Sony PS5 Accessibility Controller is launching in December at $90

Sony PS5 Accessibility Controller is launching in December at $90

Sony has introduced a new way to play on PlayStation 5 with the access controller and it is a highly customizable gamepad that is best for gamers with disabilities. It is going to be released in December. Sony has struggled for years behind Microsoft in offering and providing an accessible first-party game controller. Their rectangular Xbox adaptive controller was launched in 2018 for $100.

The upcoming PS5-compatible access controller is cheaper at $90 and it is different in design as it has large interchangeable buttons that are radially arranged around the circle with an adjacent joystick for directional control. This design provides you the access controller to use from any direction or orientation, said Isabell Tomatis.

The company is developing the controller for 5 years and worked with accessibility organizations and workplaces having experts refine the structure, design, and features.

The controller will come in the market having 19 different-sized button caps and 23 icons to label each button to which the traditional input corresponds. It consists of four 3.5mm aux expansion ports to plug in the additional buttons, switches, or accessories.

It can save 30 profile configurations for different setups. It consists of three stick caps named; a ball stick cap, a standard stick cap, and a dome stick cap.

It has 19 button caps; which include 1 wide flat button cap, 2 overhang button caps, 4 curve button caps, 8 pillow button caps, and 4 flat button caps. It consists of 4 extension ports and 23 button cap tags.

It presents its users with a quick start guide and safety guide which includes instructions for setting up the controller, UI settings, and button configuration on PS5.

As Microsoft has kept the lead on accessible gaming along with its Xbox adapter controller and there is a new line of adaptive accessories that are released last year. The new controller of Sony will be welcomed by disabled PS5 gamers.

This access controller can be pre-ordered on the play station website starting from 21 July and it will go on sale on 6 December. It has a Type C USB cable. Gamers who are passionate about gaming will love using this.

Players will be able to set up as many as 30 profiles for the access controller with the different button mappings and stick settings for each of them. There is also an option available to disable certain buttons to prevent accidental pressings and then users will be able to toggle the command on or off.

This access controller can be used with another access controller. The new controller promises that there will be significant improvements in the game accessibility for users having disabilities. It can be assumed that the access controller will surely meet the positive from the gamers.

Sony PS5 accessibility controller is coming this December and it will be best for gamers with disabilities. It is not so much expensive; you can get in for only $90 according to resources. Users will be able to avail of this opportunity when the company will open the pre-booking.

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