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How Does The WIFI Booster Work in 2024

 Are you struggling with a poor internet connection? Or, are you tired of slow internet? Are you having a problem connecting with WiFi at some corner of your house or office?

Do you still struggle with WiFi signals during nighttime? Browser taking too much time to open up your desired page?  Are you aware of the WiFi booster? Are you taking advantage of this new device? 

Having a problem with your WiFi connection? This article will solve your problem in just the blink of an eye.

This article will tell you about the new device launch to boost your WiFi signals and WiFi speed. Which will be helpful for you. Slow WiFi sometimes makes your life very difficult.

Because nowadays WiFi is a very important part of life. a man can live without food but not without WiFi nowadays.

What is WIFI?

WiFi is a wireless network protocol. These devices are used to communicate without any wire or data cable connection. This technology allows many devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and iPads to connect to the internet without any data cable just through the signals.

This connectivity occurs through a WiFi router, a device that throws the signals to other devices. 

WiFi routers are most commonly found in homes or houses. These are the hardware devices that internet providers use to provide signals of WiFi without any data cable.

This is the only device that will provide you with internet without any data cable or wire. WiFi represents the type of wireless local area network(LAN) protocol that is based on the 802.11 IEEE network standard.

How WIFI Works?

The main thing that is important for WiFi or required for WiFi is the router, which transmits the signal or receives the signal.

In homes or offices, a WiFi router receives signals from the internet service providers outside the network, and it delivers the signals to its nearby devices which are connected to that router.

Devices can only connect to the router if you apply a password to your device which is your router password. 

Mostly one router is used in a home which can be connected to as many devices as it can. Sometimes router is not necessary you can use a mobile or desktop as a WiFi hotspot so that WiFi can be used in other devices without any wires or data cables.

Whatever the source of WiFi its function is the same, transferring signals to other devices to allow them to access the internet.

Benefits Of WIFI

This wireless network provides you with many facilities. WiFi nowadays is the main important component of any house. It also gives you the freedom you use unlimited WiFi without any hindrance or any data cable issues.

You can get many advantages from a wireless WiFi internet connection. The following are the advantages of WiFi:

  • Convenient

This wireless internet connection made it very easy to access the internet whether you are sitting anywhere in the range of that router or device that is transmitting signals.

Wired connections take more time to connect as compared to wireless networks which is also a reason to prefer wireless networks.

Using a wired internet connection requires you to sit at a certain point to use the internet but using a wireless connection you can use the internet at any corner of your home.

  • Flexibility At Work

At work, you have to use the internet connection all the time on your laptop and also you can’t sit in an exact position the whole day in your office to do the work.

So wireless internet connection makes it very easy at the workplace to use the internet on a laptop anytime at any place.

Not like the old times when you had to sit in a specific place so that you could connect your laptop to the internet data cable. 

  • Enhancement Of Product

Employees working at some workplaces will do their work according to the speed of the internet connection because nowadays in offices every work is dependent on the internet and if the speed of your internet is not good your employees will be unable to give you the same results which you are demanding. In that way, your productivity rate will be decreased. 

  • Mobility

It’s human nature that you can’t stick to one place for a longer time. Especially when you are working you have to change your environment from time to time to change your mindset so that you can write easily.

A wired internet connection doesn’t give you this facility but a wireless internet connection that is WiFi will give you the facility to move to any place while using your internet connection.

You can use any website through your mobile phone. You can do shopping, transfer funds, or send email messages. 

  • Cost-Effective

Wireless internet connection WiFi gives you also the obvious benefit of being cost-friendly. You can have the least expenses on your internet connection. WiFi connection saves you from wiring costs, and labor costs and most importantly it saves your time. 

This wireless technology is very easy to use and also gives you many benefits but it also has some limitations which you have to handle.

Some WiFi is open, and many people see open WiFi and connect to it immediately which is wrong, open WiFi is very harmful to your device’s privacy protection, those public or open WiFi is very unsafe.

WiFi devices like routers have a certain range in which they transmit their signal outside of which your WiFi will not work. Most workplaces have double-storeyed building structure and your WiFi router only transmit signals in the range of 100-150 feet. So this will be very inconvenient for users of WiFi because of its limited range of signals. 

At workplaces, many electromagnetic devices are available which will hinder the signals of WiFi to reach your device which will cause connectivity issues during your work.

Transferring large files through mail on this type of irregular network will be very risky it might corrupt your data in the file. WiFi bandwidth is inversely proportional to the number of connections.

If many users connect to a single WiFi network this will limit its bandwidth which will slow down the speed of the internet. At workplaces, there are several employees who are using the same WiFi network which will affect the bandwidth of that WiFi router. 

What Is a WIFI Booster?

If you are having trouble connecting to WiFi or your WiFi speed is slow and you are unable to browse anything then you can add WIFI BOOSTER  to your device.

A WiFi booster is a device that extends your WiFi coverage by amplifying existing signals. that WiFi booster solution works by pulling in WiFi from the router and amplifying it before broadcasting the transmission to the areas with a weak signal. After the WiFi booster, you will not have to further deal with slow or poor internet connection.

WiFi booster helps to expand your WiFi connectivity or also the range of your WiFi. After installing the WiFi booster you will not face connectivity issues while working.

WiFi signals will also reach other rooms because WiFi booster also increases the range limit of WiFi. But they can’t make your weak signals strong they will just help your WiFi signals to increase their ranges not make signals strong keep that in mind. 

How Does The WIFI Booster Work?

This WiFi booster will connect wirelessly to an access point that is a router or any hotspot. Then WiFi booster receives or grabs the signals that are transmitted from the router and amplifies them for better use.

Mostly WiFi boosters have powerful antennas that help to broadcast the signals further and cover larger areas. 

You have to place the WiFi booster as close as possible to the access point i.e router so that it can grab the signals easily and amplify them.

The position of the WiFi booster is very important in this process you have to be very careful about this. But it should be far enough so that it can cover areas that are not receiving the signals by simple WiFi.

You have to place your booster halfway between the access point and the area without a strong WiFi connection. 

WiFi booster is a simple device so its setup process is as simple as the device. Many WiFi boosters have a WPS button installed in it which makes it super fast to start, you just have to press both buttons on the WiFi booster or WiFi router so that the WiFi booster will connect to the router without any hindrance. Many WiFi boosters are available in the market from different manufacturers so additional steps will be followed to make them functional. 

After the setup ends, the WiFi booster will start doing its job, grabbing signals from the router and amplifying them. After completing the whole process you can connect your devices with the wireless WiFi booster to get access to the internet. 

You have to open the WiFi settings from your device and select your WiFi booster network name, which will ask you for the password. After entering the password your device will be connected to a WiFi booster and you can enjoy an unlimited stable WiFi connection the whole time. 

Types Of A WIFI Booster

WiFi boosters are of two types 

  • Wireless WiFi booster
  • Wired WiFi booster

The type of network you are choosing depends on the position of your WiFi access point and the area where you need to boost your WiFi signals.

  • Wireless WIFI Booster

As its name indicates it’s a wireless WiFi booster that connects to a router or any other access point without any wire or data cable. Its installation is as easy as connecting to desktops, laptops, or wireless routers. 

Most of the time its step is simple just like a normal booster you have to press one button and it will turn on. Your booster will connect to your router and start grabbing the signals transmitted from the router.

Place it somewhere near the access point so that it can catch signals easily, and make sure to place it away from thick walls or any other appliances to avoid disruption and hindrance in signal transmission. 

  • Wired WIFI Booster

As you can see from its name it’s a wired WiFi booster. The wire or data cable must be needed to make your booster work.

Wired WiFi booster connections are remembered because of their fast speed of internet connection without any hindrance or disruption. Coaxial cable is used to extend the wired network connection to the areas where internet signals are low. 

Wireless WiFi booster mostly slow down or shut down because of any disruption or hindrance but a wired network connection prevent any disruption or hindrance and makes the connection more reliable and strong. 

WiFi boosters are designed in 2 different ways. Some boosters need a power or socket to function, it has to be plugged into a power source and they are very good at amplifying the signals in one room. Other ones are the one that sits on a table or shelf and improves the signals in many rooms with the help of antennas. This booster uses an antenna other doesn’t. it also improves or amplifies the signals in several rooms. 

Frequency Brand Booster

Regarding frequency bands, there are 2 types of WiFi boosters 

Single band- these boosters only use one band of frequency to transmit the data (2.5GHz-5GHZ), it just communicates with the router.

Dual-band- these boosters use both frequency bands to transmit their data. it communicates with mostly wireless devices

Difference Between WIFI Booster and WIFI Extender

WiFi booster or WiFi extender which is also known as WiFi repeaters are mostly used interchangeably. Because they both amplify the network connection or improve the coverage area of the network but in slightly different ways.

Wireless range extenders just grab the preexisting network signals and rebroadcast them to the desired area but on the other hand, WiFi booster grabs the preexisting signal and amplifies it boosting it. Both give you the same results but in different ways.

WiFi extender is established between the WiFi router and the user’s device whereas the WiFi booster doesn’t install between the WiFi router and the user’s device. 


This article was to help you to enhance your WiFi speed with the help of a WiFi booster. Many people don’t know about the booster device so this article will be helpful to get an idea about the booster device.

A booster device is a small device that amplifies your WiFi network connection and enhances the speed of your slow or dead internet Nowadays internet is a very important thing in our lives and slow internet makes our lives very hard. At workplaces, nothing can be completed without the internet.

The Internet makes its place in our world and slow Internet just cause headache nothing else so boosters are invented to increase the speed of your wireless network. Team

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