Ownpets Pet Doors Review 2024 – Best Lockable Pet Doors

Ownpets Pet Doors Review 2024:

Have you got a pet? Do you find it difficult to care for your pet and devote attention to it? So I have a way to make your life easier: Ownpets has several things that will make your life with your pet a lot easier than you think. Pets are popular among homeowners, but they come with a lot of responsibility. You must feed, play with, and allow them to go outside.

It can be tough to find time to care for a pet when you have a lot of other duties, but they have a solution to make your life easier: pet doors. They provide your pet access to the outdoors when you aren’t around. However, there are a few things you should know before purchasing a pet door. This article will provide you with all of the information you require regarding Ownpets pet doors.

Why Ownpets is the Best Option For You?

Petrichor pet spa is offering a 20% discount on bath and grooming. Ownpets carriers allow you to carry your pet with you everywhere you go. Ownpets pet doors can help you find the best door for your pets. Make your pet’s identification more Paw-sonal by customizing it! For the betterment of your pet’s health, install a pet drinking fountain.

While most people wouldn’t trade their dog for anything, having a furry family member comes with certain drawbacks. You have to deal with it regularly by getting up to open the door whenever your dog wants to go outside. A dog door alleviates this problem.


Ownpets Home

Ownpets pledges to provide high-quality, environmentally friendly pet goods to assist pet owners in meeting their pets’ needs. Countless hours have been spent streamlining their business and improving their supply chain management to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Ownpets is an internet-based pet supply business with a big customer base. Each item is designed with the buyer in mind. Every encounter with Ownpets’ customer care team ensures that clients receive the greatest value and service possible. Ownpets is what it is now because of the bravery and loyalty of its clients. Its goal is to make life easier and more enjoyable for its customers and their cherished dogs.

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How Do They Go Above and Beyond to Assist You With Your Pets?

Drinking better-tasting, filtered, oxygen-rich flowing water will make your pet healthier. Furthermore, the free-falling stream will encourage your dogs to consume more water! To keep your pet’s urinary and kidney illnesses at bay, you should do the following. Save your time and money by seeing a veterinarian.

Ownpets Pet Doors Products:

1- Lockable Pet Screen Door with Magnetic Flap:

All screen doors can benefit from a lockable pet screen with a magnetic flap:

  • Its color is black
  • The material is ABS


The lockable pet screen door with a magnetic flap comes in two sizes: small and large. For additional information, see the descriptions below.

Small (fits for puppies and cats)

  • Inner size: 10.2” x 8” x 0.4”
  • Outer size: 11.4” x 9.4” x 0.4”

The small size is now available on sale for $33.99 instead of the typical price of $42.99

Large (fits for medium and large dogs)

  • Inner size: 14” x 12” x 0.5”
  • Outer size: 16” x 14” x 0.4”

The small size is now available on sale for $45.99 instead of the typical price of$69.99

Lockable Pet Screen Door with Magnetic Flap Description

  • For SMALL dogs and cats or other small animals, the flap aperture measures 8″ W x 10.2″ H.
  • Built-in magnetic flip latches on dog doors help keep the door closed automatically when your dog exits.
  • Their device is suited for all screen doors and allows your dogs to enter and exit freely.
  • Their dog door frame is composed of high-quality ABS materials, particularly the mesh yarns, which are made of pricey materials and are sturdy and long-lasting.
  • All that is required is to secure it with screws and operate it per the instructions.

2- Aluminum Dog Door:

Aluminum dog doors work with any screen door.

  • Inner size: 16.8″ x 11.6″ x 2.6″
  • Outer size: 20.2″ x 14.2″ x 2.6″
  • It keeps the heat and wind out.

The price of an aluminum dog door is now $99.99, rather than the previous price of $104.00.

Aluminum Dog Door Description

  • It can hold up to 100 pounds, making it suited for dogs ranging in size from medium to extra-large, except small dogs.
  • This sort of dog door is composed of metal, proven to be solid, and long-lasting.
  • There’s no need to be concerned about breaking easily because it’s made of reinforced material.
  • A metal backplate is included to keep you and your family safe at night.
  • It has a magnetic flap door that is designed to be moveable, stable, and long-lasting.
  • It may be fixed well when dogs go through the door because of its magnetic performance. It is simple to install and does not necessitate the use of many replacement tools.
  • Compared to other plastic pet doors on the market, this pet door made of metallic material proves to be harder and more durable.
  • Bending and breaking free is a difficult task. Thanks to the rear metal plate, it can ensure your safety while also keeping other creatures out of the house.
  • Almost everything you require is included in the bundle they supply.
  • A metal pet door, for example, would come with a set of screws and nails, as well as a warranty card, a cutting template, and an installation manual.

Its Features

  • Dimensions: Height, Width, and Thickness
  • User-Friendly Design Reinforced Metal Material
  • Stable, secure, and long-lasting
  • Package in its entirety

Magnetic Cat Door

All screen doors can be used with a magnetic cat door.

  • Inner Dimensions: 8.5 “7.2” x 1.65″ x 7.2″ x 1.65″
  • Outside dimensions: 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 1.65″
  • Perfect for a glass door

The magnetic cat door costs $23 and is now available for purchase.

Magnetic Cat Door Description

  • Both cats and small dogs can use it.
  • This type of cat door is constructed of PVC plastic, which is a lightweight and durable material.
  • It has a see-through flap door that prevents air conditioning from departing in the summer and chilly wind entering winter.
  • The screws have been reinforced to increase the stability of the cat door and prevent it from collapsing to the ground. The flap door may be moved to allow cats to enter and exit more easily.
  • It is simple to install and does not necessitate the use of several replacement tools.
  • The pet can see through the door thanks to the transparent flap. Waterproofing is provided via the exterior screen. The brush strip dampens the sound of the door closing.
  • Almost everything you require is included in the bundle they supply. For example, a cat door, a set of screws, a warranty card, and an installation manual.
  • In any case, it is quite useful.

Magnetic Cat Door Features

  • Metals made of PVC
  • Material is strong and durable, and the design is user-friendly.
  • Complete Set of Packages to Keep Noise and Insects Out

3- Plastic Dog Door:

All screen doors can be used with a plastic cat door.

  • Inner size: 16.7″ x 11.6″ x 1.77″
  • Outer size: 20.4″ x 15.2″ x 1.77″
  • Fits both small and large animals

The typical price of the plastic dog door is $68.00. However, it is presently available on sale for $59.99.

Plastic Dog Door Description

  • The entire pet door measures 1. 8 inches in height. The maximum weight of a pet is 100 pounds.
  • Unlike other soft flap doors on the market, their pet flap door is made of plastic, safer, and more lasting, allowing it to remain firm without becoming loosened quickly.
  • In the meanwhile, it is a long-lasting product that is easy to use.
  • The screws have been reinforced to increase the stability of the pet door and prevent it from collapsing to the ground.
  • The flap door is movable to allow dogs to enter and exit the pet door conveniently.
  • The plunger locker of the pet door requires manual operation, which means you must manually lock the door.
  • It can assist you to prevent your pets from going outside when you are not at home while also preventing robbers from breaking into your house, according to certain quarters.


  • It has White color to it.
  • It’s made of plastic.
  • The dimensions are 15.2″ x20.4″ x1.77″ on the outside.
  • The inside dimensions are 11.6″x16.7″x1.77″.
  • The total weight of the package is 4.98 lbs.

4- Extra Wide Safety Gate:

All screen doors and adjustable gates with pressure mounts are compatible with the extra-wide safety gate.

The price of the Extra Wide Safety gate is now available in the sale, is $72.99 rather than its regular price of $75.99.

Extra Wide Safety Gate Description

  • The gate with a height of 30 inches is ideal for openings between 29.5 and 37.75 inches wide. Part of the width of the door measures 23.6 inches.
  • Two extension frames are also included in the bundle.
  • The dimensions are 2.76 inches and 5.5 inches, respectively. It can be adjusted to the proper width depending on your needs.
  • Their retractable gate has an auto-close feature to ensure that your children or pets are entirely safe.
  • To open the door, you must first lift the doorknob. Furthermore, the built-in door stopper will prevent your youngsters from accidentally opening it.
  • The safety gate can be installed in a matter of minutes without the use of any drills.
  • Four extra screws that they give can be directly attached to the door’s edge.
  • This type of gate can be utilized in various situations, including entrances, stairwells, and corridors.
  • With this extra wide gate’s user-friendly design, you won’t have to worry about your kids or dogs going down the stairs or running to the kitchen or basement, anywhere harmful, without warning.
  • A yellow arched door and a white metal frame make up the gate.
  • It is appropriate for all types of homes.
  • They provide you with online assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you set up.
  • Please remember that a gap between the gate latch and the frame isn’t a flaw or a bent.

After the installation is complete, the gap will be filled.

Extra Wide Safety Gate Features

  • A wide range of compatibility
  • The user-friendly design keeps your youngsters and furry baby safe.
  • Easy Installation & Auto-Close Function


  • Both you and your pet will benefit from having a pet door. It expands your options and reduces your stress.
  • Having a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. You can be a highly busy person with work, family, your house, and other errands.
  • You don’t want your pet to be stuck inside all day. The pet door provides convenient access to your yard or another fenced-in area for your pet.
  • Pets must adhere to your timetable. They eat when you feed them, play when you want them to, and sleep when you want them to (for the most part).
  • Providing them with access to your yard helps them to conduct their business safely.
  • Even though pet doors are a wonderful addition to any home, you need to take a few measures after they are installed.
  • The only thing that can fit through a pet door is your pet. It would help if you kept an eye out for little toddlers who may escape. The best approach to keep your youngster from crawling through your pet door is to use a sturdy plastic lock.
  • Pet doors are vulnerable to intruders and animals. Another approach to ensure that nothing gets into your home is to use a sturdy plastic lock.


  • Please focus on the fact that your pet will not venture out at night or so far away that you will be unable to locate it and will end up in trouble.

Final Words

For every pet owner, pet doors are a terrific alternative. They provide your dog’s more independence while also reducing your stress. There are many different styles, locations, and safety precautions to consider, but hopefully, you now have all the information you need about Ownpets pet doors.

Though Ownpets has many other goods for your pets that might make your life easier, the Ownpets pet door should be your priority because it keeps your content and at ease when it comes to your pet. So, without further ado, go to the size and place your purchase for your preferred pet door. Team

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