultra on 12 September 2023 at 10 AM PT.

Apple has never stepped back when it comes to surprising its users with the astonishing features of its products. You get this idea from all the products like the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13. These all iPhones have features that are better than the earlier ones. And now they are launching their new iPhones or any other product every year.

iPhone is not any other simple mobile phone just like the Android which all have the same features. iPhone’s features are very different from the Android ones. You even have to learn somehow to use the iPhone mobile phone.

Mainly the operating systems of all the iPhones are different as compared to the Androids. Apple launched the first device of iPhone in the United States on the dates of 2007 but in Asia, it was released in the year of 2008, a year later than in the United States.  iPhone’s first rival has been the Google Android devices from companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo.

If you are an Android user and now you are thinking of switching to the iPhone mobile. Then it will be very confusing or difficult for you. It’s like switching from one house to a new house which might discomfort you a lot. iPhone is totally a different package from the Androids.

So, for the launch of the iPhone 15 ultra, if you wish to watch the whole event and want to see the launch of your favorite device, then you can make your wish come true. You can watch the live streaming of the whole Apple broadcasting even at and also you will get this in the Apple TV app.

Also, with the launch of the iPhone 15 ultra, you will get to see more new things in it which includes the USB-C C port. Yes, this new iPhone will have a USB-C-C port. Along with this, this new model of iPhone will become the first iPhone device that will have the feature of a periscope zoom camera. Other than the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max will have titanium frames.

Along with these 4 iPhones, people are also expecting the company to show the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2 in their event.

Apple is the company that is always on the front line when it comes to surprising its users with brand-new or best features. All the models of the iPhone and the iPhone watches have always surprised users and increased their interest in the Apple company. The launch of the iPhone has also been very exciting for users. Everyone is waiting to hold the iPhone 15 model in their hand so that they can experience it.

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