Whatsapp Launches The Standalone Smartwatch App For Wear Os

Whatsapp Launches The Standalone Smartwatch App For Wear Os

WhatsApp has launched the standalone app for google wear OS, leaving the Apple watch behind. Finally, WhatsApp has launched its standalone app for smartwatches running Google’s Wear OS. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement yesterday. The launch of this WhatsApp application for wear OS will allow its users to start new conversations, reply to messages and take VOIP calls without a connected phone nearby.

The app will start rolling out today worldwide and it is compatible with smartwatches running wear OS. Users will be able to make conversations by sending and receiving text messages and voice messages with emoji from their wrists easily.

The company also revealed that other wear OS apps from third-party companies like Spotify. Apple’s watch Operating system does not have a standalone WhatsApp app, unlike Wear OS which reveals how Google is quick to take over Apple’s dominion by improving and advancing its smartwatch by launching new apps and updates.

WhatsApp has recently announced the release of the WhatsApp Wear OS app. It was only available for limited beta users. Now the company is rolling out the app globally. Additionally, Google has revealed that new and improved wear OS apps from third-party companies like Spotify, peloton. Google has also announced different updates to its applications, such as google home, Gmail, and Calendar, and delivers the updated experience to wear OS-based smartwatches.

This new smartwatch application is compatible with smartwatches that are powered by OS 3. It means that this new application of WhatsApp will also be available on Samsung and Galaxy smartwatches. However, in the case of a smartwatch, it does not support cellular connectivity so the phone will be required for an internet connection over Bluetooth.

This new WhatsApp application for wear OS simply means that it has more features. Till now, users on wear OS can reply to WhatsApp messages as different smartwatches have provided the reply option.

But with these new applications users will be able to make conversation by sending and receiving voice notes. The company is providing applications for phones, android tablets, and desktops as well as the web.

Google is doing struggles and making efforts to take Apple watch domination by improving its wear OS as well as by adding new manufacturers and bringing new applications and experiences to the platform. The Android maker has declared that Wear OS is the fastest-growing smartwatch platform globally.

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