Stealing Accusation On Google Company: Examining the Controversy

Stealing Accusation On Google Company

Being accused of stealing anything is very shocking news to hear and also when you hear it about the most popular browser that is GOOGLE.

On Tuesday, Google was accused by eight citizens of San Francisco in the federal high court San Francisco. The complaint was filed against Google which stated that “secretly stealing everything ever created and shared on the internet”. they claimed that Google have stolen all the information just for the sake of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Bard, so this technology will be trained in the very best manner as compared to others.

Those people filed this complaint on behalf of millions of internet users and also all the copyright holders, Following the report in independent, it was clearly said that their privacy and property rights were breached by the unauthorized scrapping of data from the website by Google.

This petition included not only Google but also the parent company Alphabet and Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind. This petition has disgraced all the companies associated with Google.

The lawsuit personally criticized that the data which is used for the training of the Artificial Intelligence chatbot is all the normal talk between humans or you can say that the words uttered by the human mouth are used for the training of the Artificial Intelligence chatbot.

The petition stated that “ personal data of every kind, especially conversational data between humans, is critical to the AI training process”

The lawsuit also accused Google has not just taken the information but also the creative and copy-written works on the internet so that Google could build its artificial intelligence products easily with advanced knowledge. they wrote the words “ creative and copy-written works” for the accusation.

The people who filed this case were so angry that when questions were asked to Ryan Clarkson, the attorney of the litigant he stated that,

“Google does not own the internet, it does not own our creative works, it does not own our expressions of our person-hood, pictures of our families and children, or anything else simply because we share it online”

At first, nothing was clarified by Google but then Halimah DeLaine Prado, Google’s general counsel said to the news agency Reuters that Google just uses the data from public sources, it does not harm any rights and privacy of its users. She clearly stated in favor of Google that,

“Clear for years that we use data from public sources- like information published to the open web and public datasets- to train artificial intelligence ai models behind services like google translate, responsible and in line with our ai principles”

Even the American law is in full support of using public information to create other new important uses and they also supported Google and declared these accusations baseless.

At the start of this month, Google changed its online privacy policy which clearly states that you can use the public data to train AI tools. However, the petition purported that they just did this for personal gain and the enhancement of their AI products. They even said that the company just wants to clear its position and wants to state that everything is fair for their private gain.

The case is still processing in court and no results have been passed until now. Though people have all the right to say their heart out they can’t just accuse anyone for anything. The accusation of stealing online data is not a small thing to say but Google is still fighting this case until now.

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