Protect Your Laptop From Physical Damage: Laptop Lifesaving Tips

Protect Your Laptop From Physical Damage

Are you worried about your laptop as it may get any physical damage? Do you want to protect your laptop from any kind of attack? Do you want your laptop safe and secure throughout the life span?

Are you searching for ways to protect your laptop from damage? Are you buying a new laptop or want to protect your old device watch from physical damage?

Whether you are buying a new laptop or want to protect your old laptop from any kind of physical damage, you are going to find the best possible methods to protect your Laptop from Physical Damage damage.

Laptops are great resources for students nowadays, studies have revealed that the use of laptops has a positive impact on attention and learning if it is used correctly. Nowadays schools are integrating laptops in classrooms formally.

Thousands of other students prefer to buy their laptops for completing their daily tasks, as well as use them for enjoyment purposes. Educators use laptops to teach students and there is no doubt that the laptop is the best resource at the same time it needs protection from accidental damage.

Without computers and laptops, the modern world would not work nearly as well. People used to rely on them, whether they are writers or the on-site construction employee.

People used to focus on password-protected devices and online security just like computer users and ignore the basics that how to protect their laptops from physical damage.

But just don’t worry if you have reached here, you will surely learn the ways to protect your laptop from physical damage.

Read this article completely, and protect your laptop from physical damage now!

Reasons For The Physical Damage To Your Laptop:

There are multiple reasons behind your laptop goes for physical damage. Consider them seriously and try to avoid them.

  1. Your laptop is getting too hot
  2. You have damaged your hard disk drive
  3. You are too rough with your laptop
  4. Mishandling with charging cable
  5. Inappropriate opening and closing of the laptop
  6. The laptop fan is not free to breathe
  7. You are not updating your laptop

How To Protect Your Laptop From Physical Damage?

As this is the digital world and every 3rd person is using a laptop for different daily tasks, entertainment purposes like gaming, and completing academic assignments and presentations, no one is giving great concern about the physical damage of a laptop.

you have spent a lot of money buying this laptop, so you are the one who has to take care of its physical appearance and save it from damage. Now you are searching for how to protect your laptop from physical damage, that’s why we are here to tell you the ways of protecting your laptop. all you have to do is to stay with me.

1. Invest In A High-Quality Anti-Theft Backpack

Thieves and pickpockets are the most common problems in all the big cities of the world. So you have to pay extra attention whether you go to protect your laptop and your other personal belongings from this kind of event.

A high-quality bag for your laptop is one of the most important accessories you should invest in without any delays. The anti-theft laptop bags have different designs from a simple ordinary backpack and consist of many specialist security features to protect your device and the laptop accessories but the important ones are:

  • An anti-theft locket
  • It has a secure laptop compartment.
  • It has zippers and hidden pockets.
  • It is a slash-proof or cut-resistant material.
  • It has locking cables in case you place it on the floor.

When the anti-theft backpack is compared with ordinary backpacks, they are expensive. But in recent years demand for the anti-theft laptop bag is increasing day by day so there are many options available more than ever and the price is down considerably.

Another important thing you have to consider while choosing a laptop bag is that it will be also able to protect your laptop from physical damage. Make sure to choose the laptop with padding and especially on the bottom as bumps and socks can damage the hard drive.

2. Get A Laptop Sleeve For Extra Protection

As you are well familiar with the significance of the laptop, so you will need extra protection to save it from physical damage. Taking your laptop on the road will surely expose it to bumps and bangs. This is the reason; a laptop sleeve is the best idea to provide an extra layer of protection.

A laptop sleeve is a padded case that fits snugly around your laptop yet provides an additional layer of protection against bumps and drops. They are mostly made up of durable materials like neoprene or polyester.

Just make sure that the case is well padded and it will prevent the surface of the laptop from being scratched and provides you the cushioning effect to protect the screen of your laptop.

The sleeves also work as the water-resistant outer layer which will help you to protect against spills and other liquid damage. They are also lightweight and portable devices that’s why sleeves make it easy to keep your laptop safe and secure, so the sleeve is worth considering.

3. Clean Your Laptop Regularly

We all know that cleaning the laptop is very important but let’s be honest. When did you clean your laptop last time? Probably it’s a very time when you clean your laptop last time.

When your laptop is covered with dust, it means that it is not a good look. Not only it is unsightly but the dust can damage your laptop. so don’t clog up the fans as it can cause overheating when you need to keep your laptop cool.

It is highly important to keep your laptop neat and clean. so the best way to clean your laptop is with compressed air. You can make use of canned air or the air compressor but make sure that you hold the can upright so that the dust doesn’t get blown back in your computer.

You should also make use of a lint-free cloth or the specialized towelettes to wipe down the keyboard and the other surfaces. By spending a few minutes cleaning your laptop regularly you can keep your laptop in good condition and avoid costly repairs.

4. Guard Your Laptop Exteriors With Covers And Skin

Laptops are not well known for their ruggedness. They are called delicate machines and the minor or the slightest bump can leave a dent or a scratch on the laptop screen. It is important to guard the exterior of your laptop with the cover or skin and the screen protectors.

A good cover or the skin will not only protect your laptop from different kinds of bumps or avoid scratches but it also keeps your laptop clean. As we have discussed earlier that dust and dirt can damage your laptop. Covering the skin can help these elements well.

Additionally, a cover and a laptop skin will add a bit of personality to your laptop. just choose the design which fits your style whether you are choosing a sleek, professional, fun, or funky one. Covers and skin will help protect your laptop from scratches and scuffs.

They are not difficult to use, as it is very easy to apply and remove them so you can change your look when possible. They are inexpensive at the same time they are inexpensive so you can afford to change your mind often.

5. Avoid Consuming Water While Working On Laptop

When you are working on a laptop and you want water, you should not drink water while working on the laptop. just don’t even put the glass or bottle of water near the laptop.

if you have experienced it before then you are familiar that how frustrating it is. Not only do you have to deal with that mess, but you have to worry about damaging your laptop.

Spilled drinks are the most common ways that laptops got damaged, when liquids come in contact with the electronic components it can short-circuit the system and then it causes serious problems. Sometimes, a spilled drink can render the laptop unusable.

But it is not just about the drinks, do you love eating snacks while using a laptop? it is damaging at the same time, when you use to eat snacks then crunchy food will cause dust in the vents of laptops which will suck into the machine through the cooling system and can possibly damage the hard drive of the laptop.

Additionally, food residue remaining between your keys can encourage the bacteria to grow. So if you want to keep your laptop safe and secure you have to avoid consuming anything while working on the laptop.

6. Protect Your Laptop On Rainy Days:

As we all know that the weather is unpredictable if you are traveling outdoors or you are using a bicycle during the rainy season, you should protect your laptop from rain. When it will get wet, your laptop is at a greater risk. There are multiple ways to protect your laptop on rainy days;

  • Use the waterproof laptop backpack and zip it up properly.
  • If your laptop backpack is not waterproof you have to invest in the rain cover.
  • If you don’t have the waterproof sleeve you can put your laptop in the plastic bag before storing it in your backpack.
  • The most obvious is to use an umbrella during rainy reason.

So if you want to keep your laptop safe and secure you should avoid using it in the rainy season or if you use it in this season, you have to follow the instructions mentioned above.

7. Do Not Twist The Cords:

Generally, we consider that the power cord and the other cables can twist and bend and they are often the last thing to be shoved in the bag. The cables are most delicate than you think or consider them.

The joining point of the cable and the charging port can easily have worn out and stripe and become dangerous to use. It is one of the most frustrating things when you rely on the computer for working while you are out of hours, it is the malfunctioning power cable.

A good idea is to wrap the wires around something to bring them together. It also means that it should not be folded so tightly. However, it is important to note that, it doesn’t have the sharp point or edges that could damage the cable.


Protecting your laptop from physical damage is extremely important to ensure your laptop’s long-term use and avoid costly repairs and replacements.

I have mentioned the best possible ways that you can use to protect your Laptop from physical damage. After following this you can enjoy using it for a longer time.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure, so take good care of your device and treat it with respect. You can protect your laptop from all kinds of physical damage by making sure you have the right accessories to reduce the consequences of falls, such as the protective screen or case.

Following all the tips mentioned above in this article will protect your device from damage. We hope that you find something useful in this post of tips how to protect your laptop from physical damage.

So hope you will protect your laptop from physical damage and won’t break it either. >.<


Q: What is physical damage to the laptop?

Ans: Physical damage includes liquid spills, cracks, scratches to the screen, and accessories. It is not limited to them. Physical damage is not covered under the warranty.

Q: How can I protect my laptop from dents?

Ans: Using the laptop bag will reduce the chance of accidental drops or bumps to the laptop. consider the use of laptop sleeves to protect your laptop from dents and scratches. Sleeve is not as effective as the bag but it will minimize the damage and the scratches too.

Q: Do laptops need a tempered glass?

Ans: Tempered glass protectors will be highly effective as they are scratch resistant and capable of fully covering your display. They are expensive but at the same time provide the best safety. We recommend you use a tempered glass protector instead of plastic.

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